30 October 2012


Oops I did It again…

Last weekend I took myself into Primark…Again.
Although it isn't really a valid reason I am going to blame it on the fact I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive in Liverpool till midnight…and I got bored?
Excuses aside I picked up some lovely things and I know you all love a Primark haul!

Sooo, here we go

Sweet Robin Snood

There is quite a story to tell with this gorgeous little scarf…and the one pictured above isn't the original.
Dan and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to Red Hot World buffet, and for some reason I took off my scarf and it never came home with me..
Needless to say I was rather upset because I love it.
Dan couldn't help but laugh at me whining as he knew it could easily be replaced.
You should have seen his face when he asked how much it cost and I told him four pounds…
It gave me another excuse to pop into Primark and he ended up buying me
this too (although I did contest!)…

Leopard hat
I love this! When worn with my leopard print coat I look like a walking cat, even though Dan bought it, he thinks I look an idiot in it and possibly could be 1% embarrased when he has to walk around with me leopard-ed up to the max!
But in light of practicalities it keeps my head and ears warm and I love cats.
Winner all round non?

Minnie Mouse 'Onesie'

I first saw the gorgeous Corrie from Dizzybrunette3 wearing this on her blog, and immediatley I knew that I had to have one. I think onesies are weird garments but for lounging around and keeping snug in they are perfect. I fell in love with the cute disney design…although one of my flatmates told me I looked like the toadstool from Super Mario…Eeek!
My little Minnie also has a cute little tail…she's sooo cute!

Cocktail Rings
£2.50 each.

- I fell in love with the vintage-esc style and the primary colours embedded into these rings…They are bulky, they are huge and they are my perfect rings! Yes, they are a little OTT but I love them and they look great stored on the tea plate from my vintage teacup set!

- Would you believe that I do not own a skirt?

Skater Skirt
No, me neither, so when I saw this white, lace, skater skirt with a gold chain belt I tossed it into my basket.
I love the flowy nature of the fabric and the way it looks teamed with black, wooly tights and a biker jacket!

- And…I hit the SALE RAIL

Ombre Effect Blouse
-On the hanger this piece looks amazing yet on me it looks a little shapeless and needs plenty of accessorises or a cute waistcoat to make it look better on your body.
This aside, I love the print of this blouse..it is a little bit quirky just like me so myself and the blouse were a perfect match!

Navy, Embellished Waistcoat

- This has to be my favourite item that I picked up and it comes in white too! I may well have to invest in that… my favourite kinds of clothes are ones that are sparkly and embellished and that is exactly what we have here! I love how light it is to throw over a vest top or a blouse and it looks great with anything…It is also the same colour as my prom dress, a gorgeous midnight blue - one of my favourite shades to wear.

- I am back at home now for the week, as you probably read in my previous post..It is so nice to be blogging in my usual spot on my lovely, comfy bed!
I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend! 
I know I did!
Love, Holl
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28 October 2012


The Miscellaneous Notes.


- Hi Everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to catch up with you all and update you on a few things.
 This week I am going home for reading week. 
You have no idea how excited I am to have a break from the intensity of 'uni life'... swapping it for a lovely, chilled out week at home,
inclusive of long bubble baths and a peaceful nights sleep!
 I don't care how much of a granny I sound, I am sooooo excited.

I wanted to take this opportuniy to update all of my lovely readers with what is to come
on Good Golly Miss Hollie in coming months and a few things that I would like to address.

I have had a few tweets and comments etc from my gorgeous Youtube subscribers asking me when I will back filming videos on my channel.
There is ultimatley one main reason why I have not been able to film regular videos.
That reason is that I live with a rather unruly individual.
I am sure that you have read my past tweets about this situation and have the general jist but basically
my flat is overly noisy and there is no way I could film a video with thrash metal playing at a million decibels in the background every afternoon and every evening.

With this in mind I am looking to film my videos super early on a morning (when he is asleep) or super late at night (when he is asleep) basically just anytime I cannot hear that racket!

However, as you know I am going home for a week which means videos!!!
Okay, so I have planned a brand new 'What's in my bag' video 
( I cannot believe it has been well over a year since I last filmed one of those!)
a haul video and I would like to get on with filming some TAGS.
Ofcourse, if you do have any requests then pop them in the comments below.

