28 September 2012


"London calling at the top of the dial  and after all this won't you give me a smile?"
The Clash.

- The entire week has felt like waiting for Christmas day when you are four years old.
But now the time has come...
Tonight I shall be throwing on my furry leopard coat and practically sprinting to Liverpool Lime Street Station with my little purple suticase.
After what has felt like an eternity, this weekend I am taking myself down to the big smoke to see my boyfriend. 
I think the whole world and their cat knows how much I am obsessed with London and I am rather excited to be visiting again after my amazing few days there this July 

Three months (it feels more like three years) since this photo was taken I shall be returning to my favourite place in the world and running around the city like an excited puppy.
I have to be honest, I have found being away from Dan rather strange and super hard and although it has only been three weeks since I last saw him, that is a long time when you are used to seeing someone practically every day.
We have both been so busy trying to aclimatise to our new lives and enjoying freshers over the past fortnight that conversation has been very limited between us which is sad but it makes me even more happy knowing that this weekend I can steal him back for a few days.

So with all this excitement fizzing around in my tummy I better get a move on!
See you in London!
Love, Holl
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26 September 2012

GLOSSYBOX: September 2012.

Maggie lee for 
September 2012 edition

- This month I missed the arrival of my GlossyBox… Instead I was greeted by the familiar packaging laid on my bed when I popped home this weekend.
I was plesantly surprised to be greeted with a beautiful mint and pink, pastel Glossybox exclusivley designed by the London based illustrator, Maggie Lee.
With London Fashion week dominating every fashionistas calendar in September, the Glossy girls put together The Rising Stars Box' which introduces us to the most exciting rising stars across fashion, design and beauty.

This months offering…

Balance Me
Wonder Eyecream
Full size product: £20 for 15ml

"A triple action cream designed to soothe tired eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines."
- I was so pleased to see this product in the box.. two weeks of freshers and living in halls has taken its toll on the old eye bags and I have never looked more like a zombie.
The cream is refreshing and cool around the eye and better still is 99% organic.

Techniart full volume mousse
Full Size product: £10.30/250ml

"Create big boudoir hair and overall volume without weighing the hair down"
-  I have never been a huge fan of mousse products, they tend to leave my hair feeling greasy and unpleasant but having tried this product I was impressed with voluminosity that it gave my usually flat, straight, lifeless hair! I am very tempted to purchase the full sized product as a mousse convert.
Also included in the box was a frizz control serum, the Loreal 'Liss control' I have yet to try this product so I am sure I will be popping up a little review of this at some point.

The Body Shop
Vitamin E, crem hydratant
Full Size Product: £9/50ml

" The best selling daily moisturiser hydrates skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth"
- Always a firm handbag favourite I love Body shop products and lovely little cream is perfect for the winter months and chapped, dry skin!

Glamoxy Snake serum and 5 minute facial
Full sized products £29 and £10.95

"Glamoxy snake serum is a revolutionary product with instantly visable results, helping to reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. The 5 minute facial is a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask."
- I was so intrugied to find out what the snake serum was! Well, how could you not with a name like that? I have yet to try this product as wrinkle reduction isn't a priority as much as a skin rejuvinating mask is. The facial mask is so skin softening but there are other masks on the market for a much more budget and dare I say 'student' friendly price!

Lady Gaga
The Fame fragrance
30ml/£25 50ml/£32 and 100ml £61.

"An opulent, crushed floral fragrance thats black like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne."
- I have to be honest I am not a fan of this fragrance at all, it is far too fruity for my liking.

What do you think of his months offering?
Are you still a Glossybox fan?
I keep noticing that every Glossbox review that I have read features different products…
Are all Glossybox's different?
Love, Holl
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24 September 2012

A Golden Weekend. FOTN. OOTN.

"I never knew liverpool had such fabulous shops.."

- This weekend was a significant milestone in my grandparents lives.
 As of Saturday the 22nd they have been married for 50 years! 
50 years?
 That is almost as long as my dad has been on this planet!
To celebrate they held a golden wedding anniversary party back home
and on the morning of the occasion I boarded the little trans penine train back to Leeds!
I was so excited to see my mum and dad again and oddly it made my bought of homesickness
dissapear when I came back to Liverpool.
Rewind, seven days when I took myself out into Liverpool to explore the shops… And I don't mean
any kind of shop, I mean the shops that people had been telling me about…
The Aladdins cave of shops.
These shops are sparkly, OTT, outrageous, dupey (if that is even a word) and quite simple barginous BARGINOUS.

