30 November 2012


My birthday in Liverpool.

So yesterday I turned 19!
I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who took the time to wish me a happy birthday on Twitter it really meant alot to me and made me super smiley!

Today I have arrived home in West Yorkshire to celebrate my nineteenth for a second time with my family, friends from home and my boyfriend Dan.
There is no better feeling than spending your celebrations with your loved ones and I am sooo very happy to see them!

I had a few requests on Twitter to post a 
'Birthday Haul' 
Since I have already celebrated my birthday in Liverpool I figuired that this post would contain
my Liverpool celebrations!

I was spoilt by all of my new friends that three months ago were strangers…
It really made me feel so happy and greatful knowing that they had made an effort to help me celebrate my birthday.

Soooo what did I get up to?
On Wednesday evening the celebrations kicked off with my good Liverpool friends Lauren and Laura. As Laura is celebrating her 21st birthday today..We decided that we would celebrate both of our birthdays together with a lovely meal at Cafe Rouge in Liverpool one.
We ate lots of yummy food, I had a steak baguette which was gorgeous.
We had a cute little present swapping session and giggled away opening our cards.
It really was lovely.
The girls are so clever, they bought me things to make me feel more at home and make my room feel more homely which was great.

Lauren knew I have a passion for all things London and gifted me this beautiful trio of canvas' alongside a gorgeous Origins coal mask!

Laura with her lovely Liz Earle goodies.

Perfect for planning blog posts non?

What I wore..

Turquoise jumper £6 Primark
Tribal Print Chinos £5 Primark
Pleather jacket £16 Primark
'Focco' bag £25 Ebay

After dinner it was time for cocktails in Revolution which were
a barginous 2 for £6.50!
I opted for a Vodka Moonshine and a Absolut Passion, which were fruitaaay!!

Midnight brought around Thursday the 29th!
And although I had a busy day at uni on my actual birthday
I was so touched to come back to the flat to see my flat mate Millie had
decorated my door, she bought me the most amazing mug too
I'd rather be watching Sex and the City!
Couldn't be more true!

As teatime rolled around it was time for NANDO'S!
Come on, you have to go to Nando's on your birthday!
 Any excuse for piri piri chicken!
Myself and Millie didn't hold back!

After tea it was party time with all my friends from Liverpool, I have really been blessed to find such amazing friends here.

Pleather Jacket Primark
Sequin top River Island
Shorts Primark

We all headed over to my friend Karens flat and started the party with drinks galore before heading to town!
Dan called me to tell me my birthday card was in reception…
So I ran as fast as I could down the stairs to go and collect it as he had kept telling me it
was going to be there at some point in the day.
Out of breath and excited I came to the gate only to find him stood there as a surprise!!!!!!
It was literally the best moment ever!
I was beyond happy.

I was so lucky to be gifted the most amazing presents ever I am so very lucky.
Here is one of them.

I like to call it the controversial tea cup
How beautiful is it?!
Dan and I were on Fortnum and Mason not so long ago and this tea cup caused an argument that left us walking around the shop in seperate directions haha!
It is so beautiful!!!
My boy done good for this year!!

I had the best birthday ever!
Thankyou to everyone who made it so!
Love, Holl

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28 November 2012


Food and Thought.

Grab yourself a cuppa…This is a long one.

- I am a complete food lover. I am a self confessed foody and I love nothing more than (these days) cooking food and ofcourse devouring it.
My plate is always piled high and as a child I would always give something a try. 
I must admit, I was a rather odd child when it came to 'kid food'  I wasn't really a fan of fish fingers and I didn't like chips? Interesting given that my mum put me on 'school dinners', I always wished that I could join the packed lunch kids.

This aside I am an odd adult I guess I will eat anything but, I am not keen on Sunday dinner which is difficult when your mum is the most religious Sunday dinner maker ever.
I can remember the countdown to me starting university and every Sunday my parents and I would say "only three more Sunday dinners.." 
These days after 11 weeks of missing it, I wouldn't mind a Sunday roast. ;)
 But don't tell my mum that.

Todays post is a little different from my usual fashion and beauty shenanigans but I guess somewhere up top it mentions that Good Golly Miss Hollie is indeed a lifestyle blog also.

