Savvy Shopper! 2 Hot picks from Primark.

primark favourites.

- Before I left for university I popped into my local Primark "one last time" to scout the store in a bid to pick up any last minute 'essential' items. 
Although I came away with a bag full of knickers, bras and socks I also came away with two items that you might find interesting……
well, much more interesting than underwear!

Leopard print shoe boots with laces

- I bought these after the 'Chelsea' style of slip on boot took my eye on another shoe stand.
I have lusted after a pair of boots in this style for some time now but have never reasoned with buying them in the 'summer' season.
To me, they are more of an Autumnal piece of footwear. 
Having tried on the slip on boot in black I realised that they were too loose around my ankle and didn't fit nicely.
However, the lace up version did.
And, it came in leopard print.
I feel like these are the perfect transitional shoes from my embellished sandals of the summer to my sturdy, leather winter boots.
I have had to drastically limit the amount of shoes that I have been able to bring with me so I have opted for these leopard print boots, my UGGS and my leather boots.
A boot for every occasion don't you think?

Disney Dalmation Pjarmas

- Yes, I have yet again purchased another pair of p-jarmas!
I cannot help it!
With so many gorgeous designs instore I get too excited.
I picked up these pjarmas to add to my 'winter' collection.
I like that the top is a dip hem, tunic style paired with skin hugging black leggings.
Techinicalities aside I have to say that I LOVE dalmations!
Alongside The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmations is my favourite Disney animation, I was obsessed with it as a small child and I have just repurchased it on DVD to watch in my pjays.

What have you found in Primark this week?
I intend to go and check out the Liverpool Primark ASAP
If you have been before…Is it a large store?
Love, Holl

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