31 December 2014


It would be an understatement to say that 2014 has been the best year of my entire life. I cannot believe all of the amazing opportunities that I have been given this year and how truly happy I have felt. 

Today I am going to look back over the last 12 months and remember all of the delicious moments. On New Years Day 2014, the year ahead looked bleak but what happened couldn't have been better.

In January my redhead to blonde transformation began and after sporting a spicy redhead colour for a few weeks, my hair fluttered between strawberry blonde and light brown. After my confidence took a major dip in 2013, I was starting to feel happier having met a new man and started building up my life in Liverpool. It was in January that I started to interview for summer internships in London and really started to pull my life back together.

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February rolled around with Valentines Day, the first spent with my new beau and being treated to a lovely home cooked meal and a trip to York, my confidence building daily meeting new friends and enjoying life to the fullest.

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In March I took a trip to the hairdressers to have my hair dyed completely bleach blonde, a colour I had never sported before and I loved it. I also attended the Liverpool FABB Bloggers meet-up which was organised by my friends Ray and Tor. I also helped organise my friends 21st surprise birthday which went down a storm.

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By April I wish I had left my blonde locks alone but I proceeded to re bleach and re bleach my hair.around 10 times and decided to try super long hair extensions for the annual LiverpoolSU sports ball. Amongst heavy revision for uni, I headed to London for an internship interview at Shoreditch house that would literally change my life. Having being treated to a complimentary stay at the Thistle Piccadilly hotel and catching up with an old chum, I discovered that I had landed my summer placement in London and I couldn't be happier. With amazing news came super sad news when I learnt that my parents were selling our family home of 17 years. I was devastated. 

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May rocked up and I seriously thought that I had flunked my second year exams as they were just so difficult. My friend moved out of our flat to move back home and although I was deeply unhappy in my second year accommodation life was still pretty sweet in Liverpool. Back in my hometown things were different as I packed up my childhood bedroom for good and drove away from my house for the last time. I also had my hair chopped after realising the damage that I had done to my tresses, this was the start of a downward spiral of rubbish hair as pre chop it had been getting quite long.

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June was a super exciting month as I finally moved out of my second year flat in Liverpool and headed down to London to embark on the most exciting adventure of my life, opening the door to my Southwark flat was the most amazing feeling. I also purchased my first ever Mulberry handbag after wanting to treat myself for the longest time to an authentic 'Roxanne' bag.

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The jewel in 2014's crown was July, I was reunited with my family who live in America and dove head first into my new job as an assistant producer working with some inspirational brands and people. I met some lovely friends who enjoyed a good mooch around Camden and Greenwich with me as well as some late night roof top bar sessions and exotic meals out. One of the highlights of July was getting involved with the Macmillan #shaveorstyle campaign and having my 'Hollie style' hair created at the Michael John salon in Knightsbridge. 

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By late summer I had a tattoo session booked at the Cloak and Dagger tattoo parlour just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch and I have never been as nervous in my life, I think I handled the pain quite well though and I am so very happy to have my holly leaf piece on my left foot. Good Golly Miss Hollie had a sophisticated overhaul I also discovered new places such as Clapham and fell in love with Brighton when my boyfriend and I visited for the day. After a whirlwind summer, I left London on the 26th of August to head back up North to kick off my third year of university. Of course I made a pitstop on route to visit my adopted donkey Ripple at the donkey sanctuary. 

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I moved in to my own flat in September and got to grips with my final year and the intense workload that comes hand in hand with it. I started to see my journalism getting published and a fire in my belly rose at how close getting a writing job was getting. My boyfriend and I stayed at the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough where I had the most delicious food ever. We also discovered a drive in cinema on Liverpool's dockfront complete with free popcorn.

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In October, my hair was knackered and I decided to try and salvage it by going Ombre. Liverpool fashion week kicked off and I visited Manchester for the first time having secured a  PR placement there in January.

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November saw me turn 21 and I decided to celebrate in Amsterdam which is a pure culture hub and the Anne Frank Haus museum is well worth a visit. A wintery trip to see the Blackpool illuminations took place as well as a pumpkin carving competition (which I lost) and a visit to many firework display's to celebrate Bonfire night. I met Alexa Chung's brother at the Celebration of Style awards and rocked out on a boat on the Mersey to 1960s rock band The Zombies.