Seeing as though I don't flitter my pennies on alcohol I had a nice little sum to take to the shops with me to find a nice new outfit for the party.

The final outcome..

Dress: Koko Whites £25
Shoes: Koko Whites £10 in the sale!
Clutch: Blaze £12.

- I was originally going to go with a gold pair of wedges and a cream clutch bag but I felt a little adventurous and decided on going bold with my second favourite colour of red.
Teamed with red lips I really feel that the boldness brought out the sparkle in the bodice of the dress.
I like to contrast colours and I think this outfit sparked a more daring side to a fairly formal occasion.

- On my eyes I went for a smokey, gold look to pair with my golden dress and ofcourse the golden occasion. As you can guess 'Half Baked' was well used shade from UDNP.

On my lips I wore Rimmels 'Real red' lipstick and kept my foundation fairly matte.

Love, Holl
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19 September 2012

REVIEW: AVON Skincare!

Avon 'clear skin'
clear emergency

- This post shall officially be the first of many written, whilst sat at my new desk, in my new bedroom.
 I have been living in Liverpool for just over a week now and what a week it has been.
I will be the first to admit that it has been a little bit wobbly..
I have had a bought of homesickness quite early on and it wasn't pleasant.
I am a girl of routine and find adjusting to change difficult.
This week I have learnt to live with five very, very different personalities, learnt to deal with a seven day hangover and learnt how much I apreciate everything my mum and dad have done for me for the past 18 years.
Now, seven days on since I moved in, I have never felt more at home.
I get along well with my flat mates and my course seems to be ticking all of my expectation boxes rather nicely.
I really think that you go to uni with all of these preconceptions and idealistic outlooks and when you get here you realise it is what it is and you slot into your own little life quite nicely.

Anyway, rambling aside this post is about SKINCARE!
but my new 'uni life' does have some relevance to what I am about to share with you.
Thankfully I have been eating quite well and as I am not a big drinker
(something that if like me you aren't, you find it hard for people to understand you on freshers week)
my skin hasn't copped for it, and minus the odd blemish it is remaining quite clear after

One day on one of my dinner breaks at work, I had a flick through the Avon catalogue.
It was at this point that I was having a difficult time with my skin and I was desperate to find some quick fixes!
I came acorss Avons new skincare range aptly named Clear skin -  'Clear Emergency'.
I discovered that two of the products were on offer for £5.
I quickly placed my order with Elaine, in the hope that I would find a skin saviour.

Clear Emergency - Intensive Cream Cleanser
(with 2% salicylic acid)

If I were to say this particular product was a 'dupe' I would say that it is a dupe of the Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask.
Having used both products,  the creamy consistency, tingly sensation and smell are all identicle.
Even the efficiency of how well the product works is the same.
I love this little product, it does it's job and I can safely say that my skin looked visably clear in two to three days maximum.
For an extra deep cleanse I use this product as a mask once a week or when my skin is playing up particually bad.
For its retail price for £5 (£2.50) online I really think it is a barginous buy.

Clear Emergency 'Instant spot treatment'.
(with 2% salicylic acid)
I was rather excited to try this product as I was looking for something to treat a particular blemish as opposed to my whole face, as it tends to be one large problem area rather than a few little ones.
I applied the clear gel product to a blemish which I have to add was rather juicy and grim right in the MIDDLE of my forehead. I noticed that in the morning it was well on its way out and by the following morning had been completley eradicated.

I love both of these skincare saviours and for the price they are tremendous…A lot of people deem Avon as unaccesable but their products are available online!
Have you ever tried this range?
Love, Holl
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17 September 2012

Make Up My Face...


- The summer months have seen me discover, disguard and repurchase a whole host of new makeup products and I don't mean for the purpose of  a summer holiday or supremely hot days in the UK.
I have simply felt adventurous.


 As the kind of girl who always has her 'firm favourites' that she never really sways from, I have been rather excited to be trying new products. Some great, some rubbish.
But that's the fun of it non?

