The hair, the dress and the jewellery.

- Being a student means that these days, I do not have much money at all. 
It sounds rather bleak but I have quite enjoyed living on a budget and having to leave cheaply.
 Okay, I tell a slight fib, I don't mind buying budget, cheapest of the cheap food but I do mind not being able to splurge in Primark every once in a while. 

 I keep seeing so many lovely things in the shop windows and I know that I simply cannot afford to buy them.
 Most of my weekly money goes on food, I barely spend any money on alcohol
 (the perks of not drinking much) and train tickets to see my boyfriend.
 Obviously a train to London was never going to be cheap but I have a railcard and we go halves so it isn't too painful at all as a monthly outgoing.
 I like to spend my money on things that will make me happy and things that I will remember.
I would be rather angry with myself if I blew all of my money on alcohol, not be able to remember a thing about the night and then not have any money to spend on seeing my family, Dan and my friends.

 I also like to save my money so that I can buy a lovely new outfit at the end of the month to cheer me up if I have a had a bad day or just simply want a shopping trip to look forward to. 
Last month I shelled out for railcards and books and a whole host of expensive things so I am trying to catch up a little bit.
That didn't stop me….

If you read back a few posts ago you will know that I had some credit left on my Boots giftcard.
With the remaining pennies I picked up two items.

LIVE COLOR XXL Unlimited Gloss in 'Midnight Red'.

- I have been wanting to dye my hair more of a natural, dark hue for so long now but could never quite accept that it would take me bloody ages to go back as red as I was if I wanted to in the near future.
I think that a darker shade makes my hair look glossier and fuller.
Originally I wanted to use 'Casting Creme Gloss' in 'Ruby Black' but I discovered that it was not a permanant colour.
Next to the Ruby Black was this 'Midnight Red' shade that I instantly fell in love with.
It is the perfect dark shade with a tinge of plum throughout.
My flatmate applied the dye for me and I absolutley LOVE it.

I can't believe how dark my hair is but it is amazing!

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'A hint of colour medium and brunette'

- I am a big fangirl of dry shampoo, even on days where its amazing services are not really required, I love the voluminious effect that it gives my normally quite straight and lank hair.
With me now sporting freshly dyed, super dark hair a normal, white powdery dry shampoo would look ridiculously obvious.
That is why I love this hint of colour dry shampoo.
The formulation is brown so it barely shows up when applied to the hair.

Anyway… Enough of the 'freebies' and onto the purchased items from Primark.

Black dress with waistbelt and chiffon arms

Primark, £13
- I have had my eye on this dress for ages and some may say, hey what is a simple dress?
But I think something about it oozes class and I cannot wait to team it with my winter boots, leopard print winter coat and a statement necklace.
There is a variant version with a studded neckline but in my opinion something about the chic black 'little black dress' if you will stands out to me more than any embellishment. 
It is quite a long legnth piece but I think that adds the the 'smock' kind of style - a style that I love! 

Ear Cuff
Primark, £1.50
- I have never been sure about these things, and I still don't know my full opinion even now after wearing one for a whole day.
I first saw the cuff style on my friend Melissa of whom I have to say is gorgeous and sports ear pieces sooo beautifully, she definitly was definitly my inspiration to purchase this ear cuff and the following set of earrings. 
I decided to go for it and buy one myself and I have to say it is rather funky.
and I kind of like it albeit it being a little 'piratey'.

Multi Pack of Earrings
- I think (don't quote me) I think Melissa was sporting these also!
I love the grungey kind of style of these earrings and the mis match style of them is right up my street.
I like to wear the spike and the stood in my ears as they are quite vintage looking and if I am honest I just think they look dead cool! 

What have been your shopping spree favourites this month?
Love Holl

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