Derma V10 Solkiss

- Derma V10 are a brand that I have featured countless times on Good Golly Miss Hollie
They are an extremeley affordable brand that can be purchased from Home Bargains and good old Bodycare.
They have created a range of beauty products from skincare products to haircare goodies
for beauty savvy girls like myself who want effective but affordable products that
can be repurchased time and time again without breaking the bank.

A few weeks ago at the LEEDS BLOGGER MEET UP I was very kindly treated to a bag of Derma V10 goodies,  all of which retail in shops for just £1.

I wrote recently IN THIS POST that I rarely maintained a fake tan these days.
This is parcially due to my loss of love for St Moriz which I found drying on the skin and
applied horribly.
As a student it is impossible for me to afford some of the higher end fake tans such as Sienna X and Xen Tan which 
I know are effective at giving a natural, sunkissed tan without looking TOWIE orange.
Well, if it's good enough for K-Middy?

I was rather excited to be introduced to the
Derma V10  *Solkiss*
Natural Look Fake Tan Mousse
"Instant colour - No streaks - Quick drying - Blueberry fragrance"
"Derma V1O Solkiss natural look tanning mousse has been forumated to develop a natural looking, streak free tan. The tan will develop in 4-6 hours and will last 5-7 days.
For a deeper tan reapply in 3-5 days. 
Solkiss is enriched with Aloe Vera to help keep the skin moisturised and enriched."

I was interested to trial this tan to see if it could rekindle my desire for a tanned complexion.
It reminded me of my favourite fake tan ever, that I can no longer find anywhere.
You can read about that very fake tan HERE.

To apply the tan I used the
Derma V10 *Solkiss*
3 in 1 self tan applicator mit
"For a streak free fake tan"

- I have always been a fan of tanning mitts, but I found over time that they split or simply stopped working effectively due to being saturated with tanning product.
I love that this one is super thick and extremley sturdy.
You are provided with rubber gloves to protect your hands from staining.
The mitt works in a 3 step process.
1) Use the white side to exfoliate the skin.
2) Apply the fake tan with the white side.
3) Afrer 20 minutes buff the skin using the brown cotton side side.


I applied the tan which is a white mousse.
This is fantastic as it means that the tan develops on your skin and will not stain your p-jarmas 
and bedsheets.
On first application the mousse goes a long way, one pump covering a large area of your body.
It smells deliciously of blueberries but upon development that old biscuity scent takes hold.
The tan is super quick drying and develops in just over an hour when the colour starts to develop.

I found that the product is so quick drying that the buffing process is not necessary, perhaps this would
be a more beneficial tool for lotion style fake tans.

Colour Result

The colour result was very subtle and natural. 
There were no tide lines and the colour was so slight that it made me look healthy but took the edge of the stark whiteness of my natural skin tone.
I would recommend this to anybody who wants a very natural, light colour as opposed to the Barbados look.
It is perfect for people on the go and people with very pale complexions.
It is a brown, red toned tan that you are left with as a opposed to a green, olive toned tan.
For people with palet complexions such as me, the red toned tan is much closer to your natural tanning shade.
Flash Off:

 Flash On:

I found that the colour faded naturally after around 2 days of twice daily showers.
I would absolutely repurchase this tan and it has spurred me to take an interest in my fake tan routine once again.
Are you tempted?
Love, Holl

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