"Cosmetics Shopping
makes me feel better"

- At the time, the day I left my job was a happy occasion, these days I wish I could go back. 
My boss very kindly bought me a Boots gift card as a leaving present.
Yesterday, I was scavenging through my purse and I found it having thought that I had left it at home amidst the move.
Overjoyed doesn't come close.
Cosmetic shopping makes me feel better.

I popped into Boots after a very long and laborious afternoon of shorthand lessons. I have been feeling a little mehhh about my makeup recently so it was an exciting feeling knowing that I had money to spend on new things!

I will be honest, I had a small case of "I have money and I don't know what to buy"
However it was 3 for 2!!! My favourite!!!

I picked up..

1. Collection 2000 'Lasting Colour' nail polish in 'Blue My Mind'

- I fell in love with his gorgeous electric, azure blue the minute I saw it, yes it was surrounded by many other gorgeous shades but there was something about it that attracted me on an instant.
The polish is so lovely to apply and the colour is opaque in literally one coat.
The shade reminds me of Katie Middletons engagement announcement dress and ring!, Blue Me Away' is a beautiful princess blue.

2.Rimmel London 'I Love Lasting Finish' in 'Double Decker Red'
- This polish was my third wheel in my 3 for 2 ensemble.
I left all of my red polishes at home sadly and I am a sucker when it comes to a red nail.
I have laid off the fake tan this month and this vibrant red looks beautiful against a paler complexion, if I dare say it, the colour pops.
Also, how can I resist a London themed polish?
Hmmmm. My obsession really is a little bonkers!

Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection 'Ultimate Wear Foundation'
- I absolutley LOVE the Lasting Perfection concealer and having noticed that Collection 2000 have a foundation under the same range I just had to buy it and try it out in the hope that it is as amazing and effective as the cult concealer.
I will be writing up a full review on this foundation next week however, thus far I am loving it!
I cannot believe how pale of a shade I bought! Usually I am lathered in fake tan and I have never had to buy a shade as pale as 3 Biscuit. It is much nicer to wear a foundation that does actually match naturally.

Company Magazine

- I know that this seems such a strange thing to pick up but having ignored the magazine since its rebrand I found myself buying it to read on my way down to London last month and I loved it that much that I have been waiting for the newest edition to arrive on the shelves!
I am such a big fan of the 'it's-like-a-blog' style magazine.
When I have read it I like to cut my favourite pages out and stick them on my pinboard which is covered in clippings and fairy lights.

I have yet to spend the remaining £9 on my card and I think I am going to save that to purchase one of the new Garnier Ovia hair dyes.
The deep red is tickling my fancy at the moment as I am trying to go much darker in hair colour.

Have you ever tried them? 
What do you think?
Love, Holl

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