To begin, I use my Murad 'Skin perfecting primer' to even out my skintone and eradicate the redness from around my nose and chin.
I then use my foundation of choice at the moment, the Rimmel 'Wake me up' foundation in the shade 200 Soft Beige followed by a touch of my Collection 2000 concealer in medium 3 to cover any blemishes and dark circles underneath my eyes.
Secondly, I use the CCUK 'silk finishing' powder in 01 to set my foundation and concealer.
After using the finishing powder I comb through my eyebrows using a spooly and use my w7 'Brow bar' brow shadow quad to fill in my eyebrows using an angled brush.
I then run a brow pencil from MUA in 'dark brown' through the tails of my brows to make them a little more defined and shapely.
Next up it's onto the cheeks where I use the Bourjois 'Delice de Poudre' bronzer in the shade 51 to contour my cheeks and add warmth.
I follow on from this by using a Bobbi Brown 'Shimmer wash' eyeshadow in the colour 'Rose gold'.
If I am feeling like a highligh is needed a dab a bit of 'Virgin' from the Urban Decay naked pallette along the tops of my cheekbones.
After finishing prepping my face, I begin work on my eyes.
These days, I pat 'Naked' from the UDNP all over my lid and pull 'Buck' through the socket line and the outer portion of eyelid. I then use a liquid liner from MUA to line my upper lash line and use a black eye kohl to line my tightline and water line.
Next I pat on a small amount of black eyeshadow along my upper and lower lash line and blend it all together to create a smokey look. I finally put on the shade 'Half Baked' from the UDNP in the inner corners of my eye and sweeping it up to the middle of my eyelid.
Finally I use the W7 2 Step mascara to build volume and legnth into my lashes and apply a generous helping of my favourite lipstick MAC's 'Girl About Town' and use a splash of Lipcoat to prevent the colour from feathering and to keep my colour long lasting.

Although it may look like a long winded process to read, I have dramatically simplified my makeup in the past few weeks and I am enjoying a much fresher and simpler makeup look.
Love, Holl
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15 September 2012

Savvy Shopper! 2 Hot picks from Primark.

primark favourites.

- Before I left for university I popped into my local Primark "one last time" to scout the store in a bid to pick up any last minute 'essential' items. 
Although I came away with a bag full of knickers, bras and socks I also came away with two items that you might find interesting……
well, much more interesting than underwear!

Leopard print shoe boots with laces

- I bought these after the 'Chelsea' style of slip on boot took my eye on another shoe stand.
I have lusted after a pair of boots in this style for some time now but have never reasoned with buying them in the 'summer' season.
To me, they are more of an Autumnal piece of footwear. 
Having tried on the slip on boot in black I realised that they were too loose around my ankle and didn't fit nicely.
However, the lace up version did.
And, it came in leopard print.
I feel like these are the perfect transitional shoes from my embellished sandals of the summer to my sturdy, leather winter boots.
I have had to drastically limit the amount of shoes that I have been able to bring with me so I have opted for these leopard print boots, my UGGS and my leather boots.
A boot for every occasion don't you think?

Disney Dalmation Pjarmas

- Yes, I have yet again purchased another pair of p-jarmas!
I cannot help it!
With so many gorgeous designs instore I get too excited.
I picked up these pjarmas to add to my 'winter' collection.
I like that the top is a dip hem, tunic style paired with skin hugging black leggings.
Techinicalities aside I have to say that I LOVE dalmations!
Alongside The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmations is my favourite Disney animation, I was obsessed with it as a small child and I have just repurchased it on DVD to watch in my pjays.

What have you found in Primark this week?
I intend to go and check out the Liverpool Primark ASAP
If you have been before…Is it a large store?
Love, Holl


12 September 2012

I found a little gem in TK MAXX...

Elizabeth Arden 
pure finish, mineral bronzing powder...

- Aside from the odd and very rare MAC purchase, I just do not buy high end makeup.
 I can't justify spending lots of money on something that I will wipe off my face after twelve hours or so.
Not when my drugstore favourites (Collection 2000 'Lasting perfection concealer' and Bourjois healthy Mix foundation) do the job perfectly for me and can all be purchased within a budget.
Something I have to be very vigilant with these days, living on a tight and strict budget for uni and all that.