I just want to inform everyone that my Youtube channel has not died!

Next up…
You may have noticed that I am now taking advertising slots on my blog.
If you would like to house your blog button or indie business logo on Good Golly Miss Hollie then please 
email me at (goodgollymiss-hollie@hotmail.com)
If you want to find out more information about advertising your blog on Good Golly Miss Hollie and my blog statistics then click this link here

I shall see you all at home :)
Love, Holl

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26 October 2012


Saturday shopping in Liverpool madness!

- Last Saturday I met up with the lovely Erin from the411offashion .
(She has written a lovely post about our day if you would like to check that out) 
We had a great day splashing the cash and tackling the stores of Liverpool on a Saturday afternoon, which may I just add is a crazy idea given how busy the city centre was.
You have to give it to the scousers though, they have excellent shopping.

I must admit I did spend a little more than I wanted to, but hey YOLO

Annoyingly, my student card doesn't have an expiry date so I was lucky that Erin was on hand to help me out with getting my student discount!
Handbags are my thing.
For some girls it is shoes, for me it is most certainly handbags.
I get a little too giddy when I have a new piece of arm candy by my side.
Liverpool has amazingly cheap 'knock off' shops where you can find all of your Zara and Topshop dupes.
I was on the look out for a new handbag and I came across the most amazing set of bags ever,
a turqoise one, a pink one and an orange one.
It was love.

For a £20 cheapy this bag feels very well made and it sooo spacious.
It is a faux leather with a studded clasp fastening and a detatchable longer strap.
Inside the bag is a removeable section that zips up and contains comparments for your phone and purse etc.
I was umming and arring over the orange and the pink but in the end chose orange for its autumnal feel and I guess that fact that orange is a little less barbie.
Were it summer time I would be very tempted by the turqouise!

There were so many bags in the shop that tickled my fancy, I need to stay out of those shops!
If you live in Liverpool you will know exactly which shops I am talking about!

Next up I hit up the hazzard that is Primark!
The Primark in Liverpool is amazing, somewhat like a labyrinth!
I picked up this cute little candle for the wintery night that are drawing in.

It is scented Strawberries and Cream and smells sooo sweet and lovely. It retails at £1.50 and is the perfect home comfort.

Onto the fashion….
I love a bargain and like a fool I left all my dolly shoes at home.
I know, it isn't really the season for ballerina flats but still, when I don't have them I miss them.
When I spotted these rose gold flats for £2 in the sale, they were in my basket quicker than a flash.

I must admit, I did feel rather 'Fleur-de-Forcey' purchasing them, they remind me of something that she would wear.
They were originally £6 and sold to me for a barginous £2…. silly money!

I also scouted this gorgeous blouse from the sale rale down from £10 to £5

It is a sleeveless, lacy and floral number and it was the colours that really jumped out at me, the beautiful hues of blue and turqoise just look gorgeous.

This top is also unique in the way it is longer at the back than the front, perfect with a pair of leggings, in particular my 'wet look' favourites.

Lastly, we popped into Topshop, which can I say was bloody heaving!
I usually hate Topshop, it is over priced and the garments are often cheaply and poorly made.
I will be honest I have fallen victim to this issue. But it is nothing my trusty Grandma won't be able to sort out on her sewing machine.
Erin spotted this top on the sale rail and it was one of those 
"I am possibly going to love this or hate this when I try it on."
I tried it on and loved it.
Down from £80 to £25 and £22 with student discount, this heavily embellished top ticks all my boxes.
It covers your bum, is a little bit outrageous and looks expensive.

I am slightly mad that the weight of the garment has caused the strap to almost break off so I am hoping that my Grandma can sort this for me as it is just so beautful.
I love the exentric mix of neon green and muted taupe.

Erin and I had a great day out shopping and I love everything that I bought!
I am super excited as tonight my boyfriend is travelling up from London to see me for the weekend!!!
I haven't seen him in a month and I am sooo excited!
Have a nice weekend everybody
Love, Holl

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24 October 2012


The Pure and Natural Box

 The October 'Pure and Natural' Joliebox is indeed my first Joliebox to try. 
Having reviewed the Glossybox many times previously I was excited to see what the rivals in the market had to offer us beauty boffins.

