Confessions of a blogger

When did you start your blog?
Good Golly Miss Hollie was officially born in October 2010.
I had written two posts which you can find Here, but it wasn't until February, 14th 2011 that I really started to bring my blog to life.

Have you had any past online presence before (Other blog, Youtube?)
My Youtube channel was created in July 2010 as I felt more
confident in producing beauty/fashion related video's as opposed to
written content. 
My Youtube channel still runs today, although my blog is now my
main Good Golly Miss Hollie outlet.

Why did you start a blog?
I attended journalism week at Leeds Trinity University and it was
strongly advised that a blog would help me gain a place on a journalism degree / gain
recognition for my writing within the industry.
I had also been dumped that very Valentine's day and I wanted somewhere to express
how angry I was about it.
Looking back that post makes me laugh so much!
As I previously mentioned, I had already started a Youtube Channel under the same name,
beauty and fashion video's made way for blog posts and I loved how I could be digitally creative and customise my little plot on the interweb to something that reflected me.

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I was always very serious about my blog from February 2011 straight after I left the
Journalism Week guest lecture by digital web producer,Adam Westbrook.
I never wanted it to be a half hearted thing.
I want my blog to continue to grow and grow and to reflect me so that I am taken
seriously as a hard worker and dedicated blogger.

What was your first post?
My first ever post is from October 2010 (The one linked in the first answer)
it regarded the Autumn season and my new choice of hair colour
*surprise, surprise!*
And some new cowboy boots that I had purchased.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
There have been a few challenges along my blogging pathway and I am sure there are more to come.
I would say that my biggest challenge to date was gaining recognition and finding readers who liked my writing style, my content and me.
In the very saturated bloggersphere it is hard to stick your head up over the water and get people
to give you a chance but once they do, it is the best feeling when you recieve your first ever comment or gain your first blog follower!

Where do you see your blog in 1 year?
In the 2 years that my blog has been growing, amazing things have happened.
I have tweaked a lot of things that have given Good Golly Miss Hollie an opportunity to grow
further and further. In 1 year my blog will be right here in it's spot, still providing my
fabulous readers with entertaining content.
I can't wait to see what I will be writing about in a years time!

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
It is a lovely feeling when I am told by somebody I know or a reader that
they could relate to what I have written and it has inspired or helped them in some way.
When I am going through a tough patch I write about, so that I feel less alone in the situation.
When my readers reply and interact with my problem it makes me feel better!
I have also been very lucky to have gained some truly, amazing opportunities through my blog that I never would have gained otherwise.
I have also met some incrediably talented people and found amazing friendships in other bloggers that I have met at meet ups.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
It upsets me when people put themselves down because they aren't deemed
a big blogger - I too was guilty of this at one time.
I saw the glamourous opportunities the big bloggers gained within the industry
that I am working so hard to crack into and it made me lose sight of what
my blog was actually about and what I wanted it to be.
As soon as I understood why I was a blogger, which is to write, write, write some more and be digitally creative, I let go of my hang-ups.
It doesn't matter if you have 0 followers, it is your space to be who you want to be.
You can work hard to make yourself get noticed, join in with blogger chats and meet ups and still feel disheartened that your'e not running around London for huge beauty brands
but remember why you are blogging not why someone else is.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
I am inspired by the career goals I set myself years ago, back in the day
when I wrote I want to be a journalist when I grow up.
I am inspired to blog to help better myself as a writer and digital creator
and motivated by my future in an industry that I have wanted to be apart of for so long.

Love, Holl
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