16 October 2012


The Collection 2000
'Lasting Perfection' Foundation

As good as the concealer?..

- It would be no understatement to say that I love the cult Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' concealer.
[As I am sure you have heard a similar statement shared by every beauty blogger out there at least a million times before.]
I was so impressed with the concealer that when I spotted the foundation from the same range, I was suitably interested in finding out if it provided the amazing coverage, longetivity and perfect colour match that it's orginator, the concealer does so well.

I have bought foundations from MAC, Revlon, Maybelline, Rimmel - you name it, I have tried it. Although, I do tend to sway towards drugstore foundations as they are much easier for me to replace when the time comes to cough up the cash.

I have recently stopped sporting the fake tan again, mainly due to me feeling much better a natural hue of pale.
This 'Lasting Perfection foundation' was the lightest shade of foundation I have ever bought.
this aside,  the shade 03 'biscuit' is a great colour match for me although I am tempted to pick up the shade 'Honey'.

The consistency of this foundation is an odd one, although it technically is a liquid foundation the texture is much more creamy, it is thicker and has a somewhat chalky element to it.
I personally love the consistency of this foundation. 
I would say that the coverage is medium to full and like the concealer the foundation eradicates redness and blemishes in a light application.

The price of this foundation is spot on for the kind of coverage that you gain from one full face application.
At £5.99 in Boots you really cannot go wrong.
I would say that my only critism is that shade range which is very limited and none of the shades would be apropriate for darker skin tones.

As for longetivity, it is promoted as 16 hour wear and in someways I think the foundations adheres to that although I do find that powder is conjusive to '16 hour wear' being a seriously true statement.

This foundation is oil free which for any skin type is suitable but in particular people with oily and combination skin like my own would see a benefit of the foundation being oil free.
 I have no shine and the foundation stays true to being matte a finish.
I would say that this foundation isn't the best if you are looking for a more dewy finish.

The packaging is rather basically labelled however the product is housed in a rather expensive feeling glass bottle with my all time favourite included (yes MAC i am looking at you) - the pump applicater.

I have been really enjyoying using this foundation and it is an absolute keeper.
I will definitly be repurchasing this foundation again!
Used alongside its concealer sister product I am very happy with how my face looks at 8 o clock in the morning and still happy with it at 8 o clock at night!
Have you ever tried the Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' products?
What are your opinions of them?
Love, Holl

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  1. I've heard lots of good reviews on this range, so defo gonna pick some up. xx


  2. Thanks for this review - youve def persuaded me to buy it!! Ive been on the hunt for a cheapish drugstore foundation for a while now and kind of gave up but your review has given me hope! hehe! Thanks again for the good review! xx

  3. This looks incredible! I adore the concealer so will definitely be picking this up soon :) xx

  4. i bought this foundation a couple of years ago before the hype surrounding the concealer and have been using it ever since! looooove it, although i agree that it can be difficult to find the perfect shade to match your skintone, so at the moment i am blending it with another foundation i have.
    nicola xxx

  5. I use the concealer all the time, so I may have to purchase this soon!

    Sarah x

  6. I used to wear this foundation every day for about 9 months, up until a few months ago, and I stopped using it for some reason, and this post has made me wonder why! Maybe I'll go back to it to find out! x

  7. i will have to go pick this up and give it a go xx


  8. I've had this foundation before and I really liked it!
    I LOVE your blog and have followed it!
    I was wondering if you could take a look at mine and follow back please?

  9. This is hands down one of my favourite high street foundations. I do find it oxidises a little bit, but as long as I use a primer it's fine! I have oily skin and I love the finish, I only need to powder towards the end of the day. So good considering the price! x


  10. I love the concealer and I also have the mousse version of this foundation - I love it! They're so amazing especially as they're the lower end of drugstore brands. :) xx

  11. I really didn't like this foundation :( maybe its because the darkest shade is still slightly too light on my skintone im not really too sure - maybe im just weird haha
    check out my beauty blog if you can - daenabe.blogspot.com - reviews and tutorials aswell as fashion


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