Starting from the inside out…
-  The packaging of this beauty box is created to a high standard, the box itself feels sturdy and made from luxuriant card.
This months box is a glossy, matte black and I shall definitley be using it again for storage.
The inner contents are supplied in a little drawstring bag which I think is a nice touch as opposed to the messy paper shreds offered in the Glossybox .

And an added extra…

I absolutley love the fact that Joliebox includes a glossy, beauty magazine aptly named 'Joliemag'
I love having a flick through and seeing all of the must haves of the month.
This month I was plesantly surprised to see FleurDeForce on the front cover with an interview feature with the mighty youtube mogul inside. 

I think that the cute little 'menu' cards are a quaint touch, offering a bit of background into the theme of the box and the products inside.

- Inside the box…
Exfoliating face care

( Ritessens uses a powerful blend of natural plant extracts and moroccan argan oil.)
-Possibly my favourite product that I have ever receieved in a beauty box ever.
Big statement huh?
I absolutley love this, it feels luxuriant and leaves my skill feeling amazing, so soft and freshly exfoliated.
I am very impressed with this product my skin feels radiant and has restored my love for facial exfoliators.

LOV organic
Lov is Beautiful herbal tea
(An organic herbal blend of white and green tea that is packed with antioxidants and zinc that have proven skincare benefits.) 

I was so giddy about trying this product as I am such a fruity, herbal, any-kind-of tea girl and I love tea in general. This product makes my tea tray look every bit demure.
Onto the tasting…I love this tea! It tastes just like green tea but smells rather floral.
Such an odd mix of scents and flavours but absolutley gorgeous.

Bee healthier lip balm stick

(A naturally nourishing hand-bag ready lip balm to help maintain a plump, perfect pout)
The perfect hand bag lip balm, it smells beautifully off tea tree and leaves your lips feeling super zingy and tingly. 

Balance Me
Face Moisturiser
(The luxurious natural moisturiser is perfect to protect your skin against harash environmental factors.)

- I love Balance Me products and having used this moisturiser before I was very happy to see it in the Joliebox this month.

The Green Balm
(An intense multi-purpose balm that gives moisture to chapped, dehydrated skin. - Suitable for sensitive skin)

- I did deem this product a little bit annoying as it is techincally another balm and a fiddly, tiny little product that will probably just get lost in my makeup bag.
The balm itself is very soothing and moisturising and feels nice against the skin, I guess it will come in handy when chapped lips season begins!

Overall, I love the Joliebox and their attention to detail. 
I feel that it is so much more than the Glossybox as it has extras and seems very beauty focused.
I like the mix of products and to me, this box did feel very high end and luxuriant.
What do you think of JolieBox?
Love Holl

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22 October 2012


The hair, the dress and the jewellery.

- Being a student means that these days, I do not have much money at all. 
It sounds rather bleak but I have quite enjoyed living on a budget and having to leave cheaply.
 Okay, I tell a slight fib, I don't mind buying budget, cheapest of the cheap food but I do mind not being able to splurge in Primark every once in a while. 

 I keep seeing so many lovely things in the shop windows and I know that I simply cannot afford to buy them.
 Most of my weekly money goes on food, I barely spend any money on alcohol
 (the perks of not drinking much) and train tickets to see my boyfriend.
 Obviously a train to London was never going to be cheap but I have a railcard and we go halves so it isn't too painful at all as a monthly outgoing.
 I like to spend my money on things that will make me happy and things that I will remember.
I would be rather angry with myself if I blew all of my money on alcohol, not be able to remember a thing about the night and then not have any money to spend on seeing my family, Dan and my friends.

 I also like to save my money so that I can buy a lovely new outfit at the end of the month to cheer me up if I have a had a bad day or just simply want a shopping trip to look forward to. 
Last month I shelled out for railcards and books and a whole host of expensive things so I am trying to catch up a little bit.
That didn't stop me….

If you read back a few posts ago you will know that I had some credit left on my Boots giftcard.
With the remaining pennies I picked up two items.

LIVE COLOR XXL Unlimited Gloss in 'Midnight Red'.

