"I love the Christmas clad streets
of London".
Louise - Made In Chelsea

 Covent Garden

- This weekend was a goody.
Not only did I have the chance to see my lovely boyfriend, but I also got the opportunity to feel the most Christmassy that I have felt in years..
It is no lie that the older I have become the more scroogey I have gotten. Which is sad. :(
But this year has been different...
Dan and I enjoyed Christmas world...Harrods style, Fornum and Mason style and I even took London alone when I went to meet my oldest friend, Ben. - We soaked up Christmas world..John Lewis and Selfridges style.

I had the perfect weekend wandering the streets in my big leopard print coat in awe of all the Christmas lights and window displays on Oxford Street and the festive tree decorations in Chelsea.
Dan and I (being the foodys that we are) ate lots of yummy food and experienced Brazillian food for the first time.
I must recommend.
Preto on Shaftesbury Avenue.
It certainly was a food first for me…

Street food from Borough market
I arrived in the capital with the good intention of not buying anything as it is my birthday in two weeks and Christmas shortly afterwards...
I always tend to do this thing where I buy thing around this time  and it spoils peoples gift ideas.
I have really tried not to...
but I did.
I popped into HandM and saw some leopard print p-jarma borttoms that I knew had to be mine for lounging around the flat in and wearing when I am on a late night library mad one...
not for sleeping in I must add...
Leopard Print fleece bottoms - HandM
- I love them because they have elasticated bottoms, they are snug and fleecy, leopard print and soooo super comfy, I took them to show Dan and all I could hear was him laughing but he wouldn't tell me why
....I ruined a birthday present idea
Made in Chelsea is my favourite programme and although I know it isn't real
(However, Richard Dinan was interviewed in the London Evening Standard and he said it wasn't scripted at all)
I tend to get sucked in by all of the drama and it is a guilty pleasure of mine.
Cmon, who doesn't love Marc Francis?
I made Dan watch Monday nights episode..needless to say he wasn't impressed
and couldn't understand why all they do is talk about each other.../
Anyway, this called for a trip to Chelsea.
We walked down the Kings Road and wandered into a farmers market..
The chilly November evening was biting at my fingers so it was off to buy some gloves..
I NEVER wear gloves but something about these interested me...I wonder why
Cat Gloves, Accessorize

I fell in love with these cute finger-less mitten type gloves due to the cute little cat design.
 They are also super duper snuggly and keep your hands and fingers toasty.

I usually stay with Dan Friday to Monday but this trip called for an extention as I was invited to my ever first London event.
Never in my life did think that I would be priviledged enough to be invited!
The event covered the release of Birchbox in Europe and was based at the Soho hotel in London.
 It was also so so so nice to meet Gemma from Gemsmaquillage - she is a lovely, very down to earth and very helpful.

How cute were the beauty inspired biscuits?

I had a lovely, lovely time, as I always do and I cannot wait to return for New Years Eve!
Is Harrods not the most festive place ever?
Love, Holl

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