You may have seen if you follow me on Twitter
that last week I reached a little target that I had set for myself.
I wanted to lose some of the flab from my hips, bum and belly in an attempt to reshape my figuire a little bit.
I had this crazy idea way back in August after a summer of nights out, meals out and driving everywhere.  I saw myself in a bikini and thought
I am usually a size 10 on the top and a 12ish on the bottom…
People always look shocked when I say that because I don't wear tight fitted clothing and I suppose you can't really tell what dress size I am under the slouchy tops and floaty blouses.
Anyway, sometime way back when I was 13 my hips popped out of nowhere and made me look like I had an inflatable ring around my waist.
Tiny boobies, skinny legs, skinny arms and huge hips was always going to look a little odd.
I cannot wear bodycon dresses they look horrendous on me and crop tops without high waisted shorts are a definate no, no for me.

I used to think my issue was with my stomach but in recent times I have noticed that it isn't.
The problem is this strange chub that encases my huge hippage.

Instead of moaning…Something had to be done.
I was terrified that when I got to uni I would turn into a fatty.
It seems to have happened to a lot of people I know.
I decided to join the gym and although it was very tempting to eat chinese takeaway and frozen pizza every night I decided that I would kill two bird with one stone and
1) Learn to cook with fresh ingredients
2) Eat healthy.

In just under 12 weeks I have worked hard to become a size 8 at just over 8 stone.

These shorts were bought as a size 10 and are baggy around the hip area, this has never happened before usually I am jumping around in a desperate attempt to fasten them.

I had a few questions on Twitter on what I did to achieve this.
It really is simple.

I train at the gym twice a week, sometimes only once depending on any other commitments that I may have.
Now, I hate the gym but seriously once you get into it the magic happens.
I don't do anything exciting I just tell myself that I will stay for 45mins to 1 hour and I do 15 minutes on each cardio station. 
On average I burn around 312 calories in one session.
I have noticed my fitness levels improving, the first time I hopped on the treadmill I was purple and almost dying after 3 minutes!
The hike uphill to my university building has also started taking less time and I have all of my breath when I reach the top!

Alongside this I ensure that my weekly shopping contains good things.
I am a student, I don't have much money to spend on food but it is all about what you buy.

Some of my weekly shopping this week. 
(Minus the bits I had eaten)

As you can see I buy a bit of everything and I do still eat bread! 
Amongst this was some green tea and some bourbons..

I keep my portion sizes quite small and I try to snack on fruit or carrot sticks throughout the day.
It is hard to believe that I haven't eaten crisps or chocolate in 11 weeks.

In all honesty I think that this little project was highly motivated.
Every week at the gym I would stick a picture of a sexy celeb …
(Michelle Keegan I am looking at you )
 to the treadmill as thinspiration
I really do believe that if you want something bad enough you will achieve it.
Now to keep it up.

I hope this helped
I am so excited it is my 19th birthday tomorrow!!!
My last year as a teen eek!!
Love, Holl
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26 November 2012


When it rains it pours

Rain and a Primark bag…never good

- This afternoon the heavens opened, I was wearing UGG boots, no socks and my feet were swimming by the time I exited my university building. 
Primark was staring at me like a golden beacon from across the road.
I have winter boots, but this called for 'extreme rain weather boots'.
I went in looking for wellies.
Did I find wellies?..Well I suppose that I did but not the pair I wanted.
I really wanted the patent black, quilted ones I have been eyeing up for weeks.
Low and behold, they were gone today.

Instead I found something else.

A few years ago I was looting my friends cupboard pre night out and I came across some black, studded biker boots from Kurt Geiger that were kind of punky and I liked them.
They looked a little something like this.


-Ofcourse that is certainly no price for me to pay.

However, £25 is albeit pricey for Primarni.

Embellished with plenty of studding and buckles; you can see where the design inspiration has come from.
The sole of these badboys is unbelievably sturdy, I love the little bit of height that you gain from the heel also.

The boots are made from faux leather with the top part made from a sort of shiny fleece material.
These boots remind me of my gothic phase 'Circa 2006' whereby my friends mum gave me a pair of seriously gothic New Rock  boots, although they may be deemed masuline or punky, I think they add some vamp to disco pants and a slouchy jumper and plenty of necklaces layered.
They are also so unbelievably practical for the rain.

What do you think of these boots with attitude?
Love, Hollxo

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24 November 2012


Everday Makeup #1

- As a self confessed make up junkie, never complete without a full face of my favourite products it has been a strange time latley whereby I have been wearing barely any makeup at all.
I have certainly been going for the "less is more" approach.
Whilst some of the products photographed above are old timers within my routine, I feel that in recent months I have really found the perfect products that work with me as opposed to against me.