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And here we are, in December. One year a go I was dumped the week before Christmas and couldn't comprehend the misery of losing my Nana and Papa and also half of my Grandad to a stroke. Fast forward 12 months and I am with somebody who makes me very happy, I love living on my own, my third year of university is ticking along nicely (with much hard work) and I have never felt better. 2015 is going to be the scariest year of my life with a lot of responsibilities coming my way but I am ready and if you want to read about my goals and resolutions check out THIS POST.

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30 December 2014


And so we have the final 'monthly favourites' instalment of 2014, You can look back over February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November's editions by clicking on the months, I have no idea where January's offering is, perhaps I was just too carried away talking about Cielo Blanco restaurant in Leeds.

The Hair: I have been giving a new hairdryer a road test this month, one with diamonds encrusted into its technology. The Nicky Clarke 'Diamond Shine*' hairdryer has offered me sleek and shiny locks with its frizz fighting ions and although it gives you an arm workout to hold it, I love the diamante encrusted shell for a bit of bling.

The Tan: For some strange reason fake tans struggle to blend into my skin, resulting in one day of beautiful tan and then in a flash it's disappeared. Before I splurged on the full size Xen Tan 'Dark Lotion' I wanted to see how I got along with a sample size of the product. I apply the cherry bakewell scented product to freshly exfoliated and moisturised skin, the gel like formula isn't drying and unlike other fake tans you are able to get on with your day without a biscuity developing scent occurring. 

The Lips: I always treat myself to a Mac lippy whenever I head off on my travels and in light of my trip to Amsterdam last month I bought 'Fresh Moroccan' a beautiful brown toned red with plenty of gold shimmer. The frost finish formula is super moisturising and perfect for the winter season when the cold air and central heating chap your lips.

The Nails: I just had to mention the colour chameleon nail polishes by Hema Cosmetics, the shade I have is 'Copper Chameleon' which is a beautiful spilled petrol mix of green and copper, the perfect dupe for Topshop's 'Hidden Treasure.' 

The Skincare: With all of the festive parties that I have been lucky enough to attend and the excessive amount of glitter I have been wearing has taken its toll on my skin this month. I love the Clarins 'Beauty flash balm' a radiating glow boosting moisturiser that also works as a fantastic primer. 

The Eyes: My love for the Kate Moss 'Eye Rock' mascara grows everytime I use it, the 'broken heart' shaped wand lets you dig deep into the root of the lash to give crazy volumized lashes. The formula isn't too wet or too flaky and well, if it's good enough for Kate.

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29 December 2014


With New Years Eve in a few days time, I thought that I would take some time to look at some of the  goals that I have set for 2015 and the year ahead. 

A 2014 year in review will be popping up on Wednesday if you're interested in looking back over the past year on GGMH with me and I can't wait to look back over the last 12 months and how much my life has changed. Today I am however looking forwards, something that frightens me to death, for once in my life I have no idea how the year ahead will pan out and I am so scared.

In terms of serious things...


First things first, I am hoping to graduate with a BA (hons) in Journalism next July and in order for this to happen I have a lot of work to get through first including my 8,000 word dissertation and January placement, for anybody interested I am heading to work for PR firm in Manchester to see how the wonderful world of PR works.  I hope that I can stand with the cloak and mortar board on and be proud of everything that I have achieved in the last 3 years. I have struggled so much and found all aspects of university difficult but I think I will miss it a lot when i'm spat out into the 'real world' next summer.

Finding a job

Probably the one thing on everybody who will be graduating in 2015's mind, it's certainly on mine to the point where i've had nightmares. This is the one thing that petrifies me the most and although I have a whole host of work experience and (hopefully) my degree behind me, tutors and other professionals like to tell prospective graduates like myself how hard it is to secure a job especially in journalism, PR or the media. I am going to work hard like my life depends on it to secure a full time job by the time I (hopefully) throw that hat in the air. What comes with finding a job is the scary thought and process of moving to somewhere new, i'd take Timbucktoo if it led me to employment though.

