4 March 2013


St Moriz and I  are no longer talking

- For the best part of six months fake tan has been out of my life a lot more than it has been in.
If you had told me that I would be embracing the pale this time last year I would have laughed and slapped another layer of the orange stuff onto myself.

For the best part of 3 years I religiously wore and raved about fake tan.
I would apply 3 layers every other night and think that I looked great.

In a matter of fact I looked horrendous most days.

As a religious fake tan sporter I knew that I was applying it correctly, using the right kinds of
products to maintain and take off my tan.
It still looked awful.
There is a post on this very blog that I dare not link as it shows the patchy mess that was my skin tone.
If you find it don't judge me. ;)

In the St Moriz glory days
Circa 2011

More recent times tan free…

My favourite brand of tan back in the day was that firm favourite of most girls looking for a false
tan on a budget.

Yep you guessed it…
St Moriz in the medium foam or the dark lotion.
£3.99 at Bodycare.

This week I was tempted to try a little bit of colour on my skin after a long period
of not scrubbing my skin red raw, applying a bucket load of moisturiser daily and white armpits.

I love being tanned, I feel more confident and to me personally it makes my clothes look better.
I applied St Moriz Medium Mousse in the way I used to.
Three layers after primping my skin to perfection the day before.

I showered it off and just stared at my feet, hands, knee's and elbows.
I could only describe it as
brown, dirty and scummy.
I had tidelines all over, my knees looked filthy and my neck looked grim.

The next day..the dryness set in and my whole body was tight and uncomfortable.

This isn't sexy I thought.
So I haven't bothered with it again.

There are other fake tans that I love and still use for occasions,
Lauren's Way Glam Tan spray is a particular favourite.

I have simply fallen into an altercation with fake tan!
What are you thoughts about it?
Love, Holl
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  1. I always used to wear tan aswell but more recenlty i have been embracing my paleness and if I choose to have a bit more colour I tend to just used a tinted gradual tan. Ive gotten lazy :L


  2. I always used to wear fake tan as well, and St Moriz was the first I tried! I tried many others, including Xen Tan, Fake Bake, etc, but just never managed to get it quite right. Because there probably isn't any such thing as quite right when it comes to faking it!

    Last summer I did the unthinkable, and had a go on the sunbeds. I wanted to see whether building up a bit of a tan would help stop me burning in the actual sun, and it did. I know people condemn it, but my skin doesn't itch and turn beetroot when I go into the sun anymore, and my REAL tan lasts a lot longer than my fake one ever did. It wears off more gracefully too, and definitely helps me embrace the pale during the winter months. I don't tan religiously, just when I know I'm going to be exposed to lots of sun, and I much prefer this to being orange!

    Longest comment EU.


    1. I find that sunbeds help me to burn less when I hit heat ! x

  3. I could never understand why people raved about St Moriz because i hated the stuff! I do love my fake tan though and find Laurens ways and Xen-Tan seem to do the job better, albeit a bit more expensively. I'm trying to give my skin a break at the minute because my skin is currently suffering from over exfoliation.

    1. I'm trying to use as many of my really deep moisturizing products as i can, including one from the doctors that they recommended but nothing seems to be working as of yet.
      It's very frustrating.

  4. I also have quite a love/hate relationship with fake tans. I was always a Fake Bake girl but as its quite pricey and still gives the whole orange knees affect I switched to St Moriz Dark. Now I love the instant colour of St Moriz but I hate the way it looks after a couple of days and I hate the dark knee patches. My favorite tan has to be the Laurens way but I just wish it was available in shops not just online. I much prefare a tan on me and used to have a real sunbed addiction that I gave up but I do hate all the hassle of false tanning. xx

    1. I think I look more healthy with a bit of colour but it is such an effort! x

  5. oh hollie I've just bought and used the Liquid version of this and its so much better then mousse! my skins really dry and it doesn't dry it out half as bad as the mousse did!

    Jessica xxx

    1. Shall have to fall back in love with this :) x

  6. I really cannot be bothered these days. Occasionally I'll use xen tan for a night out but most of the time I can't be faffed!

  7. I've gone off tanning lately but I still occasionally use the St Moriz lotion (just one layer though just to take the edge off the paleness). It's SO much better than the mousse, it fades much more naturally and isn't drying at all. Maybe just use one layer when you want a bit of colour? It stops it looking unnatural but doesn't leave you feeling as ghostly as before! x



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