Oops I did It again…

Last weekend I took myself into Primark…Again.
Although it isn't really a valid reason I am going to blame it on the fact I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive in Liverpool till midnight…and I got bored?
Excuses aside I picked up some lovely things and I know you all love a Primark haul!

Sooo, here we go

Sweet Robin Snood

There is quite a story to tell with this gorgeous little scarf…and the one pictured above isn't the original.
Dan and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to Red Hot World buffet, and for some reason I took off my scarf and it never came home with me..
Needless to say I was rather upset because I love it.
Dan couldn't help but laugh at me whining as he knew it could easily be replaced.
You should have seen his face when he asked how much it cost and I told him four pounds…
It gave me another excuse to pop into Primark and he ended up buying me
this too (although I did contest!)…

Leopard hat
I love this! When worn with my leopard print coat I look like a walking cat, even though Dan bought it, he thinks I look an idiot in it and possibly could be 1% embarrased when he has to walk around with me leopard-ed up to the max!
But in light of practicalities it keeps my head and ears warm and I love cats.
Winner all round non?

Minnie Mouse 'Onesie'

I first saw the gorgeous Corrie from Dizzybrunette3 wearing this on her blog, and immediatley I knew that I had to have one. I think onesies are weird garments but for lounging around and keeping snug in they are perfect. I fell in love with the cute disney design…although one of my flatmates told me I looked like the toadstool from Super Mario…Eeek!
My little Minnie also has a cute little tail…she's sooo cute!

Cocktail Rings
£2.50 each.

- I fell in love with the vintage-esc style and the primary colours embedded into these rings…They are bulky, they are huge and they are my perfect rings! Yes, they are a little OTT but I love them and they look great stored on the tea plate from my vintage teacup set!

- Would you believe that I do not own a skirt?

Skater Skirt
No, me neither, so when I saw this white, lace, skater skirt with a gold chain belt I tossed it into my basket.
I love the flowy nature of the fabric and the way it looks teamed with black, wooly tights and a biker jacket!

- And…I hit the SALE RAIL

Ombre Effect Blouse
-On the hanger this piece looks amazing yet on me it looks a little shapeless and needs plenty of accessorises or a cute waistcoat to make it look better on your body.
This aside, I love the print of this is a little bit quirky just like me so myself and the blouse were a perfect match!

Navy, Embellished Waistcoat

- This has to be my favourite item that I picked up and it comes in white too! I may well have to invest in that… my favourite kinds of clothes are ones that are sparkly and embellished and that is exactly what we have here! I love how light it is to throw over a vest top or a blouse and it looks great with anything…It is also the same colour as my prom dress, a gorgeous midnight blue - one of my favourite shades to wear.

- I am back at home now for the week, as you probably read in my previous post..It is so nice to be blogging in my usual spot on my lovely, comfy bed!
I hope you all have had a fantastic weekend! 
I know I did!
Love, Holl
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