Get a place of my own

You can probably notice a pattern stacking up here, but the next process of my 'real world' training once I have found said job is that I would like to properly move out of my parents' house and rent a more permanent place of my own. The day I can dust off all my much loved trinkets from my Mum and Dads loft to move them to my place, will be the best day of my life.

And for the less serious...

Look after my hair better

I dyed my hair a record breaking 25 times in 2014 and I am now paying the price of damage, I am not going to be touching my locks with dye until graduation and only then if my hair seriously needs a re fresh. I am going to do my best to grow it nice and healthy.

Look after my body

Due to being overwhelmingly busy here, there and everywhere this year I barely got the opportunity to visit the gym on a regular basis and I can feel two years worth of hard work that I put into my fitness levels dwindling away by the second, in 2015 I hope to live a healthier lifestyle, healthy body, healthy mind and all that.

Be more frugal

I tend to flitter away my wages in a heartbeat if I know a trip into town is on the cards, next year I want to become more frugal with my spending. This may have to happen if points 1 and 2 don't come through and i'm back at home living with my parents, unemployed *shudder* but in the outcome of a full time job I want to invest in better clothes and trinkets as opposed to cheap things and only buy something if I really need it.

In general I hope to improve on the person that I was this year and be that little bit more kinder and helpful and really kick and fight and work hard to achieve the above goals.

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28 December 2014


My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | Boxing day snow in Wakefield | Saturday foodie treats | A winters walk | Reunited with my 'colourful clothes' | The palm house at Christmas | A relaxing bubble bath | Christmas from my bedroom | Another winters walk | Santa's delivery
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Well, this is it the final instalment of 'The Week' for 2014, for 52 weeks I have been summing up my daily goings on, some posts jammed packed full of exciting weeks and others more relaxed. Of course, this will be a feature on GGMH that will continue into 2015 however, if you are curious about what was happening on any week of this year, keep an eye out for Wednesday's 'year in review' snippet.

On Monday I found myself back at my parent's house. They have been building a new place over the course of the year so this was my first visit back to where they live. I have to say there is something so comforting about seeing the Christmas tree up in the house and being reunited with family.

As Christmas has absorbed much of this week it has been a festive blur of snow, food, presents and laughter. On Christmas Eve I had a long bubble bath and watched 'It's a wonderful life' for the first time and I loved the messages behind the film. Christmas day saw my family and I head out for a delicious Christmas lunch before walking it all off on Boxing day.

I'll be headed back to Liverpool next week so I have been taking the time to appreciate the silence and less frantic atmosphere that staying in the countryside offers. 

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27 December 2014


Even though I don’t quite get the same thrill that I once did when Christmas Eve was the best night of the year (Getting older sucks the magic out of everything) I still find some festive sparkle for Christmas morning when I pick the presents cheerfully wrapped from under the Christmas tree and although the days of being super, super lucky enough for Santa to bring me the latest ipod, phone or playstation at 21 I have done very well. My family don’t tend to make lists of things we are lusting for, instead it is left to the creative mind to think of present ideas.

The ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts seem to be really popular in the bloggersphere now so I decided that in the bridging week between Christmas and New year, I would let you have a little nosey at what Santa treated me to this year. Of course this post isn’t to advertise how many presents I got or anything like that, it’s simply for the nosey parkers like me and I guess a little reflection for myself to see how lucky I am to have caring friends and family to think of me at Christmas time. 

Since I first visited America in 2008, I have been a huge lover of the Victoria’s Secret body care range, in particular the ‘Amber Romance’ fragrance which reminds me a super hot summer in New York. I was very surprised to receive a few body lotions and sprays from my boyfriend who admirably remembered my penchant for the ‘Amber Romance’ scent. He also treated me to a unique gift of my favourite childhood adaptation of ‘Wind in the willows’ with Michael Palin and the late Rik Mayall.

I think that people know that I like cats, in particular black cats having received a cute little purse from Mantaray, some new p-jarmas (You can’t beat new p-jays for Christmas day) and two ornaments. I was also treated to lots of scrumptious chocolates and various other beauty bits and pieces to make me smell faaabulous!