I have been using the Murad skin perfecting primer as a base as it is light on the skin and evens out the redness of my skin nicely. I then use my all time favourite foundation albeit one that I have only recently discovered the Collection 2000, Lasting perfection foundation  and I absolutley adore it, it really is the perfect foundation for my skin type.
Eyebrows are a big part of my routine as my natural eyebrows are quite sparce and thin. I powder them in using the W7, Brow bar quad using the dark brown shade, I pencil in the tails of my brows using the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 'Dark brown'
I like to add a dash of Bourjois 'Delice De Poudre' bronzer to contour my cheeks with a hint of Bobbi Brown's 'Rose gold eyeshadow acting as a blush/highlight.
I prime my eyelids with Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' and apply a full lid covering of 'Sin' with a crease contour using 'Buck' if I am feeling adventurous I will add a touch of 'Half Baked' to my inner corner all from the Naked Palette #1
I use the MUA 'Liquid liner' on my upper lash line and a small smudge of MAC 'Smoulder' eye kohl
to the end of my lower lash line.I then curl my eyelashes and use Revlon 'Beyond Natural' mascara to legnthen my lashes before using  Bourjois 'Double Up' mascara for extra volume.
Finally I add a touch of ligloss that I believe came as freebie in Cosmopolitan magazine
it is the Missguided 'LipSplash' in 'Love' for a touch of pink sparkle.

My makeup routine barely takes anytime at all..which is especially good when I have a hideous 9 o'clock start, it looks natural and clean, a look I have been loving in recent months.

Love, Holl

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22 November 2012


The boogie night outfit
….For a tenner???

- This weekend my oldest friend of 12 years, Charlotte came to visit me in Liverpool. 
We had a nice time shopping, watching endless Gossip Girl and reminicing on old memories. 
 Ofcourse we had to hit Liverpool in the night!
This called for one thing…an outfit to wear and although my wardrobe is filled to the brim of
clothes, nevermind me having an entire wardrobe full at home full of going out tops, skirts and dresses
I figuired that I had nothing to wear.

So… Primark obviously came to my aid.
I really didn't want to spend a lot, I didn't know what I wanted.
You may have heard me mention before that I have a tendancy to wear things that don't match / you would never buy / would never go together.
That is exactly what happened this weekend.

All hail to £10 outfit

picked out from the sale rail and the refuse box/bargain rail.

The houndstooth shorts

- Is this weird…I do not own a pair of shorts? 
I just do not like them.. 
However, these little cuties caught my eye.
They are high waisted and a size 10.

I wanted to clash these with a blouse, orginally the plan was to tuck the blouse in but in the final moment mrs indecsive decided to keep it pulled over my shorts.

The Baroque blouse

- I saw this dangling off the end of a hanger on it's own, I snapped it up all exicted about my clashing concoction…

The Final Look

I teamed the outfit with some black wedge boots and some thick black socks..a few gold chains and red nails and lips.
I love this look and although it has 'already been seen' I cannot wait to wear it again!
Not bad for a tenner ey?
Love, Holl

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21 November 2012


Beautiful hand creams and gift sets
From the Body Shop this Christmas....
(Image weheartit.com)
- Keep your loved ones looking and smelling fabulous this Christmas, with Christmas gift sets from The Body Shop. Gift sets make great presents and with such a great range from The Body Shop, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.
For the friend who loves to indulge in chocolate over the Christmas season, the Chocomania Shower, Scrub & Moisture set is a beautiful gift. Packaged in a reusable heart-shaped aluminium tin, this lovely gift set is the perfect treat for a loved one this Christmas.
Hand cream is also a lovely gift for someone at Christmas time. Using hand cream regularly is important. Your hands are put through so much on a day-to-day basis but we often forget to give our hands the attention they deserve.
 Hand lotions and creams can be used regularly, as often as they are needed, and with so many lovely fragranced creams from The Body Shop you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you want to treat someone to hand cream as a gift this year, you can opt for the Festive Hand Cream Trio. This lovely Christmas gift set comes with three beautiful mini hand creams in beautifully festive scents of cranberry, vanilla and ginger, you can guarantee that whoever uses this will have beautiful soft and smooth hands, not to mention they’ll smell amazing.
For more mature skin, The Body Shop has a lovely Wild Rose hand cream (SPF15), which has a lovely rose scent and provides the much needed moisture for mature skin, and also helps to reduce the appearance of brown spots.
Smaller Christmas gift sets from The Body Shop are great as stocking fillers. The Body Shop is well known for its delicious smelling body butters, and you can give a set of five yummy Body Butters in a festive lollipop shaped box. Girls will love the Strawberry Cupcake gift set, in a cute cupcake shaped box, and containing a strawberry scented mini heart soap, strawberry shower gel and a pretty red bath lily.
No matter what shape or size they come in, gift sets are a fabulous treat to give and receive at Christmas, and with all that time you’ll spend wrapping and unwrapping presents, hand cream is a great gift to keep your hands looking and smelling lovely all season.
The Body Shop has a full range of Christmas gifts for him and her available online today. Visit www.thebodyshop.co.uk
Love, Holl

20 November 2012


The box dedicated to the
busy city girls..

