pedantic for pendants..

- Whenever I visit home, I head up to my bedroom and get all of my jewellery out and re discover old favourites.

When I was younger, one of my favourite things to do when I visited my Nana was to sit on her bed and look through all of her jewellery. 
My Nana had the best jewellery collection and I do believe that is where my penchant for cocktail rings and costume beads came from.

As I got to know every necklace and every ring she would tell me stories about where each piece came from.
Since she very sadly passed away this year, a fair bit of her costume collection is now in my posession and it makes me happy to know so much about every piece.

This morning I re ordered my necklace tree and felt inspired to write a jewellery post.

My favourite necklace of all time is of course my Tiffany heart that Dan bought me on our first Christmas together, but that is what I call a 'grown up' necklace and I never take it off, today's post is all about my favourite costume necklaces.

And here they are...

Embossed Elephant - Forever 21

- My lovely friend Laura  bought me this gorgeous pendant necklace for my 20th birthday.
She probably saw my beady eye's on it when we went shopping in Forever 21 a few weeks previously.
What I love about this necklace is its simplicity, I love the fairly weighty antique gold that it is made from and the understated embosssing to form a tribal pattern on the elephant itself.
It dresses up any outfit, especially the LBD.

Charm Necklace - Vintage

-This necklace is one that belonged to my Nana and one that I wear almost everyday at the moment.
Like the previous necklace it is an antique gold chain with tiny coloured and ebossed charms.
To me the charms look like they belong to a far away land, the colours and patterns resembling those from persia and the east.
The largest charm in the middle opens up to reveal a ruby stone in the shape of a love heart.

Locket Pendant - Forever 21


- You may have seen this necklace featured in an earlier post this year when I displayed my affection for Forever 21 jewellery.
I just think this little locket is simple and fashionably whimsical.
I am sucker for keepsakes and sentimental items so I really want to to pop a picture in the locket

Owl Pendant's - Both Gift's

- My Grandparents bought me both of this adorable necklaces, the blue owl was a birthday present for my 19th birthday and the small owl was a gift from their summer holiday this year.
I absolutely love both of them because the detailing on them is so intricate.

Do you have a favourite necklace?
hollie x
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