a MAC Haul

- Call me an oddball but being in the airport before going abroad is a holiday highlight for me.
 Not only do I enjoy having a beer whilst watching the planes on the runway but I do also enjoy a good root in the duty free store!

I was very restrained on my lap around Manchester airport's duty free a few weeks ago
but I did however head over to the MAC counter for a little root around and came back with some goodies.

It was a funny old counter, no make-up artists to be seen, products thrown all over the place and samples splattered all over the work tops.

I didn't really have the intention of buying anything but two products took my fancy and you know that feeling girls, I just had to have them.

After what seemed like an eternity stood waiting for a make-up artist, a guy with nasty breath finally appeared and guided me over to a stool to apply my products.
I won't lie, he made a right mess of what he did.
Even my boyfriend who doesn't know a thing about make-up laughed at how badly the 'make-up' artist applied the products, but this didn't deter me, I knew I could make them work myself.

The 'make-up artist' then went to find them in the stock and upon return he told me he didn't have them, so I picked up two more products, he didn't have them either.
Finally I picked up two more products and you guessed it, they didn't have them either
so I walked away with stupidly applied make-up and seething because I really wanted the products. 

I headed to the toilets to sort out my bodge job make-up but found myself being chased by the make-up artist through the terminal with the original two products that I wanted.
Without a seconds thought I grabbed them plucked out my boarding card and headed to the counter.
And here's what I got:

MAC 'Paint Pot'

- Paint Pots are not something that have really interested me before but after having a little swatch and a play around with them I realised that I had to have one.
I do like to pile the products on my peepers and I had heard that paint pots paired with eyeshadow can make a fabulous combination.
I was sold.
My next dilemma was deciding which shade I liked best and there was no competion
Rubenesque sold the show.
It is a beautiful peachy, gold toned shade that I must admit looks rather lovely against the blue/green tones in my eyes.
I apply the creamy product with a synthetic, flat brush
(That good old favourite from Urban Decay) and then I blend one of my favourite complementary eyeshadows for Rubenesque which is
Toasted from the Urban Decay Naked Palette through my socket crease using a fluffy blending brush.
I have learnt that the best way to apply the paint pot is to apply a thin layer, let that set and then apply another layer on top to give an opaque effect.
I have a little oil on my lids so I do tend to use the Urban Decay Primer Potion to stop the colour from slipping away. I have however had a good 6/8 hour run with the product still firmly on my lids.
I also like to use Rubenesque as a cheek and brow highlight.

MAC 'Frost' Lipstick
New York Apple

- I had headed over to the counter because I originally wanted to purchase Cockney, a lovely lustre finish, orange - red lipstick with gold shimmer.
Alas they hadn't got that in stock either so I had another scan through the shades.
I knew that I was after a balmy red lippy, one that complemented my hair colour and was the perfect transition from day to night.
New York Apple was the one.
The lipstick is a deep raspberry red with lighter toned shimmer, think 
of the Krispy Kreme Glamour Glaze doughnut.
I love it, it makes me feel glamourous and oddly a little bohemian, I must say also that I am also not afraid to go a little matchy matchy either with my hair and lips!

I am super pleased that I managed to bag these products in the end!

Have you tried Rubenesque or New York Apple?

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