The boogie night outfit
….For a tenner???

- This weekend my oldest friend of 12 years, Charlotte came to visit me in Liverpool. 
We had a nice time shopping, watching endless Gossip Girl and reminicing on old memories. 
 Ofcourse we had to hit Liverpool in the night!
This called for one thing…an outfit to wear and although my wardrobe is filled to the brim of
clothes, nevermind me having an entire wardrobe full at home full of going out tops, skirts and dresses
I figuired that I had nothing to wear.

So… Primark obviously came to my aid.
I really didn't want to spend a lot, I didn't know what I wanted.
You may have heard me mention before that I have a tendancy to wear things that don't match / you would never buy / would never go together.
That is exactly what happened this weekend.

All hail to £10 outfit

picked out from the sale rail and the refuse box/bargain rail.

The houndstooth shorts

- Is this weird…I do not own a pair of shorts? 
I just do not like them.. 
However, these little cuties caught my eye.
They are high waisted and a size 10.

I wanted to clash these with a blouse, orginally the plan was to tuck the blouse in but in the final moment mrs indecsive decided to keep it pulled over my shorts.

The Baroque blouse

- I saw this dangling off the end of a hanger on it's own, I snapped it up all exicted about my clashing concoction…

The Final Look

I teamed the outfit with some black wedge boots and some thick black socks..a few gold chains and red nails and lips.
I love this look and although it has 'already been seen' I cannot wait to wear it again!
Not bad for a tenner ey?
Love, Holl

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