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Avon 'clear skin'
clear emergency

- This post shall officially be the first of many written, whilst sat at my new desk, in my new bedroom.
 I have been living in Liverpool for just over a week now and what a week it has been.
I will be the first to admit that it has been a little bit wobbly..
I have had a bought of homesickness quite early on and it wasn't pleasant.
I am a girl of routine and find adjusting to change difficult.
This week I have learnt to live with five very, very different personalities, learnt to deal with a seven day hangover and learnt how much I apreciate everything my mum and dad have done for me for the past 18 years.
Now, seven days on since I moved in, I have never felt more at home.
I get along well with my flat mates and my course seems to be ticking all of my expectation boxes rather nicely.
I really think that you go to uni with all of these preconceptions and idealistic outlooks and when you get here you realise it is what it is and you slot into your own little life quite nicely.

Anyway, rambling aside this post is about SKINCARE!
but my new 'uni life' does have some relevance to what I am about to share with you.
Thankfully I have been eating quite well and as I am not a big drinker
(something that if like me you aren't, you find it hard for people to understand you on freshers week)
my skin hasn't copped for it, and minus the odd blemish it is remaining quite clear after

One day on one of my dinner breaks at work, I had a flick through the Avon catalogue.
It was at this point that I was having a difficult time with my skin and I was desperate to find some quick fixes!
I came acorss Avons new skincare range aptly named Clear skin -  'Clear Emergency'.
I discovered that two of the products were on offer for £5.
I quickly placed my order with Elaine, in the hope that I would find a skin saviour.

Clear Emergency - Intensive Cream Cleanser
(with 2% salicylic acid)

If I were to say this particular product was a 'dupe' I would say that it is a dupe of the Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask.
Having used both products,  the creamy consistency, tingly sensation and smell are all identicle.
Even the efficiency of how well the product works is the same.
I love this little product, it does it's job and I can safely say that my skin looked visably clear in two to three days maximum.
For an extra deep cleanse I use this product as a mask once a week or when my skin is playing up particually bad.
For its retail price for £5 (£2.50) online I really think it is a barginous buy.

Clear Emergency 'Instant spot treatment'.
(with 2% salicylic acid)
I was rather excited to try this product as I was looking for something to treat a particular blemish as opposed to my whole face, as it tends to be one large problem area rather than a few little ones.
I applied the clear gel product to a blemish which I have to add was rather juicy and grim right in the MIDDLE of my forehead. I noticed that in the morning it was well on its way out and by the following morning had been completley eradicated.

I love both of these skincare saviours and for the price they are tremendous…A lot of people deem Avon as unaccesable but their products are available online!
Have you ever tried this range?
Love, Holl
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