It's a state of Mind

- Rewind to just over 5 weeks ago and I was sat on a National Express coach from Liverpool to Leeds. 
Journey duration 2 hours, 20 minutes - 140 minutes of butterflies in my stomach and crippling nerves.
I was headed to my interview for a new concept store in Leeds.
With no retail experience and my life split between two cities I began to question my chances.

A few weeks previous I had sat at my Macbook in my little room in Liverpool with tears brimming in my eyes, I was wondering what on earth I was going to do with myself post first year of uni, trawling through the job website's nothing suitable popped up and I was seriously wondering if I could deal with  having no job purpose.
As someone who has worked since they were 14 years old, it was hard to swallow.
I wanted to be creative and I wanted to have a job that I loved.

I stumbled across the new Trinity shopping centre website where an
advertisement for a new 'pop up' store called Made In Leeds headed the page.
I did a little bit of research into the concept and I could not fill out the application form fast enough.
I was desperate to be a part of the exciting new adventure that is

The afternoon I got the call to say I had the job was the best moment ever.
With my excitment for this little shop fizzing up more every week.
I would like to introduce my readers to somewhere that is very special to me.
It may not be mine, but I am always so excited to get to work because it is just fabulous!

Made in Leeds is the lovechild of Hebe Media and Rabbit Hole.
Two companies with amazingly inspirational people behind them.

"Stocking fashion, art, design, music and more, the Made in Leeds store will put Leeds designers alongside high street brands like Topshop, Hollister and Superdry. A series of special events have been organised as a part of the launch and will feature collaborations with some of the city’s most high profile brands and personalities."

The shop stocks clothing from Antiform, an upcycle fashion concept with ethical and sustainable fashion at their forefront.
James Steward whos clothes have been spotted on Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue and Mr Selfridges star Katherine Kelly (Lady Loxley to Mr S fans such as myself) 
I love this iconic dress from James.
It is also stocked in cream and pink and black.

Alongside the fashion the shop houses bespoke artwork prints from Stuff and Things  and Tommy Davidson.
Accessories from Belles Bejewelled and Kitshen Sink
and ofcourse the inhouse 'Made In Leeds' t-shirts.
As well as many more fabulous products including t-shirts printed by Dots Printhaus all made with love, in Leeds.

I am so happy to say that a few of my amazing readers and Youtube subscribers have popped
into the store recently to say hello to me and to purchase a signature 
Made In Leeds T-shirt.
It was so amazing to finally meet you and if you are passing do pop in and say hello.

I am blessed to be apart of this project that showcases the talent that
Leeds has. 
The store puts our main city on the radar for homegrown talent in textiles, music and art.

The store has already placed itself firmly on the map as an independant with attitude
With a breakdancing showdown taking place last week outside the main entrance.
You can read more about this extravaganza on The City Talking

Working at Made in Leeds has inspired me unbelievable amounts and I have learnt so much already.
It would be fantastic to see my local readers in the shop to experience pure talent from Leeds.

On Sunday 7th April I will be a hosting a How to style hour from 12pm in store.
This week I will be styling clothing from Antiform.
Don't worry if you can't pop down I will be sharing my style on this very blog so keep
your eyes peeled for that one if you are interested.

I have been keeping a What I Wore To Work diary.
You can find week #1 HERE
and week #2 HERE

You can find out more about the store by visiting the
 Made In Leeds Leeds where you can also buy the products we sell.
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into where I work
Love, Holl
Click HERE for more information

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