The Pure and Natural Box

 The October 'Pure and Natural' Joliebox is indeed my first Joliebox to try. 
Having reviewed the Glossybox many times previously I was excited to see what the rivals in the market had to offer us beauty boffins.

Starting from the inside out…
-  The packaging of this beauty box is created to a high standard, the box itself feels sturdy and made from luxuriant card.
This months box is a glossy, matte black and I shall definitley be using it again for storage.
The inner contents are supplied in a little drawstring bag which I think is a nice touch as opposed to the messy paper shreds offered in the Glossybox .

And an added extra…

I absolutley love the fact that Joliebox includes a glossy, beauty magazine aptly named 'Joliemag'
I love having a flick through and seeing all of the must haves of the month.
This month I was plesantly surprised to see FleurDeForce on the front cover with an interview feature with the mighty youtube mogul inside. 

I think that the cute little 'menu' cards are a quaint touch, offering a bit of background into the theme of the box and the products inside.

- Inside the box…
Exfoliating face care

( Ritessens uses a powerful blend of natural plant extracts and moroccan argan oil.)
-Possibly my favourite product that I have ever receieved in a beauty box ever.
Big statement huh?
I absolutley love this, it feels luxuriant and leaves my skill feeling amazing, so soft and freshly exfoliated.
I am very impressed with this product my skin feels radiant and has restored my love for facial exfoliators.

LOV organic
Lov is Beautiful herbal tea
(An organic herbal blend of white and green tea that is packed with antioxidants and zinc that have proven skincare benefits.) 

I was so giddy about trying this product as I am such a fruity, herbal, any-kind-of tea girl and I love tea in general. This product makes my tea tray look every bit demure.
Onto the tasting…I love this tea! It tastes just like green tea but smells rather floral.
Such an odd mix of scents and flavours but absolutley gorgeous.

Bee healthier lip balm stick

(A naturally nourishing hand-bag ready lip balm to help maintain a plump, perfect pout)
The perfect hand bag lip balm, it smells beautifully off tea tree and leaves your lips feeling super zingy and tingly. 

Balance Me
Face Moisturiser
(The luxurious natural moisturiser is perfect to protect your skin against harash environmental factors.)

- I love Balance Me products and having used this moisturiser before I was very happy to see it in the Joliebox this month.

The Green Balm
(An intense multi-purpose balm that gives moisture to chapped, dehydrated skin. - Suitable for sensitive skin)

- I did deem this product a little bit annoying as it is techincally another balm and a fiddly, tiny little product that will probably just get lost in my makeup bag.
The balm itself is very soothing and moisturising and feels nice against the skin, I guess it will come in handy when chapped lips season begins!

Overall, I love the Joliebox and their attention to detail. 
I feel that it is so much more than the Glossybox as it has extras and seems very beauty focused.
I like the mix of products and to me, this box did feel very high end and luxuriant.
What do you think of JolieBox?
Love Holl

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