Just being a.

- As a student..I have been thinking a lot about money recently. .
.(Yeah, where have we heard that one before…) 
Lasy week I was taking a break from university to have some time off to recharge my batteries.
I have recently found that my budgeting skills have become second to none.
My trusty £1 notepad has been my life saviour when it comes to keeping track of my finance.

I like to think of ways that I could rake back a few pennies or ultimatley make them.
Last week I was looking around my childhood bedroom.
I was looking at everything that it contains that I bought with my wages from my job,
it made me feel a little sad that I no longer live in this room anymore, surrounded by everything that holds not only sentimental but also monetary value.

Underneath my bed I have a box full of old CD's, dvd's, wires and generally things that are broken and unused like my old mobile phones hair straighteners and goodness knows what else.
I figuired that I would set aside all of things that I may well be able to sell and make a bit of extra cash.
I valued my unwanted goods at just under £70..
Not bad for aload of old rubbish ey?

Alongside this I have been thinking of thrifty ways to be a little more money savvy..
So I would like to open this up to you?
What do you do to save money or make money as a student?
Love, Holl

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