Elizabeth's Daughter skincare.

-  I personally had not heard of Elizabeth's Daughter skincare until very recently and I would like to share my own personal views on some of their leading products.

The Elizabeth's Daughter brand was created by Elizabeth Hallett.
 It is designed to provide beautiful, simple and effective skincare for younr girls.
 The range was developed with a leading authority in natural and botanical extracts and products.
I am also happy to inform you also that none of the Elizabeth's Daughter products are tested on animals.

For the past fortnight I have been trailing four of their products.

The Bath and Shower Wash
Full Size Product £9.50

A pure, foaming wash containing naturally derived cleansing agents. Water Lily Extract, also known as 'Queen Of The Lake' has exceptional properties to help protect and moisturise.
Pearl Extract, a marine complex based on Pearl Powder and Sea Mineral Water, is used for its mineral and amino acid benefits and is known to help improve metabolism and protect against the damaging effects of the environment.

- Using this product was like having a luxurious and pampering shower and in the place where I live, I really did not think that were ever possible.
The scent of this shower wash is beautiful, it smells exotic and expensive. Although I am tempted to use it all of the product up immediatley, I would like to save a substancial amount for a lovely, warm bubble bath when I get home!
I feel that this product is somewhat of a 'special occasion' product and I doubt I could ever bring myself to pay nearly ten pounds for a bath and shower wash but it really is quite something and would make a beautiful gift for someone who enjoys a lovely, luxurious shower.

The Purifying Mask
Full Size Product £17.50

A deep cleansing mask to help purify skin and eliminate toxins.
Lime seed oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9 which help condition and are particually effective on skin which is inflamed. Amazonian white clay is very rich in mineral salts, helping to eliminate toxins; plant extracts from Great Burdock and Erysimum have sebo-regulating and antiseptic properties to help rebalance skin.

-  I was a little sad that this product doesn't smell quite as amazing as the shower and bath wash does but then again it is intended for the face and some people are a little fussy when it comes to putting perfumed products on their faces. However, I love the clay texture of this mask, it not only smells but feels really earthy and natural on the skin. I have a few problematic areas on my face currently and I am hoping the anticeptic properties will help those areas out. It is nice to apply a product and be able to leave it on for a good fifteen minutes knowing that it is doing a job. 

The Daily Moisturiser
Full Size Product £17.50

A light daily moisturiser for face and body, formulated to help moisturise, soothe and protect. Rice bran and sesame seed oils are rich sources of vitamin E and antioxidants and help provide natural sun protection factors. Fresh pumpkin cells burst with moisture on contact with skin, helping to repair and soothe whilst shea butter helps to leave skin velvety-smooth.

- I love this super calming and soothing moisturiser it is lovely to work into the skin and leaves your skin feeling throughougly moisturised. I like to apply this product after my evening skincare routine and also before I apply my foundation, the two seem to balance rather nicely. 

The Facial Gel Cleanser
Full Size Product £12.00

A refreshing wash-off facial cleanser to help leave skin smooth and bright. Aloe vera leaf juice releases its natural moisturising properties in a base of mild, vegetable derived actives.
These help moisturise and restructure the skin by improving water reserves and limiting water loss.</> Fresh kiwi cells, rich in vitamin C and E, help protect young skin from pollution and the elements.

- By far my favourite product from the starter kit I love the scent of this cleanser and the refreshing feeling it leaves on my face after application. It is a gentle cleanser leaving my skin soft and supple.
I was a little worried how my skin would go on not getting its fix of salicylic acid but after a weeks use it feels great.

-Overall I don't think the Elizabeth's Daughter products are priced for somebody on a student budget like myself but the quality of every one of the starter kit products is excellent, perhaps they are something to pop on your birthday or Christmas lists but if you ever get the opportunity to try them do, you will get blown away by the luxuriant scent.
I noticed a lovely difference in my skin, it was much clearer and softer giving my makeup a nicer base.

Have you ever tried Elizabeth's Daughter?
What did you think?
Love, Holl

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