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26 December 2014


It has been just over a month since my long blonde hair went for the chop and subsequently turned brunette. I have to say the overall health of my hair feels a lot better and although I am still grappling with how to style it properly, I am really pleased with how the condition of my hair is changing for the better. 

I begin my weekly hair care routine by applying the creamy TIGI 'Hair Reborn' reparative nocturnal therapy cream to the ends of my dry hair and sleeping in it over night, this stuff seriously makes your hair wash amazing, packing all the protein back in to frazzled ends.

In the morning I  wash my hair with the Clynol 'Colour and Care' shampoo followed by leaving a deep treatment on for half an hour, my current favourite is the Original Mineral 'Power Base.' After rinsing out the deep conditioning treatment, I towel dry my hair and spread the Redken 'Anti Snap' serum through the mid to end lengths of my hair, this is my favourite hair care product of all time and has really helped with bleach damage. 

I am currently using the Nicky Clarke 'Diamond Shine*' hairdryer and despite it being quite heavy to hold, it is amazing at keeping my hair frizz free and looking glossy. The dryer itself contains real diamonds infused with ionic technology to dry my hair straight and sleek. 

Despite being seriously short, my hair has never looked or felt better - if only I had listened.

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25 December 2014


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a lovely day whatever you're doing today. I am headed out with my parents and Grandparents for a yummy Christmas meal after seeing whether or not Santa Claus has remembered that my parents have moved house.

If you have found yourself catching up on GGMH today between mince pies and festive cocktails I have the Christmas TAG for you.

What is your favourite Holiday movie?
Christmas films are the only films that I get really in the mood to watch, especially when the tree is lit up, a few festive scented candles are burning and I have warm glass of mulled wine in my hand. My favourite Christmas film to watch on the run up to Christmas is 'Love Actually' and my favourite film to watch on Christmas Eve is the 'Muppets Christmas Carol.'

Do you like to stay in your p-jays on Christmas day or get dressed up?
On Christmas morning when I wake up I usually stay in my p-jays to head into the living room to see if Santa has called and I will usually stay in them until around 10am before it's time to get showered and ready to go out for Christmas dinner. Once i'm home I get changed into my new set of p-jays that my Mum usually treats me to.

What do you like to do on the run up to Christmas?
I'm usually still at uni until around the 20th of the month and this year was no exception, in the run up to Christmas my boyfriend and I went out to choose our real Christmas tree and decorated it, we also threw a Christmas party at the weekend for some of our friends which was lovely. I like to watch Christmassy films and of course tuck in to the mince pies.

What is your favourite Christmas smell?
I LOVE the scent of a real Christmas tree but my favourite has to be the scent of freshly baked Christmas cake in the oven, a sweet and spicy array of scents mixing to together in the kitchen.

What is your favourite Christmas treat?
Oh for me, it is all about the mince pies with brandy cream!

What is your favourite Christmas drink?
I have really been enjoying the honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks this December, as a naughty Christmas treat I like hot chocolate with a drop of Amaretto.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
My favourite Christmas song is good old 'Last Christmas' by Wham but for a more traditional song I like White Christmas.

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24 December 2014


I love playing around with my make-up before the festive week begins, I like to have a good rummage around for any products that I have neglected whilst bringing out the big dogs and actually start using my more high end cosmetics.

I begin my priming my face with the Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm'  to help my festive make-up to stick around for longer and to help keep my face hydrated throughout the day. My favourite foundation is Mac 'Studio fix fluid' and I only ever whip it out on special occasions because I can't afford to replace it. #studentproblems  After concealing any redness and blemishes using the Collection 'Lasting perfection concealer' and perfecting my brows I like to leave my skin as it is and crack on with the peepers.

Of course, I am a smokey eyed girl however, at Christmas I like to bring out the golds and bronzes to create a warmer eye-makeup similar to this one using a mixture of 'On and on bronze' for the base and UDNP 'Half Baked' on the lids, smoked out by 'Smog,' With plenty of Eyeko eyeliner and lashings of the super volume and lengthening 'Eye rock mascara. '

I set my make-up with the Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder and sculpt my cheeks with the Physicians Formula 'Deluxe Bronzer' before adding a pop of pink to the apples of my cheeks with the Bobbi Brown 'Rose Gold' powder.  My favourite part of the cheek make-up application has to be using the star of my make-up bag 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter by Mac.

