It is all about the
brows now….

- Once upon a time.. well, around five years ago I was due for my year nine high school photograph taking.
 The night before I figuired it would be a good idea to hack at my eyebrows 
No, seriously.
 Being naturally rather dark haired, the hair on my body shows up quite prominently and at 13/14 years of age, I wasn't sure on the options available to me to sort out my unruly, straight and bushy eye brows. I often suffered the brunt of the lads in my class calling me "caterpillar brows".
I had taken it upon myself that night to shave my arms and shave off my eyebrows in a bid to draw them on nicer, neater and more 'boy frienly' brows.
The result ended up becomming a little severe.
All I will say is that it was very lucky that I had a fringe at the time.
I still laugh when I see that photograph in our family album. I can remember exactly how I felt about my 'project' also.
No more bushy brows and since that day I have been trying to grow them a little more bushy.
Somethings are just never right!

Anyway, around two years ago through the Youtube and Blogger beauty community I learnt how to style my eyebrows nicely with powder, an angled brush and a dark brown brow pencil.
Eyebrows are now my favourite part of my makeup routine and I love a nice, sharp, brow.

This sounds ridiculous but I am a little obsessed with wanting to fill peoples brows in who don't fill them in. I recently did my flatmates makeup and I filled her brows in and in my opinion it lifted her whole face!

This is my everyday brow routine if you like…


These days I use my trusty leopard print Tweezerman tweezers to pluck away the unruly hairs, I don't have any particular routine, just simple and basic.

I start by combing through my brows with a spooly to even out any stray hairs ready for the next step.


I like to use this fantastic brow quad from W7 to powder in my brows.
The 'Brow Bar' pack comes complete with guide stencils and angled brushes.
It really is quite super for £4.
I love the colour shades in the pallette and I tend to mix the darker chocolate brown with the black to create my perfect brow shade.

The true chocolate brown colour is a little too red for my liking and particually in photographs it shows up red against my much darker hair.
I like to angle off my brows and keep them fairly thin…although these days living in Liverpool I ought to go for more of a 'scouse brow'.

Finally I like to pop some dark brown brow liner through the tail ends of my brows to elongate them a
little and to even out the colour spread,

it also gives the brow a much sharper look, something that may not be for everyone.

Who else loves abitta brow?
Love, Holl
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