BRB, Sunshine Calling!

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**Whilst I am away there will be NEW POSTS publishing every other day as normal here on 
Good Golly Miss Hollie so make sure you keep checking back to avoid missing anything juicy!**

- I haven't been on holiday over seas for about three or four years and last summer I promised myself that in 2013 I would work super duper hard and save up all the pennies that I could so that when summer finally came around I would be able to enjoy laying under the blazing hot sunshine and swimming in the sparkly ocean.

Well, over the course of the year I have worked my butt off and managed to fulfill the little promise I made to myself.

Thanks to my mum and dad I have always been very lucky to be able to have a summer holiday almost every year since I was around seven
but as I got older my parents wanted to do their thing and I wanted to do mine.

As you are reading this I will have headed off on an adventure with Dan on our first holiday together.

I love seeing holiday posts on blogs and being a total nosey parker at what people are packing in their suitcases fashion and beauty wise.

And seeing as though this time I am going away myself, I thought that I would give you a sneaky peek into my holiday shenanagins.

So, where do we begin?
I started out with THIS POST which was some of my holiday haul pieces
and since then I have added extra bits and bobs!

Bikini's shorts, coloured kaftans and sun dresses galore.

Hat, TK Maxx £5.99
(Taken from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie)

Next up it's night wear!
I have a brightly coloured, floral shorts from Primark and a little night dress from TK Maxx

My 'night time clothes' - this year I have gone for maxi dresses and embellished tops mostly as I like to mix and match from day to night.
For shoes I have one pair of embelllished sandals, a pair of fringed sandals, some super bright flip-flops and a pair of jellies for the shale beaches.

My style is quite bohemian so I think I will fit right in amongst the coloured, spicy bazzaars.

Finally, I add in beauty products, toiletries and suncare products.

And lastly… I throw in my beach towel, a good book and my woven beach basket!

I love this cute hold all from  Primark.

It is super spacious and big enough to carry
(THIS), my second book which is called The Jewel Box and other bits and pieces for in the airport and to keep me amused whilst on the plane!
Beauty wise I am taking some PauPau balm which is excellent at healing and hydrating and some beauty oil for keeping my hands and face hydrated.

To travel in I think that I shall throw on this ensemble of turquoise.

As we are travelling through the night time I want to be warm enough for hanging around the airport and whilst on the plane but cool enough for when I step off the plane into 26 degree's of night time air.

Trousers - Primark
Waistcoat - Zara
Cardigan - Zara
Sandals - Primark
Vest Top  - New Look

Now before I go I would just like to write a little ode to somebody I like to call
The Mamma of Youtube!
Her name is Zoe, a.k.a @MammafulZo.
I first started watching Youtube video's for the information and guidence that they gave me.
 I really enjoy chatty video's with loads of info and fun packed into them and I enjoy watching a lovely, genuine person even more.
When I discovered that there was somebody making my favourite kind of Youtube video's
I just had to let you all know about the lady behind them.
A few months ago I discovered Zoe's Youtube channel after finding it through her
amazing daughter Cole.
Cole is somebody that I have watched religiously on Youtube for years as she makes the most imformative make-up video's that you will ever watch, I tell you now she puts most 'guru's' to shame with her knowledge and her personality is just so fun to watch.
Her mum also makes video's and writes a blog too and I urge you to go and take a look as Zoe's video's are honest, no frills and they make you feel like you are round at her house having a cuppa with her.
Both Zoe and Cole have tackled some very serious topics and Zoe's video's are open, honest and real.
She also replies to every comment that she recieves and really puts her subscribers first.
She is old school, what Youtube used to be before the commercialisation took over.
Pop on over and say hi to Zoe for me.
I'll miss her whilst i'm away!

See you all soon!

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