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homesickness at uni

- Many of you reading this may well have just started your first year of university, some of you like myself may be headed into your second or third year and some of you might not have gone back to uni yet at all.
I remember that I was one of the earliest people to start out of my friends.

This year I don't start my lectures till the 16th but I moved back to Liverpool last week as freshers
 (or REfreshers for me) is well underway!

I hope that all of you new starters are thick into freshers and having the time of your lives, carefree and loving life however, this post is for anybody, anywhere who might be feeling a little bit
weird at the moment due to homesickness.

Don't worry if that's you, that was me 12 months ago also.

I'm not going to get into the ins and outs of my first year experience as you can read all about it in this post:

but I felt homesick for the longest time ever.
You can read more about how I got on in those first few weeks of uni in this post:

Today's post highlights three simple things that helped me get over my homesickness and hopefully will help you also.

Make Lists.

- My first few weeks at uni felt so unfocused, all of the days merged into one and I wasn't really sure what on earth I was doing.
I'll be honest the daytime was mostly very boring before lectures began and the boredom made my homesickness worse.
I wanted my old life at home back where I didn't feel so damn bored and rubbish,
a simple way to refocus your mind is to write down the days Monday to Friday on a piece of paper
and leave a few blank lines underneath.
Fill up your days with plans whether it be seeing friends, going to the gym, hell even doing a food shop.
But make sure you make plans!
Stick your piece of paper to your door.
This will help you get out there and do things thus, taking your mind off your homesickness.

Call home only once a week.

- I missed home so much that I would call and Skype my family, boyfriend and friends loads thinking that chatting to them would make me feel better, in turn it made things worse because I ended up wishing I was with them and I felt sad hearing about their lives moving on whilst I felt crap.
Try to only call home once a week that way you have plenty to talk about and you are taking a step back from the place you miss so much.
You will find in time that you have loads to talk about regarding your new life and you'll see that it's not so bad out here.

Get out there.

- Homesickness rears it's ugly head when you are on your own most likely in your room on a night time or on a weekend when people have gone home.
Make sure you spend time with people for the most part of the day, the day will fly by faster and you'll enjoy not being on your own.
Have people in your flat, go to their flat, go shopping 
ANYTHING just do it with other people.
You'll be fed up of them by the end of the day and will be glad to have some time on your own. ;)

And finally…
Tell yourself that this feeling wont last forever, I promise!
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Keep smiling!
hollie x
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