Mellor and Russell

Simply Bright dye

- Whenever I find myself in one of those moods, I reach for the bottle.
With all of the turmoil going on in my life at the moment I seem to want to take it all out on my hair.

I last dyed my hair red a few weeks ago whilst on holiday.
My colour had faded significantly and my roots were appearing in full force.
I used a Turkish L'Oreal Excellence Creme dye in a redish brown shade to take the ginger-tinge off my barnet.
It was a lovely, nourishing dye to apply but the colour just wasn't vibrant enough for me.

Last week, my Grandma and I popped into town and headed to the £1 shop for a root around.
I came across a £1 hair dye.
Now, I know what you are thinking
Stay Clear!
But with madness on my mind I threw it into my basket rather intrigued. 

After doing a bit of research I discovered that the
Mellor and Russell brand is quite a coveted skincare and haircare brand with recognition from Grazia,
Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire.

I picked up the Mellor and Russell
Simply Bright - High Colour dye in the shade Red Alert.

The dye is permanent (well as permanent as red dyes can be) and promises 100% grey coverage and rich, long -lasting colour.

The models hair on the box is a beautiful colour and exactly how I want my very own hair to look.
In dark light my hair looks seemigly brunette however, in the bright sunlight I would say my hair resembles the packaging colour fairly well.

It is a very simple kit containing a pair of gloves and two solutions to mix together.
Make sure you have a nourishing conditioner to hand as the product contains hydrogen peroxide.
With this in mind I wouldn't recommend the product for every red dye application but cetainly give it a whirl if you want your colour revitalising and lifting.

I slapped the product onto my head and left it for 25 minutes.

Before the Mellor and Russell dye

- The colourant itself was a deep blood red shade, super scary looking so make sure you have plenty of old towels to hand and keep your head away from the walls.
I popped a plastic bag over my scalp, secured with a bobble, not only does this save any mess but it also keeps your scalp warm which is good when you are wanting dyes to take to your hair,

After using the Mellor and Russell dye

Natural Light

Artifical Light

This dye definately freshened my red hair up to a deep cherry colour.
I am very impressed with this dye which retails at such a barginous price.
I would recommend using it if you are wanting to lift your red colour up a few tones.
I found that most likely due to the hydrogen peroxide that it contains, the dye leaves your hair feeling pretty thirsty so I left a conditioning mask on my hair for around 30 mins.

You can read all about how I maintain red hair
in this maintainance post HERE

Would you try a £1 dye?

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