- I have been wanting to dye my hair more of a natural, dark hue for so long now but could never quite accept that it would take me bloody ages to go back as red as I was if I wanted to in the near future.
I think that a darker shade makes my hair look glossier and fuller.
Originally I wanted to use 'Casting Creme Gloss' in 'Ruby Black' but I discovered that it was not a permanant colour.
Next to the Ruby Black was this 'Midnight Red' shade that I instantly fell in love with.
It is the perfect dark shade with a tinge of plum throughout.
My flatmate applied the dye for me and I absolutley LOVE it.

I can't believe how dark my hair is but it is amazing!

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'A hint of colour medium and brunette'

- I am a big fangirl of dry shampoo, even on days where its amazing services are not really required, I love the voluminious effect that it gives my normally quite straight and lank hair.
With me now sporting freshly dyed, super dark hair a normal, white powdery dry shampoo would look ridiculously obvious.
That is why I love this hint of colour dry shampoo.
The formulation is brown so it barely shows up when applied to the hair.

Anyway… Enough of the 'freebies' and onto the purchased items from Primark.

Black dress with waistbelt and chiffon arms

Primark, £13
- I have had my eye on this dress for ages and some may say, hey what is a simple dress?
But I think something about it oozes class and I cannot wait to team it with my winter boots, leopard print winter coat and a statement necklace.
There is a variant version with a studded neckline but in my opinion something about the chic black 'little black dress' if you will stands out to me more than any embellishment. 
It is quite a long legnth piece but I think that adds the the 'smock' kind of style - a style that I love! 

Ear Cuff
Primark, £1.50
- I have never been sure about these things, and I still don't know my full opinion even now after wearing one for a whole day.
I first saw the cuff style on my friend Melissa of whom I have to say is gorgeous and sports ear pieces sooo beautifully, she definitly was definitly my inspiration to purchase this ear cuff and the following set of earrings. 
I decided to go for it and buy one myself and I have to say it is rather funky.
and I kind of like it albeit it being a little 'piratey'.

Multi Pack of Earrings
- I think (don't quote me) I think Melissa was sporting these also!
I love the grungey kind of style of these earrings and the mis match style of them is right up my street.
I like to wear the spike and the stood in my ears as they are quite vintage looking and if I am honest I just think they look dead cool! 

What have been your shopping spree favourites this month?
Love Holl

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21 October 2012


Elizabeth's Daughter skincare.

-  I personally had not heard of Elizabeth's Daughter skincare until very recently and I would like to share my own personal views on some of their leading products.

The Elizabeth's Daughter brand was created by Elizabeth Hallett.
 It is designed to provide beautiful, simple and effective skincare for younr girls.
 The range was developed with a leading authority in natural and botanical extracts and products.
I am also happy to inform you also that none of the Elizabeth's Daughter products are tested on animals.

For the past fortnight I have been trailing four of their products.

The Bath and Shower Wash
Full Size Product £9.50

A pure, foaming wash containing naturally derived cleansing agents. Water Lily Extract, also known as 'Queen Of The Lake' has exceptional properties to help protect and moisturise.
Pearl Extract, a marine complex based on Pearl Powder and Sea Mineral Water, is used for its mineral and amino acid benefits and is known to help improve metabolism and protect against the damaging effects of the environment.

- Using this product was like having a luxurious and pampering shower and in the place where I live, I really did not think that were ever possible.
The scent of this shower wash is beautiful, it smells exotic and expensive. Although I am tempted to use it all of the product up immediatley, I would like to save a substancial amount for a lovely, warm bubble bath when I get home!
I feel that this product is somewhat of a 'special occasion' product and I doubt I could ever bring myself to pay nearly ten pounds for a bath and shower wash but it really is quite something and would make a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys a lovely, luxurious shower.

The Purifying Mask
Full Size Product £17.50

A deep cleansing mask to help purify skin and eliminate toxins.
Lime seed oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9 which help condition and are particually effective on skin which is inflamed. Amazonian white clay is very rich in mineral salts, helping to eliminate toxins; plant extracts from Great Burdock and Erysimum have sebo-regulating and antiseptic properties to help rebalance skin.

-  I was a little sad that this product doesn't smell quite as amazing as the shower and bath wash does but then again it is intended for the face and some people are a little fussy when it comes to putting perfumed products on their faces. However, I love the clay texture of this mask, it not only smells but feels really earthy and natural on the skin. I have a few problematic areas on my face currently and I am hoping the anticeptic properties will help those areas out. It is nice to apply a product and be able to leave it on for a good fifteen minutes knowing that it is doing a job. 