- Having attended the launch of Birchbox in europe event at The Soho hotel in London last week and met the Joliebox team, I feel that I know the brand a whole lot more now. 
All of the team that I met were really hard working and lovely people - It is super nice to actually meet the people behind your favourite beauty box.

This month the box is entitled Beauty In The City
Joliebox say:
"We know how hard it can be to juggle everything - from friends to work to the upcoming Christmas buzz. Who has the time to trot the world searching for the next great beauty solution?
In honour if our newly expanded Joliebox family, we have picked our up and coming brands recommended by each of out headquarters."


- This non greasy, easy soak in hand cream is lovely and leaves your hands all tingly..I would say a slight issue with it is the fact that it smells like a museum…kind of musky and …old. We have a medical museam near where I live and it kind of smells of that. I love the consistency but the scent is just not as beautiful.


-  I actually adore this product, as a girl who is in no way a fan of BB creams this one may well have converted me. It combines foundation, concealer, suncreen and moisturiser all in one. It also includes minerals and botanicals to adjust to your skintone to cover blemishes, minimise pores, disguies wrinkles and smooth and brighten skin. I like to apply this product with my fingers for a natural finish, it is perfect for those mornings that I cannot be bothered applying a full face of makeup for uni…it allows me to not look like to death warmed up!


- On first thoughts I thought that this was a strange product. On trial I love it.
Essencially it is a moisturiser that gives you a nice tonal shimmer, it s defiantly not sparkly so I have been using it on my collarbones and cheekbones for a little highlight. It looks elegant.


- I have used this and other products from the Dead Sea Spa range before. I like how gentle this facial wash is and I know that I have never had any problems with breakouts through using this brand.


- I am not really a fan of this scent..it is a little too much mature for my liking. Although I can smell some essences of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'.


- Cinnamon Mint toothpaste? I must say the two go very well together..kind of like drinking your Starbucks and brushing your teeth.
It tastes kind of Christmassy too!

JolieMag, my favourite added touch to the beauty box features Mollie Chen the editorial director of Birchbox..I was lucky enough to meet her and she was lovely!

Are you subscribed to Joliebox?
What do you think of the brand?
Love, Holl

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18 November 2012


Clean and Clear
Affordable Skincare..

- I like products that work, products that serve a purpose and products that eradicate a problem.
Who doesn't ey?
 Especially when it comes to skincare and all the issues skincare that can raise.

I am one of those girls who like to have everything matching.
I know that sounds just a little bit ridiculous.
Anyway, once I like a brand, I like to try almost everything that the brand offers.
And that is exactly what happened with
Clean and Clear

- I never really hear much about the brand on the blogging scene, I read a lot about expensive skincare brands, often french and the Neutrogenes and the Soap and Glory's but very rarely
Clean and Clear.

(I wrote a review earlier this year on the 'Deep Action Wash if you would like to have a nosey at my intital thoughts)

This month I have been trying more products from the range and I love them.
I like that the products are very reasonanbly priced - all of them under £5.
This means you can stock up on your entitre skincare range for £20

First up

Exfoliating Daily Wash
This is the oil free face wash with gentle micro-beads to clean skin and unblock pores.
It is intended to remove, dir, oil and dead skin cells that lead to blackheads and spots.

Truly Gentle Facial Wash
This is the ideal facial wash for anybody with sensitive skin as it is soap free and is said to be as mild as water.
I love that something so gentle can provide such great results.
It helps restrict the skin from over drying, making sure you don't get that tight skin feeling.

Advantage Spot Treatment Gel
Every month my face has a little tantrum and I need something to help me out, fast.
I love this fast action gel as it reduces spots within 4 hours without irritating or over drying the skin.

Dual Action Moisturiser
I am always wary of applying moisture to my face, it tends to have adverse effects. This product doesn't clog pores and includes a spot fightening ingredient. It left my skin feeling beautifully soft. I like to apply this before I go to sleep.

Have you ever tried Clean and Clear products?
What do you think?
Love, Holl

 CLEAN & CLEAR® Exfoliating Daily wash is the UK’s No1*
-          To celebrate we’ve teamed up with Little Mix and have launched the new ‘Are you the Perfect Mix’ Facebook game
-          Little Mix fans can play the game to win VIP packages to meet Little Mix!

