Bling Rings

- A little while ago I wrote THIS POST on my my favourite bracelets that I wear on an
everyday basis.

Today I am talking all about my everyday rings.
As you know, I am a huge fan of jewellery, lots of jewellery and I am not afraid to clash or miss-match.

My jewellery tree sits pretty at the bottom end of my bedroom adorning lots of jewels
and a whole bucket load of costume rings and whilst some of them I barely wear I do have my
go to favourites that recently get slipped onto my fingers on a daily basis.

I have extremley skinny fingers and I often find it difficult to find cocktail rings that fit me and don't slide off.
This is why I am often seen donning a few tiny, stopper rings to make sure that I don't lose my favourite pieces.

Recently I have been wearing:


On my left hand I wear a beautiful ring that actually belongs to my Nana.
Unfortunately due to her illness my Nan can no longer wear this ring but my Grandpa said that she would want me to wear it.
This ring is the most precious one that I wear at the moment as it was the last costume ring I have seen my Nan wearing.
The green stone is unusual and looks super pretty against the gold filigree detail.
Ofcourse, as it was not made for me the ring is far too large so I wear this 

cute little rose gold ring that says 'Love' all the way around it to stop the green ring from falling off.

On my left index finger I wear this aztec print, triangular ring from Primark that has an adjustable back.


For some reason I tend to wear more rings on my right hand.
On my index finger I wear a tiny stack ring from Primark, I think this is supposed to be an evil eye bt nevertheless it is cute.
The first ring on that finger was given to me by my Grandpa, I think it belonged to his Mother who sadly died in the 1920's when he was a baby.
This is a perfect fit for me but ofcourse I don't want to lose it so I wear the evil eye on top!

On my middle finger I wear one of my favourite rings ever.
I bought it from an antique store in Rhode Island, America five years ago and it is really why my obsession with rubies began.
I don't particulally like to setting of this ring as I find it bulky but I love the stone so much.

Finally, on my third finger I wear two little stack rings from Primark, a tiny gold star and a blue triangle
dainty and elegant.

How do you wear your rings?
*I am currently on holiday for two weeks but don't forget that regular posts will be going up on here every other day so keep checking back for a new surprise!*

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