The Daily Moisturiser
Full Size Product £17.50

A light daily moisturiser for face and body, formulated to help moisturise, soothe and protect. Rice bran and sesame seed oils are rich sources of vitamin E and antioxidants and help provide natural sun protection factors. Fresh pumpkin cells burst with moisture on contact with skin, helping to repair and soothe whilst shea butter helps to leave skin velvety-smooth.

- I love this super calming and soothing moisturiser it is lovely to work into the skin and leaves your skin feeling throughougly moisturised. I like to apply this product after my evening skincare routine and also before I apply my foundation, the two seem to balance rather nicely. 

The Facial Gel Cleanser
Full Size Product £12.00

A refreshing wash-off facial cleanser to help leave skin smooth and bright. Aloe vera leaf juice releases its natural moisturising properties in a base of mild, vegetable derived actives.
These help moisturise and restructure the skin by improving water reserves and limiting water loss.</> Fresh kiwi cells, rich in vitamin C and E, help protect young skin from pollution and the elements.

- By far my favourite product from the starter kit I love the scent of this cleanser and the refreshing feeling it leaves on my face after application. It is a gentle cleanser leaving my skin soft and supple.
I was a little worried how my skin would go on not getting its fix of salicylic acid but after a weeks use it feels great.

-Overall I don't think the Elizabeth's Daughter products are priced for somebody on a student budget like myself but the quality of every one of the starter kit products is excellent, perhaps they are something to pop on your birthday or Christmas lists but if you ever get the opportunity to try them do, you will get blown away by the luxuriant scent.
I noticed a lovely difference in my skin, it was much clearer and softer giving my makeup a nicer base.

Have you ever tried Elizabeth's Daughter?
What did you think?
Love, Holl


19 October 2012


It is all about the
brows now….

- Once upon a time.. well, around five years ago I was due for my year nine high school photograph taking.
 The night before I figuired it would be a good idea to hack at my eyebrows 
No, seriously.
 Being naturally rather dark haired, the hair on my body shows up quite prominently and at 13/14 years of age, I wasn't sure on the options available to me to sort out my unruly, straight and bushy eye brows. I often suffered the brunt of the lads in my class calling me "caterpillar brows".
I had taken it upon myself that night to shave my arms and shave off my eyebrows in a bid to draw them on nicer, neater and more 'boy frienly' brows.
The result ended up becomming a little severe.
All I will say is that it was very lucky that I had a fringe at the time.
I still laugh when I see that photograph in our family album. I can remember exactly how I felt about my 'project' also.
No more bushy brows and since that day I have been trying to grow them a little more bushy.
Somethings are just never right!

Anyway, around two years ago through the Youtube and Blogger beauty community I learnt how to style my eyebrows nicely with powder, an angled brush and a dark brown brow pencil.
Eyebrows are now my favourite part of my makeup routine and I love a nice, sharp, brow.

This sounds ridiculous but I am a little obsessed with wanting to fill peoples brows in who don't fill them in. I recently did my flatmates makeup and I filled her brows in and in my opinion it lifted her whole face!

This is my everyday brow routine if you like…


These days I use my trusty leopard print Tweezerman tweezers to pluck away the unruly hairs, I don't have any particular routine, just simple and basic.

I start by combing through my brows with a spooly to even out any stray hairs ready for the next step.


I like to use this fantastic brow quad from W7 to powder in my brows.
The 'Brow Bar' pack comes complete with guide stencils and angled brushes.
It really is quite super for £4.
I love the colour shades in the pallette and I tend to mix the darker chocolate brown with the black to create my perfect brow shade.

The true chocolate brown colour is a little too red for my liking and particually in photographs it shows up red against my much darker hair.
I like to angle off my brows and keep them fairly thin…although these days living in Liverpool I ought to go for more of a 'scouse brow'.

Finally I like to pop some dark brown brow liner through the tail ends of my brows to elongate them a
little and to even out the colour spread,

it also gives the brow a much sharper look, something that may not be for everyone.

Who else loves abitta brow?
Love, Holl
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