 I finish off the look with my new favourite lippy 'Fresh Moroccan' from Mac a punchy gold infused red/orange.

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23 December 2014


Whenever I tell people that I live on my own, nine times out of ten I receive a shocked expression followed by: "Don't you get lonely?" "Why did you want to do that?" "You're a student that's weird  and I have to laugh to myself because living on my own is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will tell you why.

I semi moved out of the family home of 17 years when I was 18 and moved to Liverpool to study. Like any fresher I ended up living in halls of residence which happened to be one of the worst nine months of my life, you can read about some of it HERE.  I absolutely hated living in a place that I had no control over, no control over how clean it was or how noisy/quiet it was. I had the same problem in my second year and by my third year I knew that enough was enough, I had to get a place on my own and that is exactly what I did.

Often, I will unlock my front door and almost want to cry with happiness that when I walk inside my flat, it's quiet, clean and there's nobody there. Just me, free to do whatever the hell I like. I love having friends over but I also love saying bye to them when i've had enough. I can hide away and I can have an open house, what matters to me is that the choice is mine. I used to be petrified when I flat shared and the door would open for an army of drunk people to walk in screaming and shouting at all hours in the night, I hated being scared to go out of my room to the toilet because of strangers that my flat 'mates' had invited in running around the flat and trying to get into my room to play a prank on me. 

As an only child I believe that i'm programmed to enjoy my own company a lot more than most, I find it easy to entertain myself and I don't yearn for the company of others, I never ever get lonely whilst living on my own, loneliness was something that when I lived with others I suffered from chronically. Living on my own is the best thing that has ever happened to me and when people ask me why I take them back to a night when the psychopathic lad I lived with in first year tried to strangle our flat mate in the middle of the night.

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22 December 2014


In the past I have been known to be a serial over packer, even if I was just out for the night an entire suitcase would be dragged behind me. These days I would like to think that I am much better at keeping my over night bag light containing essentials only.

I was out and about last weekend and I only had my large, uni bag to take with me as i'd be hopping on and off trains and walking a little bit. I packed my little cat bag with beauty bits and pieces including my mini hairbrush toothbrush, deodorant, cleanser and moisturiser which left enough room to pack my entire make-up bag of products to create my 'everyday face' as well as my favourite make-up brushes. I always like to give my brushes a deep clean before I go anywhere and store them neatly in my 'Emergency Repair Kit' make-up bag. 

I managed to roll up my chequered sleep shirt super small and wrapped my clean underwear inside it and packed an extra top for the day after, for one night only another pair of 'Jamie' jeans aren't really needed. I take a little drawstring bag for any jewellery that I want to keep safe and I make sure that I am armed with hair ties and bobby pins.

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21 December 2014


My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie  My festive dress | Christmas party | Soundtrack to my life | Domino's Monday's | A happy Chappy | Quote of the week | Wise words | Christmas happiness | Make-up of the day

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This week has been a mixture of work and play, the start of the week saw me chained to the library a slave to my dissertation and the rest of my third year problems. I did however find an opportunity to finish off my Christmas shopping.

This weekend I was reunited with my beautiful friend Hannah for a festive meal cooked by the boy which was so delicious and had me in the Christmassy mood before heading home on Monday for Christmas with my family.

Tonight is definitely the evening to cast my research and text books aside and enjoy my favourite Christmas film 'Love Actually' with a mug of hot chocolate and cheese board. 

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20 December 2014


I have always really immersed myself in music from singing along to Human League's 'Don't you want me baby' when I was a little girl to growing up listening to my Dad's eclectic taste in everything from motown and soul, to rock to disco.

The 'Soundtrack of my life TAG' created by LLYMLRS and Zoe London is one of the best TAGs that I have stumbled across as I think that you can really get to know somebody through a selection of their favourite songs.  I TAG everybody who wants to give this a go, even if you don't write a blog it's interesting to see if you can fit a song into every category.

