Saturday shopping in Liverpool madness!

- Last Saturday I met up with the lovely Erin from the411offashion .
(She has written a lovely post about our day if you would like to check that out) 
We had a great day splashing the cash and tackling the stores of Liverpool on a Saturday afternoon, which may I just add is a crazy idea given how busy the city centre was.
You have to give it to the scousers though, they have excellent shopping.

I must admit I did spend a little more than I wanted to, but hey YOLO

Annoyingly, my student card doesn't have an expiry date so I was lucky that Erin was on hand to help me out with getting my student discount!
Handbags are my thing.
For some girls it is shoes, for me it is most certainly handbags.
I get a little too giddy when I have a new piece of arm candy by my side.
Liverpool has amazingly cheap 'knock off' shops where you can find all of your Zara and Topshop dupes.
I was on the look out for a new handbag and I came across the most amazing set of bags ever,
a turqoise one, a pink one and an orange one.
It was love.

For a £20 cheapy this bag feels very well made and it sooo spacious.
It is a faux leather with a studded clasp fastening and a detatchable longer strap.
Inside the bag is a removeable section that zips up and contains comparments for your phone and purse etc.
I was umming and arring over the orange and the pink but in the end chose orange for its autumnal feel and I guess that fact that orange is a little less barbie.
Were it summer time I would be very tempted by the turqouise!

There were so many bags in the shop that tickled my fancy, I need to stay out of those shops!
If you live in Liverpool you will know exactly which shops I am talking about!

Next up I hit up the hazzard that is Primark!
The Primark in Liverpool is amazing, somewhat like a labyrinth!
I picked up this cute little candle for the wintery night that are drawing in.

It is scented Strawberries and Cream and smells sooo sweet and lovely. It retails at £1.50 and is the perfect home comfort.

Onto the fashion….
I love a bargain and like a fool I left all my dolly shoes at home.
I know, it isn't really the season for ballerina flats but still, when I don't have them I miss them.
When I spotted these rose gold flats for £2 in the sale, they were in my basket quicker than a flash.

I must admit, I did feel rather 'Fleur-de-Forcey' purchasing them, they remind me of something that she would wear.
They were originally £6 and sold to me for a barginous £2…. silly money!

I also scouted this gorgeous blouse from the sale rale down from £10 to £5

It is a sleeveless, lacy and floral number and it was the colours that really jumped out at me, the beautiful hues of blue and turqoise just look gorgeous.

This top is also unique in the way it is longer at the back than the front, perfect with a pair of leggings, in particular my 'wet look' favourites.

Lastly, we popped into Topshop, which can I say was bloody heaving!
I usually hate Topshop, it is over priced and the garments are often cheaply and poorly made.
I will be honest I have fallen victim to this issue. But it is nothing my trusty Grandma won't be able to sort out on her sewing machine.
Erin spotted this top on the sale rail and it was one of those 
"I am possibly going to love this or hate this when I try it on."
I tried it on and loved it.
Down from £80 to £25 and £22 with student discount, this heavily embellished top ticks all my boxes.
It covers your bum, is a little bit outrageous and looks expensive.

I am slightly mad that the weight of the garment has caused the strap to almost break off so I am hoping that my Grandma can sort this for me as it is just so beautful.
I love the exentric mix of neon green and muted taupe.

Erin and I had a great day out shopping and I love everything that I bought!
I am super excited as tonight my boyfriend is travelling up from London to see me for the weekend!!!
I haven't seen him in a month and I am sooo excited!
Have a nice weekend everybody
Love, Holl

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