Friday, 28 September 2012


"London calling at the top of the dial  and after all this won't you give me a smile?"
The Clash.

- The entire week has felt like waiting for Christmas day when you are four years old.
But now the time has come...
Tonight I shall be throwing on my furry leopard coat and practically sprinting to Liverpool Lime Street Station with my little purple suticase.
After what has felt like an eternity, this weekend I am taking myself down to the big smoke to see my boyfriend. 
I think the whole world and their cat knows how much I am obsessed with London and I am rather excited to be visiting again after my amazing few days there this July 

Three months (it feels more like three years) since this photo was taken I shall be returning to my favourite place in the world and running around the city like an excited puppy.
I have to be honest, I have found being away from Dan rather strange and super hard and although it has only been three weeks since I last saw him, that is a long time when you are used to seeing someone practically every day.
We have both been so busy trying to aclimatise to our new lives and enjoying freshers over the past fortnight that conversation has been very limited between us which is sad but it makes me even more happy knowing that this weekend I can steal him back for a few days.

So with all this excitement fizzing around in my tummy I better get a move on!
See you in London!
Love, Holl
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  1. Awww have a lovely time! I used to love it when my boyfriend would visit me in my first year! He doesn't visit as often anymore because I have a weekend job back home so I'm forced to go home every weekend now...but he still comes every other Tuesday (for Dominos Two For Tuesday of course) x

  2. have fun xx

  3. Aww have fun:)! I'm missing my family much more than I ever thought I would:)

  4. have a lovely time! :)
    can't imagine what its like being away from your boyfriend; im dreading 12 days next year when im on holiday, never mind 3 weeks! xx


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