Song you listen to when you're happy?
When i'm happy I like to listen to my favourite songs of the moment, so whatever has been overplayed on my ipod that week. My favourite album at the moment is still AM by the Arctic Monkey's, a song that I like to listen to when i'm happy is Do I wanna know which reminds me of a very happy summer in London.

Song you listen to when you're sad?
I think that music is a big healer so I listen to all sorts of different music to help cheer me up. I've been choosing a lot of songs from Sam Smith at the moment, so I would say: 'I know i'm not the only one.'

What song will you have at your wedding?
I always imagine me walking down the aisle to Florence and the Machine ' Only if for a night' - for some reason I imagine a large church building with its bare walls adorned with wild flowers and candles and Flo at the side singing with a choir and an orchestra. A gal can dream.

What song do you dance around the house to?
When nobody is in, I love a good dance and epic sing along to 'Somebody else' guy' by Jocelyn Brown, anything of that genre really I love a boogie to Chaka Khan and Odyssey, often when i'm cleaning up, classics such as 'Going back to my roots' are essential for optimum cleaning.

Song you play on your headphones when you're out and about?
My recently played songs (from a long train journey from Leeds to Liverpool) are 'Runaway' by Ed Sheeran and Oasis 'Roll with it.' I must have played them over and over a million times on the train, walking back to my flat and walking to work the next morning.

Song you listen to when you're angry?
One of the songs that I seem to always resort back to is: 'All along the watchtower' by Jimi Hendrix, mind blowing guitar riffs and a psychedelic instrumental, it's good catharsis when i'm angry. 

Song you would have at your funeral?
I would have any live versions of 'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones, if I was being super pedantic it would be specifically their Glastonbury 2013 performance. 

Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?
Oh, 100% Fatman Scoop 'Be Faithful' as soon as the first few bars drop i'm looking for a podium to jump around on. At a few minutes to midnight on my 21st birthday it spookily played and I went crazy.

The last song that you listened to?
Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars 'Uptown Funk' I love the video.

Your karaoke song?
That old classic, 'Young hearts' by Candi Staton, it's very easy to catch me singing my heart out to that on a Saturday night in Reflex.

What song do you work out to?
Even though I can't stand his songs any other time, in the gym I always seem to have Pitbull songs on, most likely 'International Love.'

Song with the most memories attached?
It's always going to be '505' by the Arctic Monkeys, reminds me of this summer and walking back to my Southwark flat on a balmy evening thinking "I can't believe this is my life" and in a blink of an eye it was gone but that song makes me remember how I felt at that time.

Song that you hate the most?
A Christmas song actually, Jona Lewie 'Stop the calvary' his voice is just so morose, having said that I love 'You will always find me in the kitchen at parties' I always play it before any flat/house party.

Your favourite song of all time?
'Gimme Shelter 'by the Rolling Stones is my favourite song followed by 'Why'd you only call me when you're high' by the Arctic Monkeys.

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19 December 2014


My parents very kindly treated me to some spending money as part of my birthday treat to which I was so grateful for. I have been recently trying to invest in more quality pieces for my wardrobe as opposed to cheaper, throw away items. I think this is something that happens as you get older, i'd never see myself shopping regularly in the likes of Zara and Topshop when Primark was next door however, at 21 years of age I have started to turn into my Mum.

The embellished, velvet dress caught my eye due to its hippy, bohemian vibe and dressy nature. I like to wear it with thick, chunky tights and heeled chelsea boots alongside a sparkly clutch bag and leather jacket. The piece wasn't cheap at £69 but I know that it is one that I will look after so that it can be re worn and forever loved.

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18 December 2014


This is an odd tale of somebody spilling a flask of hot water all over my beloved Alexander Wang  style 'Focco' bag and the zip melting. Yes, my uni bag that fitted everything, including the kitchen sink ruined. My day to day handbags consist of this mini, over the shoulder bag and of course my Mulberry 'Roxanne'  however one is too little to fit in my day to day junk and the other is too precious to spoil with everyday use.

Step in, my new pleather Primark backpack, for a tenner I have replaced all the space that my 'Focco' offered me with back straps so my poorly shoulder can have a break. I like this bag, it slips onto my shoulders easily and is super, super roomy to haul around my folders and day to day essentials as well as enough room to stash my leather jacket.

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