Food and Thought.

Grab yourself a cuppa…This is a long one.

- I am a complete food lover. I am a self confessed foody and I love nothing more than (these days) cooking food and ofcourse devouring it.
My plate is always piled high and as a child I would always give something a try. 
I must admit, I was a rather odd child when it came to 'kid food'  I wasn't really a fan of fish fingers and I didn't like chips? Interesting given that my mum put me on 'school dinners', I always wished that I could join the packed lunch kids.

This aside I am an odd adult I guess I will eat anything but, I am not keen on Sunday dinner which is difficult when your mum is the most religious Sunday dinner maker ever.
I can remember the countdown to me starting university and every Sunday my parents and I would say "only three more Sunday dinners.." 
These days after 11 weeks of missing it, I wouldn't mind a Sunday roast. ;)
 But don't tell my mum that.

Todays post is a little different from my usual fashion and beauty shenanigans but I guess somewhere up top it mentions that Good Golly Miss Hollie is indeed a lifestyle blog also.

You may have seen if you follow me on Twitter
that last week I reached a little target that I had set for myself.
I wanted to lose some of the flab from my hips, bum and belly in an attempt to reshape my figuire a little bit.
I had this crazy idea way back in August after a summer of nights out, meals out and driving everywhere.  I saw myself in a bikini and thought
I am usually a size 10 on the top and a 12ish on the bottom…
People always look shocked when I say that because I don't wear tight fitted clothing and I suppose you can't really tell what dress size I am under the slouchy tops and floaty blouses.
Anyway, sometime way back when I was 13 my hips popped out of nowhere and made me look like I had an inflatable ring around my waist.
Tiny boobies, skinny legs, skinny arms and huge hips was always going to look a little odd.
I cannot wear bodycon dresses they look horrendous on me and crop tops without high waisted shorts are a definate no, no for me.

I used to think my issue was with my stomach but in recent times I have noticed that it isn't.
The problem is this strange chub that encases my huge hippage.

Instead of moaning…Something had to be done.
I was terrified that when I got to uni I would turn into a fatty.
It seems to have happened to a lot of people I know.
I decided to join the gym and although it was very tempting to eat chinese takeaway and frozen pizza every night I decided that I would kill two bird with one stone and
1) Learn to cook with fresh ingredients
2) Eat healthy.

In just under 12 weeks I have worked hard to become a size 8 at just over 8 stone.

These shorts were bought as a size 10 and are baggy around the hip area, this has never happened before usually I am jumping around in a desperate attempt to fasten them.

I had a few questions on Twitter on what I did to achieve this.
It really is simple.

I train at the gym twice a week, sometimes only once depending on any other commitments that I may have.
Now, I hate the gym but seriously once you get into it the magic happens.
I don't do anything exciting I just tell myself that I will stay for 45mins to 1 hour and I do 15 minutes on each cardio station. 
On average I burn around 312 calories in one session.
I have noticed my fitness levels improving, the first time I hopped on the treadmill I was purple and almost dying after 3 minutes!
The hike uphill to my university building has also started taking less time and I have all of my breath when I reach the top!

Alongside this I ensure that my weekly shopping contains good things.
I am a student, I don't have much money to spend on food but it is all about what you buy.

Some of my weekly shopping this week. 
(Minus the bits I had eaten)

As you can see I buy a bit of everything and I do still eat bread! 
Amongst this was some green tea and some bourbons..

I keep my portion sizes quite small and I try to snack on fruit or carrot sticks throughout the day.
It is hard to believe that I haven't eaten crisps or chocolate in 11 weeks.

In all honesty I think that this little project was highly motivated.
Every week at the gym I would stick a picture of a sexy celeb …
(Michelle Keegan I am looking at you )
 to the treadmill as thinspiration
I really do believe that if you want something bad enough you will achieve it.
Now to keep it up.

I hope this helped
I am so excited it is my 19th birthday tomorrow!!!
My last year as a teen eek!!
Love, Holl
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