A Golden Weekend. FOTN. OOTN.

"I never knew liverpool had such fabulous shops.."

- This weekend was a significant milestone in my grandparents lives.
 As of Saturday the 22nd they have been married for 50 years! 
50 years?
 That is almost as long as my dad has been on this planet!
To celebrate they held a golden wedding anniversary party back home
and on the morning of the occasion I boarded the little trans penine train back to Leeds!
I was so excited to see my mum and dad again and oddly it made my bought of homesickness
dissapear when I came back to Liverpool.
Rewind, seven days when I took myself out into Liverpool to explore the shops… And I don't mean
any kind of shop, I mean the shops that people had been telling me about…
The Aladdins cave of shops.
These shops are sparkly, OTT, outrageous, dupey (if that is even a word) and quite simple barginous BARGINOUS.

Seeing as though I don't flitter my pennies on alcohol I had a nice little sum to take to the shops with me to find a nice new outfit for the party.

The final outcome..

Dress: Koko Whites £25
Shoes: Koko Whites £10 in the sale!
Clutch: Blaze £12.

- I was originally going to go with a gold pair of wedges and a cream clutch bag but I felt a little adventurous and decided on going bold with my second favourite colour of red.
Teamed with red lips I really feel that the boldness brought out the sparkle in the bodice of the dress.
I like to contrast colours and I think this outfit sparked a more daring side to a fairly formal occasion.

- On my eyes I went for a smokey, gold look to pair with my golden dress and ofcourse the golden occasion. As you can guess 'Half Baked' was well used shade from UDNP.

On my lips I wore Rimmels 'Real red' lipstick and kept my foundation fairly matte.

Love, Holl
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