28 November 2012


Food and Thought.

Grab yourself a cuppa…This is a long one.

- I am a complete food lover. I am a self confessed foody and I love nothing more than (these days) cooking food and ofcourse devouring it.
My plate is always piled high and as a child I would always give something a try. 
I must admit, I was a rather odd child when it came to 'kid food'  I wasn't really a fan of fish fingers and I didn't like chips? Interesting given that my mum put me on 'school dinners', I always wished that I could join the packed lunch kids.

This aside I am an odd adult I guess I will eat anything but, I am not keen on Sunday dinner which is difficult when your mum is the most religious Sunday dinner maker ever.
I can remember the countdown to me starting university and every Sunday my parents and I would say "only three more Sunday dinners.." 
These days after 11 weeks of missing it, I wouldn't mind a Sunday roast. ;)
 But don't tell my mum that.

Todays post is a little different from my usual fashion and beauty shenanigans but I guess somewhere up top it mentions that Good Golly Miss Hollie is indeed a lifestyle blog also.

You may have seen if you follow me on Twitter
that last week I reached a little target that I had set for myself.
I wanted to lose some of the flab from my hips, bum and belly in an attempt to reshape my figuire a little bit.
I had this crazy idea way back in August after a summer of nights out, meals out and driving everywhere.  I saw myself in a bikini and thought
I am usually a size 10 on the top and a 12ish on the bottom…
People always look shocked when I say that because I don't wear tight fitted clothing and I suppose you can't really tell what dress size I am under the slouchy tops and floaty blouses.
Anyway, sometime way back when I was 13 my hips popped out of nowhere and made me look like I had an inflatable ring around my waist.
Tiny boobies, skinny legs, skinny arms and huge hips was always going to look a little odd.
I cannot wear bodycon dresses they look horrendous on me and crop tops without high waisted shorts are a definate no, no for me.

I used to think my issue was with my stomach but in recent times I have noticed that it isn't.
The problem is this strange chub that encases my huge hippage.

Instead of moaning…Something had to be done.
I was terrified that when I got to uni I would turn into a fatty.
It seems to have happened to a lot of people I know.
I decided to join the gym and although it was very tempting to eat chinese takeaway and frozen pizza every night I decided that I would kill two bird with one stone and
1) Learn to cook with fresh ingredients
2) Eat healthy.

In just under 12 weeks I have worked hard to become a size 8 at just over 8 stone.

These shorts were bought as a size 10 and are baggy around the hip area, this has never happened before usually I am jumping around in a desperate attempt to fasten them.

I had a few questions on Twitter on what I did to achieve this.
It really is simple.

I train at the gym twice a week, sometimes only once depending on any other commitments that I may have.
Now, I hate the gym but seriously once you get into it the magic happens.
I don't do anything exciting I just tell myself that I will stay for 45mins to 1 hour and I do 15 minutes on each cardio station. 
On average I burn around 312 calories in one session.
I have noticed my fitness levels improving, the first time I hopped on the treadmill I was purple and almost dying after 3 minutes!
The hike uphill to my university building has also started taking less time and I have all of my breath when I reach the top!

Alongside this I ensure that my weekly shopping contains good things.
I am a student, I don't have much money to spend on food but it is all about what you buy.

Some of my weekly shopping this week. 
(Minus the bits I had eaten)

As you can see I buy a bit of everything and I do still eat bread! 
Amongst this was some green tea and some bourbons..

I keep my portion sizes quite small and I try to snack on fruit or carrot sticks throughout the day.
It is hard to believe that I haven't eaten crisps or chocolate in 11 weeks.

In all honesty I think that this little project was highly motivated.
Every week at the gym I would stick a picture of a sexy celeb …
(Michelle Keegan I am looking at you )
 to the treadmill as thinspiration
I really do believe that if you want something bad enough you will achieve it.
Now to keep it up.

I hope this helped
I am so excited it is my 19th birthday tomorrow!!!
My last year as a teen eek!!
Love, Holl
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  1. o my god hollie im in exactly the same position you were in ive got a horrible band of fat around my hips and stomach and ive finally decided to do something about it, i went to the gym monday and tuesday and even though its only twice im feeling better already. your stomach looks great! did you cut down on carbs or anything or just eat smaller portions? i hope in 12 weeks time i will be writing a post like this. well done hun xx

  2. Can I ask how tall you are? I'm 5ft 5 and currently hovering around 9stone but I think I might need to get to around 8 to be truly happy with myself!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  3. This is amazing! Such good results, you should be so proud for how much you have achieved in just 3 months! xx

  4. Ahh well done! :D
    I used to be a size 16 and went to size 12 so I know how happy you are feelings. Any different makes you feel so much better :) x


  5. You was skinny anyways you never needed to lose the weight. But If you felt like you wanted to set yourself a goal it's your choice and I'm proud of you. My first initial reaction was WOZA your hips 'envy mode'. You've definitely inspired your readers on how to lose weight the healthy way. I need to get back to a healthy routine again and work out more. But the only problem for me is scheduling the time. Well done though Hollie :) hopefully I'll see you soon around xmas xx

  6. Omg! That's amazing you've set yourself the goal of losing weight :) I know it's hard being a uni student and cooking is more of an 'option' rather than a must, especially when you're around takeaway places haha!
    But that's awesome you've managed to stay away from the student junk food and become healthier!! :)


  7. wow this is pretty inspiring how just simple changes with your diet and fitness routine led to such great results! i feel the same as you, im not in any way 'fat' or anything but feel a tad too tubby for my height and shape and stuff, so really need to tone up! this has given me (yet another..) kick up the bum to keep going! thank you :)

  8. Congratulations! Your hard work has really paid off! You've certainly earned that bod - wear it with pride! ;0)


  9. No way, I'm not keen on Sunday roasts either! Its not that I don't like them but they just aren't that interesting or appetising to me aha, I don't think I've ever found anyone else who doesn't really like them!
    Well done on getting healthier! I really need to motivate myself more to go to the gym! :) x


  10. This is such a good post as its not often that you see this sort of thing for university students!! You look amazing! Loving seeing all the Lidl food, classic student haven! xx

  11. Congratulations you look amazing. Would you put some of your recipes or meal ideas up please :) xx


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