Four Corners

- A long time ago, I wrote a post that showed you inside my room. You can find that post HERE if you wanted to have a look.
Whilst the wall colours are the same, In the past year I have been tweaking my room bit by bit, taking things away, adding them, making things better, in some cases making things worse, but for the most part I love my room.
It is small, cosy and personal to me.

Instead of conducing an entire room tour in pictures, I decided to 
show you my four favourite area's.
If you decide to write a similar post featuring your room, link it to me in the comment section below.
I love to see how other people decorate their rooms.

The inspiration behind my room has always been the same in the four or five years it has been decorated this way, I love the idea of creating a vintage boudoir.
Miss match accessories and jewel toned colours. 

My room is not big enough to fit a french dressing table, something that I would have loved
so I have compromised with my own little 'area'.

My kimono is from River Island

I have a set of black 'croc effect' drawers which are from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at Matalan I store
products to review in the top draw, all of my 'face' makeup, for example primers, foundations, concealers, moisturisers etc and in the third draw I keep eye products, eyeliners, mascara's, palettes and lip products, lip crayons, lipsticks, glosses etc.
Finally, the bottom draw is full to bursting with nail polish and nailcare accessories.

On top of my black drawers is a vintage Audrey Hepburn chest, in here I keep my more expensive jewellery pieces safe. 
My everyday costume jewellery lives on top of the chest on my jewellery tree that my friend Sara kindly gave me.
Next to my jewellery tree I have a victorian mannequin wearing a purple ball gown, I hang all of my necklaces and beads on here.
To the left of these pieces I have a gold, ornate frame with a picture of Dan and I in Picadilly Circus.

The two cups I have house my makeup brushes.
The Audrey Hepburn one contains all of the brushes I don't use on a regular basis and the blue and white cup from TK MAXX holds all of my everyday essential brushes.

My teacup shelf is the newest addition to my room and is very special to me, on here I have the (Peal Lowe for Glossybox box), a picture of my favourite painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimnt and a collage that I made.
My blue early 1920's  plates are from Porobello Market, the pink and white teacup with two saucers is from Camden Market, the holly print teacup was a gift from my parents when they visited Howarth, the teacup and saucer with the rose and dragonfly print was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, it is from Fortnum and Mason, the tiny, duck egg blue teacup was a Christmas present from my boyfriends family and that is from Cath Kidston and finally the blue and white cup was given to me by my friend Sara.

My bedside table is from Ikea, on here I have a cream photo frame from TK MAXX and a glass candle holder with a vanilla scented candle inside.
My lamp is from B&Q, I added the pink pom pom myself.
I have an Audrey Hepburn coaster and a few of my favourite books, the first is 'Style Me Vintage - Tea Parties' the second is Christian Lacrox Sleeping Beauty Illustration book  and the third book is my favourite novel of all time The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald this is actually an original Penguin editon.

And there we have it. 
The four corners of my room.
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