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Scent's That Define Me

- Something that really lures me in whenever I meet somebody is the perfume that they are wearing.
I often find myself asking what perfume somebody is wearing and I like it when people tell me that they have a 'signature scent'.

I have had a few requests to share my perfume collection which I will at some point post.
For now, I would like to address those readers who asked me personally, if I have my own signature scent.

The answer to that is yes and it hasn't changed for the past nine years.

Today I am going to introduce you to my three favourite perfumes for all occasions.

The Signature Scent.

- My favourite perfume of all time is 

It is the scent that defines me, makes people remember me and makes me feel happy.
Nine years ago when I was 10, my Nan headed into Boots and purchased the biggest bottle of Cinema
in the store.
A few weeks earlier I had smelt it on a tester and fell in love.
Having never really worn perfume before it was my first proper perfume.
It is a very sophisticated scent with floral, amber and vanilla tones.
Apparently the lady in Boots told my Nan that the fragrance was too old for a 10 year old.
Well, almost 10 years on I am still wearing and still loving it.
My boyfriend instantly recognises that it's my smell and every year until my Nan got very poorly she bought it for Christmas for me.

The Daytime Scent.

In the daytime I nearly always go to 
The Bodyshop
Indian Night Jasmine
(It used to be called Neroli Jasmine)

Again, this has been a firm favourite of mine for many years, I love the deep, oriental scent that is so unique, it is floral but also very spicy.
I couldn't recommend a better daytime scent.

The Memory Scent

I think everyone has a perfume that takes them back to a certain time or place, for me
Vivienne Westwood
Naughty Alice

takes me back to a time when I really began to feel like who I am, I was 17, at sixth form college, I had passed my driving test, went out partying and enjoyed a super carefree time.
I love spritzing this scent when I want to head back to that feeling.
It is a super chic and femine scent, again fairly floral with ylang-ylang and black rose.
It is a real boudoir scent!

-Other perfumes I love are: 
Stella - Stella Mccartney
YSL - Opium
Elizabeth Arden - Red Door

What scent's do you adore?
Do you have a signature scent?
*I am currently on holiday for two weeks but don't forget that regular posts will be going up on here every other day so keep checking back for a new surprise!*

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  1. All those perfumes sound amazing. I love the story about Cinema and your Gran! My favourite perfumes are Armani Code, Roberto Cavalli EDP, Just Cavalli and Chanel Chance EDT :-)


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