10 September 2012

BEAUTY REVIEW: Loreal Lash Boosting technology

 24 hour lash boosting power system
Well,the name sounds rather impressive does it not?

- I love TK Maxx 
I say it all the time, and whilst many people slate it as a 'junk store' I rate it as a bargain Mecca!
I throughly enjoy scouting the shelves of the store looking for anything that catches my eye as a bargain buy.
Last week, I was clambering over a number of pushchairs that were abandoned next to the beauty aisle and whilst rooting around the Essie nail polishes and New CID makeup.
I stumbled across a rather technical looking package that caught my eye.

Loreal '24 hour Lash-Boosting power system'.
'Value starter kit'
RRP: £11.29 TK maxx price: £6.99

"Loreal introduces out first ever 24-hour lash boosting power system, with pro keratin complex technology to boost the appearance of natural lashes! Unlock your lashes' full potential with a mascara for day and a serum for night."

For day: Double extend lash boosting mascara, our two step legnething mascara with a lash boosting primer

For night: Concentrated lash boosting serum, for application to bare lashes before bedtime.

Use daily for best 24 hour results.

Double Extend Lash Boosting mascara.
Step 1: Lash boosting primer for fortified stregnthened lashes.

Step 2: Ultra legnthening mascara topcoat, visibly legenthens lashes to up to 80%.

Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum.

Sweep serum onto bare upper lashes like a mascara from root to tip.
Next, glide the applicator tip along the upper lash line, working like an eyeliner.
-Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers.
- Not intended for use on lower lash line.
- Opthlamologist and allergy tested.

- I didn't notice an overwhelming difference in my lash legnth  but I certainly noticed a different in my lash stregnth. Through years of wearing false lashes all the time I sported very week and brittle lashes. The serum certainly has made my lashes stronger and fuller.
The mascara is nothing to shout about and I don't particually like the white blotches on my eye lashes as it tends to leave them looking rather grey once the black coat is applied.

Have you ever tried one or both of these products or something similar?
What did you think, did you see a result?
Love, Holl

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  1. I've bought the serum on it's own before, but I think they have stopped using it now. I never really saw a difference but I have camel-like eyelashes anyway, which might be why!!


  2. Your eyelashes are so long!
    Sometimes I find products like these don't actually do anything & they're so bloody expensive to for something that doesnt work :(xx

  3. I love TK Maxx especially the beauty bit and the bags !!!! Iv never tried something like this, im always afraid that it wont work and will be a wasye of money :/

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. your lashes look really good



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  6. If you want get eyelash like false Eyelashes then you could xlash eyelash serum. OMG this stuff actually works and works well. After one week I saw more results than 4 months. I love it so much I purchased it for my daughters and they too are amazed. If you're on the fence to buy this, take my word, GET it from here http://www.xlash.net/, it's great and so easy to use. I use less mascara every day, and when I take off my make-up I'm amazed I have pretty eyelashes.


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