Festive Reds
for christmas..

- For a long time my favourite colour was always purple.
 Specifically damson purple, plum purple, burgandy purple..blah, blah etc etc
My bedroom at home is painted an obscure colour of plum purple, and despite firmly stating that I would go with a different shade for my room at university…it appears that my beding and accessories
are all ..
These days my favourite colour sways much more towards red.
Since ditching the orange tan and embracing the blue hue of painfully pale skin
red looks so much more sexier, classier and elegant.
I have been branching out to new hues of red for my lips, hair and nails.
I know that it is oh so very Christmas-esc but there is something about red for winter.

As it is now December I have been wearing two staple red products
on both my nails and my lips.

 Nails Inc
St James'
"A pillar box red that will add instant glamour"

- After a quick dash to the shop for some Covonia cough mixture I picked up the December issue of  Glamour Magazine inclusive of a gorgeousNails Inc. polish.
Most of my Nails Inc collection stems from freebies with Glamour and althought the collection of issues in the shop had numerous pale pink shades, I was glad to have picked up St James.
Unlike most other red polishes that I own it is opaque within one generously applied coat.
The tone of red is slightly more to the pink side as opposed to the blue or orange tone of red.
The polish also has a slight shimmer to it under the light.
A true Christmas cracker.

Ruby Woo
"A retro matte lipstick"

- The original, the beautiful and the one I am pretty sure Coco Chanel would trace her lips with had she  had the option!
My boyfriends mum so very kindly gifted me Ruby Woo for my birthday.
 I was ever so grateful and so excited to see that she had chosen the passionate, well loved cult shade.
The perfect glamour red.
A funny little story is that I always say if I ever had a daughter I would name her Ruby Woo after this babe of a lipstick.
Vibrant name. Vibrant shade.
Although this matte lipstick can be a little drying on the lips if you don't pop a little balm onto the lip surface before application, this aside the longetivity of this shade is second to none.
I apply it using a thin lip brush for perfect precision followed by a dash of Lipcote to seal the colour.

- And there you have it my firm festive favourites essential in giving you a touch of Christmas glamour.
What are your favourite reds?
Love, Holl

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