The Fake Tan Diaries. Laurens way 'Glam Tan' REVIEW.

Laurens Way
Glam tan.

- If you read the post on my Make Believe self tan review
you will be aware that yes..

 I am back on the tan.

In a bid to eradicate the 'problems' that arise from the other fake tans that I have used, I have been testing a whole host of different brands.
After seeing my Twitter timeline constantly bombared by RT's of praise for the 'Laurens Way' fake tans from TOWIES Lauren Goodger, I decided that I too wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.
I was delighted to see that a Laurens Way 'Glam Tan' was included in my #leedsbloggermeet2012 goody bag.
Not only did it save me a few pennies the RRP of this tan is £18.95) but it also allowed me to give this supposed super tan a whirl.

For starters I was surprised to see that the tan is indeed a spray/liquid formula.
I have never used a spray formula before and was interesting to find out how such a sheer spray could develop an even and deep tan.

"Laurens Way 'Glam Tan' is a self tan liquid allowing for easy application and an intense professional colour."

I liked the way this tan began to develop almost instantaniously and the shade was developing as a deep, golden hue.

It dried quickly and left no residue on my clothing.
It is also left no tell tale deodrant tide marks around my arms, something that the St Moriz tan is notorious for doing.

I found that the spray application could get a little messy if you applied to product directly to your body and if you applied it directly to your mitten it soaked up a lot of the product leaving very little to be applied to the skin.

The Glam Tan faded really nicely without drying out my skin too much and causing it to go patchy which is a lovely quality of the tan.

I really like this product however, I may only re purchase it for an occasion where I know I want my tan to be pretty damn good as for a student the £18.95 price tag is a little steep for daily or weekly use in my opinion.
Have you ever tried Laurens Way tan?
Love, Holl

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