Anyway, on another of many trips to TK Maxx I found myself looking at a rather expensive looking box.
A box that had a very familar red door on the front of it.
Within a nano second this particular box was in my basket and I was running to the till with it like the cat who got the cream.

Introducing my new 'high end' bronzer.
Ooh haven't I gone up in the world?

Elizabeth Arden
Pure finish, mineral bronzing powder.
RRP: £29.50 (cor blimey) TK Maxx price: £9.99 (that's more like it)

Firstly, I love the milling process of using this bronzer, turning the dial right after each use to dispense more product. Secondly, I love the colour pay off. I have the shade 'Deep' and as a self confessed tan-o-holic any dark bronze shade is a winner for me.

Having used my Bourjois chocolate box bronzer loyaly for the past six months loving everything it has to offer I have been so addicted to using this bronzer instead.
I feel a little ooh la la sitting the sturdy brown pot on my desk.
I use the product to contour my cheeks and add a subtle glow to my jawline and neck.

I do hope I find some more high end cosmetics in TK Maxx sometime soon
but until then, I can still join the 'high end' club ;)
Love, Holl


11 September 2012

Latest Youtube offering!

a little life update


10 September 2012

BEAUTY REVIEW: Loreal Lash Boosting technology

 24 hour lash boosting power system
Well,the name sounds rather impressive does it not?

- I love TK Maxx 
I say it all the time, and whilst many people slate it as a 'junk store' I rate it as a bargain Mecca!
I throughly enjoy scouting the shelves of the store looking for anything that catches my eye as a bargain buy.
Last week, I was clambering over a number of pushchairs that were abandoned next to the beauty aisle and whilst rooting around the Essie nail polishes and New CID makeup.
I stumbled across a rather technical looking package that caught my eye.

Loreal '24 hour Lash-Boosting power system'.
'Value starter kit'
RRP: £11.29 TK maxx price: £6.99

"Loreal introduces out first ever 24-hour lash boosting power system, with pro keratin complex technology to boost the appearance of natural lashes! Unlock your lashes' full potential with a mascara for day and a serum for night."

For day: Double extend lash boosting mascara, our two step legnething mascara with a lash boosting primer

For night: Concentrated lash boosting serum, for application to bare lashes before bedtime.

Use daily for best 24 hour results.

Double Extend Lash Boosting mascara.
Step 1: Lash boosting primer for fortified stregnthened lashes.

Step 2: Ultra legnthening mascara topcoat, visibly legenthens lashes to up to 80%.

Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum.

Sweep serum onto bare upper lashes like a mascara from root to tip.
Next, glide the applicator tip along the upper lash line, working like an eyeliner.
-Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers.
- Not intended for use on lower lash line.
- Opthlamologist and allergy tested.

- I didn't notice an overwhelming difference in my lash legnth  but I certainly noticed a different in my lash stregnth. Through years of wearing false lashes all the time I sported very week and brittle lashes. The serum certainly has made my lashes stronger and fuller.
The mascara is nothing to shout about and I don't particually like the white blotches on my eye lashes as it tends to leave them looking rather grey once the black coat is applied.

Have you ever tried one or both of these products or something similar?
What did you think, did you see a result?
Love, Holl

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9 September 2012

Ain't nobody fresher...

Hello, liverpool

 Hi everyone!
 Just a super quick post to let you know that I have arrived in Liverpool, spent my first night in my uni bed, had a great night out with my flatmates and even had a shower argument free in the shared shower.
 My flat mates are even sharing beer and food.
We had a 'school disco' themed night last night and it was great to get out into Liverpool and party!
Nobody was wrong, I love Liverpool!
Here are a few snaps for you!
Normal beauty and fashion posts will resume Monday (and I will be doing a room tour yay!) but I just wanted to tell you
all that I am okay after worrying so much about the first day/night!

Love, Holl


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7 September 2012

The Time Has Come! I have moved out!

Goodbye Wakefield...

Hello, liverpool

- Good Golly Miss Hollie readers….
The time has come!
I shall be getting up (or staying awake) ridiculously early tomorrow morning to embark on a new journey.
A new direction so to speak and if I am completley honest I am 
sooo nervous to the point where I am now immune to rescue remedy!
Not least am I excited, fizzing, happy, giddy and scared all at the same time though.
As I look out of what has been my bedroom window for the past fifteen years, my parents car is loaded full of brand new things, each of them in their packaging still and all of which tomorrow, I shall be giving a new home to aswell as myself.
In the morning I shall be meeting five people of whom I will be living with for the next academic year and next week I shall be embarking on the start of my degree.
my journalism degree…
Giving me a path a few steps closer to my dream.

