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**Merry Christmas Eve everybody!!**

- If you have been reading Good Golly Miss Hollie for a good while, you will be no stranger to my ever changing hair colour that varies somewhere between…
red and well, red?
I have tried and tested almost every shade of red from almost every brand on the market, never quite finding that one shade and that one brand that was worth sticking with.

I like to vary my colour between a dark, black red and a vibrant ruby red, the former being my shade of choice for this autumn/winter season.
As a natural deep brunette I found the honey toned brunette dyes looked a little stark against my complexion, the red toned brunettes sitting much more comfortably against my pale skin and light eyes.

John Frieda is a brand that I am familiar with as their 'Radiant Red' range of haircare is one of my personal favourites for the care and colour replenishment of red hued hair.
This aside, previous to now, I have not tried their reletavley new range of hair dyes.

Last night I trailled the Precision Foam Colour 
I am 100% starting a serious relationship with this product!


The foam colours never really got me excited when they were first introduced, a bottle of liquid dye always did the job perfectly well, therefore I rather ignorantly ignored the new foam style dyes.
Having tried one now…
They are blooming brilliant!!!

I think that the contents of these dyes look and feel very professional.
The dying process very simple in three easy steps.

The foam application was super easy and the product went a long way, I was left with alot of the mixture in the bottle, I could have covered two peoples hair with the amount that was remaining.
I  absolutley loved the foam in the way it is applied similar to a shampoo, the method to really lather it on, massaging it into the scalp. 
It is very easy to apply everywhere, lessening the chance of missing any areas and gaining an even coverage.

I left the product on for around 20-25 minutes, the intensity of the colour changing minute by minute.
I knew that my hair wouldn't be as tomato red as my scalp was, hair dyes tend to wash off much darker and fade out to a lighter tone wash by wash.

My hair also has a lot of red in it so I knew that the red tones would take on my hair quite strongly.

Before application
- I had coloured my hair around 4-6 weeks ago using a black/red dye. 
My hair was a multi-tude of shades.

After application in artificial light

- My hair is much shinier, the inclusive conditioner was beautiful and really took away the dryness that hair dye can cause. 
My hair tone is also evened out considerably and although it won't stay as dark as this the colour photographed, it is a beautiful shade of midnight red, differing in tone in artifical and natural lights.

- Overall, I was extremley impressed with this brand and the dye in general, it ticked all of my boxes and I will certianly purchase it again, it has excelled my expectations
Have you ever tried the John Freida 'Precision Foam Dye'?
What did you think?
Have an absolutley amazing festive period
a very Merry Christmas to all of my amazing readers!
Love, Holl

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