My birthday in Liverpool.

So yesterday I turned 19!
I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who took the time to wish me a happy birthday on Twitter it really meant alot to me and made me super smiley!

Today I have arrived home in West Yorkshire to celebrate my nineteenth for a second time with my family, friends from home and my boyfriend Dan.
There is no better feeling than spending your celebrations with your loved ones and I am sooo very happy to see them!

I had a few requests on Twitter to post a 
'Birthday Haul' 
Since I have already celebrated my birthday in Liverpool I figuired that this post would contain
my Liverpool celebrations!

I was spoilt by all of my new friends that three months ago were strangers…
It really made me feel so happy and greatful knowing that they had made an effort to help me celebrate my birthday.

Soooo what did I get up to?
On Wednesday evening the celebrations kicked off with my good Liverpool friends Lauren and Laura. As Laura is celebrating her 21st birthday today..We decided that we would celebrate both of our birthdays together with a lovely meal at Cafe Rouge in Liverpool one.
We ate lots of yummy food, I had a steak baguette which was gorgeous.
We had a cute little present swapping session and giggled away opening our cards.
It really was lovely.
The girls are so clever, they bought me things to make me feel more at home and make my room feel more homely which was great.

Lauren knew I have a passion for all things London and gifted me this beautiful trio of canvas' alongside a gorgeous Origins coal mask!

Laura with her lovely Liz Earle goodies.

Perfect for planning blog posts non?

What I wore..

Turquoise jumper £6 Primark
Tribal Print Chinos £5 Primark
Pleather jacket £16 Primark
'Focco' bag £25 Ebay

After dinner it was time for cocktails in Revolution which were
a barginous 2 for £6.50!
I opted for a Vodka Moonshine and a Absolut Passion, which were fruitaaay!!

Midnight brought around Thursday the 29th!
And although I had a busy day at uni on my actual birthday
I was so touched to come back to the flat to see my flat mate Millie had
decorated my door, she bought me the most amazing mug too
I'd rather be watching Sex and the City!
Couldn't be more true!

As teatime rolled around it was time for NANDO'S!
Come on, you have to go to Nando's on your birthday!
 Any excuse for piri piri chicken!
Myself and Millie didn't hold back!

After tea it was party time with all my friends from Liverpool, I have really been blessed to find such amazing friends here.

Pleather Jacket Primark
Sequin top River Island
Shorts Primark

We all headed over to my friend Karens flat and started the party with drinks galore before heading to town!
Dan called me to tell me my birthday card was in reception…
So I ran as fast as I could down the stairs to go and collect it as he had kept telling me it
was going to be there at some point in the day.
Out of breath and excited I came to the gate only to find him stood there as a surprise!!!!!!
It was literally the best moment ever!
I was beyond happy.

I was so lucky to be gifted the most amazing presents ever I am so very lucky.
Here is one of them.

I like to call it the controversial tea cup
How beautiful is it?!
Dan and I were on Fortnum and Mason not so long ago and this tea cup caused an argument that left us walking around the shop in seperate directions haha!
It is so beautiful!!!
My boy done good for this year!!

I had the best birthday ever!
Thankyou to everyone who made it so!
Love, Holl

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