Beat the blemishes...

- Since October of this year my skin has done a little U turn on me and for the first time since I was around 13 - has behaved.
This follows an entire summer of battles with the blemishes.
My skin was one unhappy bunny earlier this year!

- I have been trying to pinpoint what exactly may have caused this small miracle to occur
and I could only think of a few things that may have sorted out my skin..
*touch wood* 
it will stay clear over the festive, party season!

Only using two products to cleanse

- I went through a phase of using a million and one different skincare products every morning and every night religiously. 
Facial washes, toners, moisturisers, exfoliators - you name it, I used it and I do believe it sent my skin into overdrive.
These days I only use two facial cleansers, once a day -  in the evening after I have taken most of makeup using a cleansing wipe.
I have written two reviews on both of the products that I use.

Exfoliating your skin and using a face mask once a week

- I love using the Origins ' Clear Improvement' mask 
once a week usually whilst I am having a relaxing bubble bath to draw out impurities from my skin, the product also helps release toxins caught between your pores.
I exfoliate my skin once a week also to prevent it from looking dull, my favourite is the
Clean and Clear 'Exfoliating Daily Wash'

as it is oil free and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Using intensive blemish treatments on the inflamed area alone
- When a spot rears its ugly head I go into a crazed, frantic mission to eradicate ASAP, in the past I have lathered my entire face in intensive treatments which ofcourse, was too harsh for my skin. Instead I now use an intensive treatment on the blemish alone and it is usually cleared up within two days.
I like to use:
SkinEtica 'Anti Blemish'
- I recieved this little gem in one of my monthly subscription beauty boxes and I absolutley love it.
The liquid formula of the product is very light on the skin and not drying in the slightest, I repeat this twice a day on the inflamed area and hey presto the spot is no loner.

Clean and Clear 'Advantage Spot Treatment Gel'

- Every month my face has a little tantrum and I need something to help me out, fast.

I love this fast action gel as it reduces spots within 4 hours without irritating or over drying the skin.

Avon 'Clear Emergency' Instant Spot Treatment

Having used this product on a problem area, I noticed that in the morning it was well on its way out and by the following morning had been completley eradicated.


Sleeping with a layer of antiseptic creams

- Having heard Cheryl Cole lathers her face in Sudacrem before she sleeps inspired me to try this little trick. I didn't have Sudacrem to hand so Savlon stood in and my, my has my skin cleared!
Although I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin as it is quite drying on the skin, I totally recommend it for people like myself with oily skin, it has really helped my skin out!

Eating and drinking healthily

- If you reaTHIS POST you will have seen how I have been trying to lead a new healthier life.
I really do feel like excersizing, drinking plenty of water and eating well has undoubedly helped sort out my skin.

What do you do to battle the blemishes?

Love, Holl
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