Hang on a second…slow down …please. In my head I barely feel sixteen!

Ever since around year nine I have dreamt of the day that I would finally go off to university but I never realised how sick with nerves I would be when the day finally came around, but I think that is normal as it is a bloody scary prospect.
Can anybody out there give me some reassurance!!!

Of course, everybody will miss their family and friends to begin with but I am slightly selfish in the fact that I am going to university in a relationship whereby my boyfriend is going to be at university himself two hundred and eleven miles away in London.
I know,
 you all probably think we are crazy or think we are ignorant to how hard it is going to be.
But we're not, we both know the score. :)
No drama's no big deals no ridiculous emotive goodbyes…
We both have our heads screwed on.
 Our degrees and future careers are exceptionaly important to us after all the blood, sweat and tears we have put in to secure our places.
Skype is our friend/middleman and a Megabus ticket costs six quid.
People harp on at me about trust issues and other rubbish.
Seriously, if you met us you would know there is no problem there.
I have mentioned this purely because I just want to put a call out there to anybody else who may be embarking on or already in some kind of long distance relationship?
I did mention it on my Twitter a few weeks ago and the positivity from everybody who has been in LDR'S was overwhelming.
And again, if it's meant to be, it will be.

Doom and gloom aside I am greatly looking forward to Dan and my friends staying with me in Liverpool and me visiting them and generally meeting loads of new friends.
I am super excited for freshers week and all of the bonkers things that the union has planned for us.
And I am looking forward to it being allowed and socially acceptable to get battered at night
 and stay in bed all day.
Afterall, I am a student now. ;)

 I shall still be blogging, tweeting, vlogging and whatever else it is that I do whilst I am at uni, nothing changes there!
It is super exciting as I will be able to share with you more exciting things and have a better idea of what I am actually talking about when it comes to journalism!

Please bare with me if my posts are a little more sporadic throughout the month of September, I assume it is going to be bonkers for four weeks straight until everything has fallen into a routine and settled down.
I will be doing my best to be blogging at every opportunity and sharing my freshers experiences with you all!
Thankyou for all of your continued support
See you in Liverpool ;)
Love, Holl

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4 September 2012

The Fake Tan Diaries. Laurens way 'Glam Tan' REVIEW.

Laurens Way
Glam tan.

- If you read the post on my Make Believe self tan review
you will be aware that yes..

 I am back on the tan.

In a bid to eradicate the 'problems' that arise from the other fake tans that I have used, I have been testing a whole host of different brands.
After seeing my Twitter timeline constantly bombared by RT's of praise for the 'Laurens Way' fake tans from TOWIES Lauren Goodger, I decided that I too wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.
I was delighted to see that a Laurens Way 'Glam Tan' was included in my #leedsbloggermeet2012 goody bag.
Not only did it save me a few pennies the RRP of this tan is £18.95) but it also allowed me to give this supposed super tan a whirl.

For starters I was surprised to see that the tan is indeed a spray/liquid formula.
I have never used a spray formula before and was interesting to find out how such a sheer spray could develop an even and deep tan.

"Laurens Way 'Glam Tan' is a self tan liquid allowing for easy application and an intense professional colour."

I liked the way this tan began to develop almost instantaniously and the shade was developing as a deep, golden hue.

It dried quickly and left no residue on my clothing.
It is also left no tell tale deodrant tide marks around my arms, something that the St Moriz tan is notorious for doing.

I found that the spray application could get a little messy if you applied to product directly to your body and if you applied it directly to your mitten it soaked up a lot of the product leaving very little to be applied to the skin.

The Glam Tan faded really nicely without drying out my skin too much and causing it to go patchy which is a lovely quality of the tan.

I really like this product however, I may only re purchase it for an occasion where I know I want my tan to be pretty damn good as for a student the £18.95 price tag is a little steep for daily or weekly use in my opinion.
Have you ever tried Laurens Way tan?
Love, Holl

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3 September 2012

My New YouTube Video..

Monthly Favourites
AUGUST 2012.

Love Holl
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