The Time Has Come! I have moved out!

Goodbye Wakefield...

Hello, liverpool

- Good Golly Miss Hollie readers….
The time has come!
I shall be getting up (or staying awake) ridiculously early tomorrow morning to embark on a new journey.
A new direction so to speak and if I am completley honest I am 
sooo nervous to the point where I am now immune to rescue remedy!
Not least am I excited, fizzing, happy, giddy and scared all at the same time though.
As I look out of what has been my bedroom window for the past fifteen years, my parents car is loaded full of brand new things, each of them in their packaging still and all of which tomorrow, I shall be giving a new home to aswell as myself.
In the morning I shall be meeting five people of whom I will be living with for the next academic year and next week I shall be embarking on the start of my degree.
my journalism degree…
Giving me a path a few steps closer to my dream.

Hang on a second…slow down …please. In my head I barely feel sixteen!

Ever since around year nine I have dreamt of the day that I would finally go off to university but I never realised how sick with nerves I would be when the day finally came around, but I think that is normal as it is a bloody scary prospect.
Can anybody out there give me some reassurance!!!

Of course, everybody will miss their family and friends to begin with but I am slightly selfish in the fact that I am going to university in a relationship whereby my boyfriend is going to be at university himself two hundred and eleven miles away in London.
I know,
 you all probably think we are crazy or think we are ignorant to how hard it is going to be.
But we're not, we both know the score. :)
No drama's no big deals no ridiculous emotive goodbyes…
We both have our heads screwed on.
 Our degrees and future careers are exceptionaly important to us after all the blood, sweat and tears we have put in to secure our places.
Skype is our friend/middleman and a Megabus ticket costs six quid.
People harp on at me about trust issues and other rubbish.
Seriously, if you met us you would know there is no problem there.
I have mentioned this purely because I just want to put a call out there to anybody else who may be embarking on or already in some kind of long distance relationship?
I did mention it on my Twitter a few weeks ago and the positivity from everybody who has been in LDR'S was overwhelming.
And again, if it's meant to be, it will be.

Doom and gloom aside I am greatly looking forward to Dan and my friends staying with me in Liverpool and me visiting them and generally meeting loads of new friends.
I am super excited for freshers week and all of the bonkers things that the union has planned for us.
And I am looking forward to it being allowed and socially acceptable to get battered at night
 and stay in bed all day.
Afterall, I am a student now. ;)

 I shall still be blogging, tweeting, vlogging and whatever else it is that I do whilst I am at uni, nothing changes there!
It is super exciting as I will be able to share with you more exciting things and have a better idea of what I am actually talking about when it comes to journalism!

Please bare with me if my posts are a little more sporadic throughout the month of September, I assume it is going to be bonkers for four weeks straight until everything has fallen into a routine and settled down.
I will be doing my best to be blogging at every opportunity and sharing my freshers experiences with you all!
Thankyou for all of your continued support
See you in Liverpool ;)
Love, Holl

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