*Symphony IRI Facial Cleansing Value/Unit Sales w/e 52 26.05.12 excluding Facial Wet Wipes

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14 November 2012


A sparkles and studs,bespoke
phone case...

- I was recently contacted by the lovely Rosie Anderson. 
Rosie has recently started her own small business crystallising different products from heels to mirrors to phone covers, you name it Rosie adds some glitz and glamour! 
You can see an example of Rosies work on her Facebook page Sparkles and Studs

She has a variety of different design techniques, pearl mixes, coloured cystral customisation and my favourite... japanese decoden style. 
 Rosie very, very kindly offered to design me, my very own bespoke phone case as she has been a long time reader of Good Golly Miss Hollie.

My phone case is ofcourse very me, it is beautifully encrusted with a leopard print crystal design topped off with a gorgeous glittery black bow.

The case itself is super, super sturdy and all of the crystals and elements firmly stuck on!
It feels very well made and obviously looks super glam and gorgeous!
I am proud to whip out my little iphone 3gs for it to sparkle and bling up any phonecall.

To celebrate our little collaboration and also for Christmas cheer…Rosie is offering all of you, my gorgeous readers a 10% discount when you quote goodgollymisshollie with your order.
She is also conducting a 2 bespoke cases for £36 offer.
Last Christmas orders in before 10th December.
Rosie takes orders through her Facebook page, where you can see a showcase of her handy work.

She also has Twitter  if you would like to contact her through there

I am so very happy with my phone case and I can only thank
Rosie again for her kindness..
What do you think?
Do you like a bit of bling, bling?
Love, Holl

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"I love the Christmas clad streets
of London".
Louise - Made In Chelsea

 Covent Garden

- This weekend was a goody.
Not only did I have the chance to see my lovely boyfriend, but I also got the opportunity to feel the most Christmassy that I have felt in years..
It is no lie that the older I have become the more scroogey I have gotten. Which is sad. :(
But this year has been different...
Dan and I enjoyed Christmas world...Harrods style, Fornum and Mason style and I even took London alone when I went to meet my oldest friend, Ben. - We soaked up Christmas world..John Lewis and Selfridges style.

I had the perfect weekend wandering the streets in my big leopard print coat in awe of all the Christmas lights and window displays on Oxford Street and the festive tree decorations in Chelsea.
Dan and I (being the foodys that we are) ate lots of yummy food and experienced Brazillian food for the first time.
I must recommend.
Preto on Shaftesbury Avenue.
It certainly was a food first for me…

Street food from Borough market
I arrived in the capital with the good intention of not buying anything as it is my birthday in two weeks and Christmas shortly afterwards...
I always tend to do this thing where I buy thing around this time  and it spoils peoples gift ideas.
I have really tried not to...
but I did.
I popped into HandM and saw some leopard print p-jarma borttoms that I knew had to be mine for lounging around the flat in and wearing when I am on a late night library mad one...
not for sleeping in I must add...
Leopard Print fleece bottoms - HandM
- I love them because they have elasticated bottoms, they are snug and fleecy, leopard print and soooo super comfy, I took them to show Dan and all I could hear was him laughing but he wouldn't tell me why
....I ruined a birthday present idea
Made in Chelsea is my favourite programme and although I know it isn't real
(However, Richard Dinan was interviewed in the London Evening Standard and he said it wasn't scripted at all)
I tend to get sucked in by all of the drama and it is a guilty pleasure of mine.
Cmon, who doesn't love Marc Francis?
I made Dan watch Monday nights episode..needless to say he wasn't impressed
and couldn't understand why all they do is talk about each other.../
Anyway, this called for a trip to Chelsea.
We walked down the Kings Road and wandered into a farmers market..
The chilly November evening was biting at my fingers so it was off to buy some gloves..
I NEVER wear gloves but something about these interested me...I wonder why
Cat Gloves, Accessorize

I fell in love with these cute finger-less mitten type gloves due to the cute little cat design.
 They are also super duper snuggly and keep your hands and fingers toasty.

I usually stay with Dan Friday to Monday but this trip called for an extention as I was invited to my ever first London event.
Never in my life did think that I would be priviledged enough to be invited!
The event covered the release of Birchbox in Europe and was based at the Soho hotel in London.
 It was also so so so nice to meet Gemma from Gemsmaquillage - she is a lovely, very down to earth and very helpful.

How cute were the beauty inspired biscuits?

I had a lovely, lovely time, as I always do and I cannot wait to return for New Years Eve!
Is Harrods not the most festive place ever?
Love, Holl

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