your best friend this summer

In the height of the summer wearing a full face of make-up is the last thing we here at Luxe Models want to do. A layer of foundation just makes us hotter than we already are, as well as the extra aggro of constantly having to re-apply it after it sweats off. So hallelujah, praise the lord that concealer was invented!
Most make-up wearers couldn’t imagine (or want to imagine) a day without their usual make-up attire, which for most people consists of foundation. However, with concealer you can find the perfect match for your skin colour and then go over any scars, spots or blemishes, without having to cover your whole face. 
We love Max Factor’s Pan-Stick Concealer that provides maximum coverage at a very affordable price, less than seven quid! However, concealer can soon leave your skin looking patchy and different tones if not applied properly so follow these 3 tips on how to correctly apply concealer:
When applying concealer to spots or blemishes use a brush, which you wash regularly. This not only stops bacteria building up on the end of the concealer but also stops you making spots worse by transferring bacteria from your finger on to your face. This also allows you to blend the concealer in more effectively, ensuring you don’t rub most of it off.
Don’t forget to do under your eyes. Concealer is for ‘concealing’ things, meaning use it for everything you want to hide. We all suffer from tiredness from time to time which can lead to dark circles under our eyes, concealer can hide this and make your eyes appear fresher and more awake. Concealer can also be used in this area to make eyes appear bigger by applying a lighter tone to the corner of your eyes.
Always remember to remove it properly. Although concealer stops you having to apply make-up all over your face it is still a lot thicker than foundation and can therefore clog up pores even more than usual. Although the concealer free parts of your face may love you for ditching the foundation, the concealer’d  parts wont. So, make sure you wash your face properly and moisturise before going to bed, then you can wake up to glowing skin, as well as glowing sunshine ;).

This is a guest post brought to you by Luxe Models xx
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