My beauty Firsts

- A few days ago I saw that Lily Pebbles and ViviannaDoesMakeup created and filmed the
"My Beauty Firsts TAG" on their Youtube channel's. 
I was then tagged by the lovely LaurasHaven who had also featured this new beauty TAG on her blog.
It is not often that I write up TAG posts but I decided that it might be a fun new thing to do and as Good golly miss Hollie  is indeed one third beauty, I figuired that it would fit in nicely.


1. What is your earliest beauty memory?
- I am not entirely sure which came first but the first has to be when I was around 2 and a half and I had been very poorly in hospital with an ear infection.
My parents handed me the Argos catalogue and said I could pick a present for being brave whilst I was ill.
I chose a vanity table complete with twinkly lights around the mirror, plastic cosmetic bottles and plastic makeup.
My dad worked nights at the time in a nightclub and I used to ask if I could get ready at my vanity table and then go with him to dance.
My second memory was raiding my Grandma's makeup bag, finding some ruby red lipstick and applying it very  badly, it was smushed all around my mouth and stained my hands a lovely berry colour, when she asked me what I had done - I denied all charges. 

2. What was your first beauty purchase?
- I bought a mascara from Xtra's, it was cheap at 50p but I reckon it did the job at the time.
It was a rip off of Rimmel's 'Collosal Lash' mascara.

3. When did you first wear makeup?
- I can remember being in year 7 and in a science lesson and a girl in my form class was wearing makeup.
I asked her how long she had worn makeup for and she said since year six, I was really shocked.
I had barely touched makeup at all / didn't know where most of it went at 12 years old, the following weekend after I headed to Xtra's and bought myself some makeup!
The rest is history.

4. When was your first beauty disaster?
- The day before my year nine school photo, I desperatley wanted to sort out my 'caterpilla' brows, being dark haired and not being very wise to the tweezer made me desperate for thinner, brows.
I found myself a razor and started shaving…
It could only end badly… One eye brow missing later my school photo consists of a rather large swoopy fringe covering my forehead.

5. Who was your first beauty crush?
-  About four years ago I was obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens, I thought she just looks flawless all of the time. I used to pin a picture of her to my parents x trainer for when I was working out.

6.What was your first brand crush?
- For a long time I bought beauty products from an array of different brands but I never had one that I loved soley. I have recently found that brand and it is Collection 2000  I absolutley love their face products, specifically the 'Lasting Perfection' concealer and foundation.

7. What is your longest standing beauty love?
- My favourite makeup product of all time is MAC's Zoom Lash Mascara, it is just incredible at giving your eyelashes both volume and legnth. It is not too wet or sticky, it has the perfect applicator wand also to really separate and elongate your lashes. 
My favourite beauty product in general is perfume - specifically
YSL, Cinema  it has been my staple scent for years and years.

I TAG everyone of my readers who have a blog to join in with this TAG
Leave your responses in the comments section below, I would love to read about
your beauty firsts!
Love, Holl

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