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busy city girls..

- Having attended the launch of Birchbox in europe event at The Soho hotel in London last week and met the Joliebox team, I feel that I know the brand a whole lot more now. 
All of the team that I met were really hard working and lovely people - It is super nice to actually meet the people behind your favourite beauty box.

This month the box is entitled Beauty In The City
Joliebox say:
"We know how hard it can be to juggle everything - from friends to work to the upcoming Christmas buzz. Who has the time to trot the world searching for the next great beauty solution?
In honour if our newly expanded Joliebox family, we have picked our up and coming brands recommended by each of out headquarters."


- This non greasy, easy soak in hand cream is lovely and leaves your hands all tingly..I would say a slight issue with it is the fact that it smells like a museum…kind of musky and …old. We have a medical museam near where I live and it kind of smells of that. I love the consistency but the scent is just not as beautiful.


-  I actually adore this product, as a girl who is in no way a fan of BB creams this one may well have converted me. It combines foundation, concealer, suncreen and moisturiser all in one. It also includes minerals and botanicals to adjust to your skintone to cover blemishes, minimise pores, disguies wrinkles and smooth and brighten skin. I like to apply this product with my fingers for a natural finish, it is perfect for those mornings that I cannot be bothered applying a full face of makeup for uni…it allows me to not look like to death warmed up!


- On first thoughts I thought that this was a strange product. On trial I love it.
Essencially it is a moisturiser that gives you a nice tonal shimmer, it s defiantly not sparkly so I have been using it on my collarbones and cheekbones for a little highlight. It looks elegant.


- I have used this and other products from the Dead Sea Spa range before. I like how gentle this facial wash is and I know that I have never had any problems with breakouts through using this brand.


- I am not really a fan of this is a little too much mature for my liking. Although I can smell some essences of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'.


- Cinnamon Mint toothpaste? I must say the two go very well together..kind of like drinking your Starbucks and brushing your teeth.
It tastes kind of Christmassy too!

JolieMag, my favourite added touch to the beauty box features Mollie Chen the editorial director of Birchbox..I was lucky enough to meet her and she was lovely!

Are you subscribed to Joliebox?
What do you think of the brand?
Love, Holl

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