6 March 2013


Shopping My Stash

- Underneath my bed at home I have three huge, plastic containers full of various beauty products.

Anything from half used facial moisturisers to half used bottles of gradual tanners to 
numerous half used bottles of shampoo and conditioners for colour treated hair.

I seem to have a problem with using things until they are half full.
Leaving them.
And starting another bottle.

In my room at uni, I have a cupboard under my sink.
Again, Full of things unused and half full!

Not only do these bottles take up a lot of room, but they are just so wasted!
In order to tackle this, I am trying to
'Shop my stash'
I am starting with the products that I have the most of..

Gradual Tanners

- Gradual tanners are something that I often neglect these days, be it through sheer laziness or
just lack of time, I just don't seem to entertain them anymore.
Now that I am shopping my stash, it is time to get rid of them!

- Superdrug 'Skin So Soft' - gradual tan
When I first tried this product it could do no wrong.
Fast forward a week and it was leaving my legs zebra print.
I have no idea why it suddenly started to streak so much, I want to use this up and get it out of the way.
I have heard from other people that it has caused them to streak also.

- Dove 'Summer Glow' - gradual tan
This was the first ever 'fake tan' that I used, I used to have bottles and bottles of the stuff
stashed in my bathroom cupboard. 
I am a firm favourer of this product and I know that it is highly coverted within
the beauty bloggersphere, if I get back into the swing of gradual tanners again,
I might just re purchase!

-St Tropez - Everyday Body Moisturiser - gradual tan
Although this is only a teeny bottle, I didn't want to become
attached to the product as I know that repurchasing it is a definate no, no.
I am however very interested to see how it applies and darkens the skin.

Body Lotions

I do quite a fair bit of travelling around, whether it be home to say hi to my mum and dad or a weekend in London with my boyfriend.
With this in mind I tend to favour miniture products.
Glossybox and other monthly subscription boxes always offer a mini moisturiser, which is great
but you get overun.
I have tried to use most of them up on my weekend breaks but I still have a fair few to go.

-Moonlight 'White Tea' body lotion'
The packaging of this product is gorgeous, it has a little gold diamante charm attached to the bottle and a pretty design.
The scent of the moisturiser itself is lovely and very fresh.
It reminds me of the spring.
It smells luxurious, something that you would have left in your hotel room.

- Alison Claire 'Mango Body Butter'
This product is housed in very durable packaging, the butter is applied to the skin using a pump applicator and is unbeliably fragrant and has a really summery, fruity smell.
The butter itself is gorgeous when applied to the skin, a sort of souffle texture.
I can't wait to get started using it up.

-Natural Honey 7en1 'Elixir De Juventud'
I absoutely adore the scent of this French moisturiser, having no English text on the bottle is slightly baffling but I have to say I haven't had a moisturiser sink in quite so quickly!


Facial Exfoliators

I often get worried about trying new skincare products as my face is used to one particular brand and the cleansing agents within it.
Anything new and it tends to go a little haywire!
Exfoliators are not usually a product that I use too often so I would like to get these used up.

-Ritessens 'Gommage Visage Teint d'Eclat
-This product engulfs my shower with a citrus fragrance, I love that the exfoliating beads aren't too harsh against the skin.

Clean and Clear 'Exfoliating Daily Wash'
-I reviewed this product on this post HERE
for a facial exfoliant it does do it's job well, I like that it is oil free
and leaves my skin looking a little less grey and sallow.

Dermalogica 'Daily Microexfoliant'
-I absolutely love this facial exfoliator from Dermalogica.
I would like to use the smaller bottle up so that I can purchase another, that will last.
The powder formula changes into a paste like formula that gently exfoliates the skin.

I am aiming to finish all of these half empty bottles by the beginning of April.
We shall see how that goes!
Do you shop your stash?
Love, Holl
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  1. Love this post. I have been doing something similar myself as I am moving into a new flat at the end of the month and want to condense my beauty collection. It's haircare I have a problem with! I still have a lot to get through. Ive managed to get it down to 1 fake tan & 2 gradual tanners. 3 Tubes of moisturier, then the rest of my beauty items I have one each of!

    If you set your mind to it, you can do it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. I'm starting a shop my stash on my blog also. I have a huge puffy and draw on my dressing table full of products I need to use. With just finishing uni and not having a job ATM I need to use some products I have than buying more. Will be nice to have some space back and to see what products I have. Xx

  3. great post , You've reminded me that i need to sort out some of the products iv been keeping but have'nt used for years !

    Beautiful Dreams

    1. It is good to get them used up and out of the way for new things! x


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