Sunday Summary.

This weekend  I went to London.

- As you have probably read in my previous post, this weekend was all about London and spending time with my boyfriend.
We both have been bitten by the London bug so it was super nice to stroll around the city and have a good old catch up!
I was not sure what the weather would be like, I always struggle at this time of year to suss it out so, I decided to take my new favourite autumnal coat!
[Enjoying a summer fruits Kopperberg in Camden]

I am sure you have all seen a similar style of coat ala leather sleeves and khaki, army style bodice on a certain lady called Louise from Made in Chelsea.
When I saw a similiar version in Primark for around £12 I quickly snapped it up.
I took this down with me as a sort of transitional piece between the nippy evenings and cooler afternoons.

Our weekend was spent visiting our favourite places.. Camden Lock and Borough Market to name two absolute favourites. 
We ate lots of gorgeous food too.
You can't beat street food.

I have had the idea to collect vintage tea cups for some time now.
Not to drink tea from, but to store my jewelery in and add a little 'shabby chic' to my room.
My boyfriend and I both have a tickle for antique fairs so finding a ram shackled antique stall in Camden was amazing.
I decided that I there was no time like the present and after a little bit of tactical bartering from Dan I got one pretty little teacup and two saucers for £5.
I love the mauve coloured design and the daintyness of the pieces.
I must say transporting them across London and back on a train to Liverpool was tactical but never the less they arrived here in one piece.
I cannot wait to head back sometime and collect other cute little tea cups!

Bridget Jones' house!

It really was a lovely weekend…Although I am sad that it will be another four weeks before I see Dan again!
However, it is now a new month, I have done a whole month living away at university and I am starting to get to feel some routine seeping into me.
I am trying to stay happy and optimistic about October and hoping that this month I won't have any homesickness at all.
Happy 1st of October everyone!
I hope you had a lovely weekend,
Love, Holl
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