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Affordable Skincare..

- I like products that work, products that serve a purpose and products that eradicate a problem.
Who doesn't ey?
 Especially when it comes to skincare and all the issues skincare that can raise.

I am one of those girls who like to have everything matching.
I know that sounds just a little bit ridiculous.
Anyway, once I like a brand, I like to try almost everything that the brand offers.
And that is exactly what happened with
Clean and Clear

- I never really hear much about the brand on the blogging scene, I read a lot about expensive skincare brands, often french and the Neutrogenes and the Soap and Glory's but very rarely
Clean and Clear.

(I wrote a review earlier this year on the 'Deep Action Wash if you would like to have a nosey at my intital thoughts)

This month I have been trying more products from the range and I love them.
I like that the products are very reasonanbly priced - all of them under £5.
This means you can stock up on your entitre skincare range for £20

First up

Exfoliating Daily Wash
This is the oil free face wash with gentle micro-beads to clean skin and unblock pores.
It is intended to remove, dir, oil and dead skin cells that lead to blackheads and spots.

Truly Gentle Facial Wash
This is the ideal facial wash for anybody with sensitive skin as it is soap free and is said to be as mild as water.
I love that something so gentle can provide such great results.
It helps restrict the skin from over drying, making sure you don't get that tight skin feeling.

Advantage Spot Treatment Gel
Every month my face has a little tantrum and I need something to help me out, fast.
I love this fast action gel as it reduces spots within 4 hours without irritating or over drying the skin.

Dual Action Moisturiser
I am always wary of applying moisture to my face, it tends to have adverse effects. This product doesn't clog pores and includes a spot fightening ingredient. It left my skin feeling beautifully soft. I like to apply this before I go to sleep.

Have you ever tried Clean and Clear products?
What do you think?
Love, Holl

 CLEAN & CLEAR® Exfoliating Daily wash is the UK’s No1*
-          To celebrate we’ve teamed up with Little Mix and have launched the new ‘Are you the Perfect Mix’ Facebook game
-          Little Mix fans can play the game to win VIP packages to meet Little Mix!

*Symphony IRI Facial Cleansing Value/Unit Sales w/e 52 26.05.12 excluding Facial Wet Wipes

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