9 June 2013


The Viviscal Programme

- When I was approached a little while ago about trying a hair growth programme, I must say that I was a little dubious.
Having had my hair in the Sarah Harding / Victoria Beckham 'pob' four years ago…
My barnet has been on an everlasting 'growing out phase' ever since.
My hair currently sits above my chest, it has been there for the past year and hasn't budged.
Instead, it falls out in scary amounts, is dry and hates it when it sees a bottle of Live XXL coming its way.

I stopped using heat nearly a year a go, I no long straighten or curl my hair and
I avoid the hair dryer when I can.
My hair is still not happy..

I have been taking two maximum stregnth Viviscal  supplement tablets for the past month and have been recording how much hair I loose regularly.

Viviscal, which isapparently a hit with celebrities such as Pearl Lowe and Reece Witherspoon Viviscal has been dubbed the 'botox for hair' in the press is the secret to my reduced amount of hair loss.
And whilst all of the sciencey stuff can be found on the Viviscal website HERE 
I am going to tell you about my experience with the product.

I have only taken a months course and it is advised that three to six months is the optimum time period to notice major, significant differences.
This aside, my hair loss has reduced considerably and has thickend up nicely.

Whilst washing my hair, pieces would fall away in clumps and when I would wake up there would be strands covering my pillow.
These days, not as much comes away which is excellent, it is nice not to be scared to wash my hair incase loads of hair comes away.
The plughole is reletively hair free.
Also, I pledged not to colour my hair to check any root regrowth.
In just over a month I would say this is quite good.

The supplements contain lots of excelllent vitamins and essential nutrients to help keep you healthy and apparently, Biotin is the magical ingredient amongst the nutrients as it is essential for cell regrowth.

I have also noted that my nails are growing more quickly and stronger..which for an occasional nail nibbler this is a success story in itself.

I have to say that I am tempted by continuing the treatment as I would love to know what further benefits the supplements could have for my hair.
The supplements has not caused me any side effects and does not interfere with the contraceptive pill.
My hair has definitely grown a good half an inch and feels considerably thicker!
Another inch and I certainly feel that will be optimum hair length for me, it has only taken two years.

Would you give this a go?

Click HERE for more information



  1. I'm not so happy with my hair, so I would like to try it. Is there anything in it that might cause side effects or anything?


  2. You are not alone - my hair falls out by the shedload too. It's right getting on my nerves! xx

  3. I would really like to try this as my hair is awful. It's gradually falling out and urgh I hate it so much! I've always been scared to use products like this though, just incase they were a waste of money but I think now I've read your review I'd really like to try it xx


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    1. Honestly, I was abit scared too but they a literally a really good vitamin :) xxx

  4. These look amazing, Lissy is desperately trying to grow her hair and tried some vitamins from Holland and Barrett but they had msg in so gave her bad headaches, and these sound fab but she's a vegetarian, I'm going to google and see if there's a veggie option :) xxxxx

    1. Let me know if Lissy gets some!
      I'd love to know how she gets on! These ones absolutely made a difference I couldn't deny it! xxxxx

  5. Wow this looks great. I suffered from some hair loss, and was told to take iron tablets.. but it wasn't that affective, always try to do things to make sure my hair stays in good condition but these tablets look like they really work.

  6. Yes. I agree with you. But are sure hair-growth-pills are helpful for hair loss. I will also try this and hair loss became stop.

  7. medicine a very dangerous it is a big risk

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