Yesterday I found myself in a bit of a mad rush.
It was one of those days when your alarm decides to just not go off and you wake up
naturally in a panic with ten minutes before you need to be out of the door.

I had a fairly important day ahead so I couldn't really skip make-up, instead of panicking I decided to just cut my make-up down to the bare essentials.

Here is my low down on how to still look fresh faced when like me, you applied your make-up in
under five minutes.

Moisturise: I often find that when I moisturise my face I instantly look more awake and my skin looks less grey, tired and dehydrated. Not only does moisturiser improve the appearance of your skin but it also sets your skin up well as a smooth base before applying foundation. I am currently using the Origins 'Make A Difference+' moisturiser.

Foundation: Using my Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush I apply a generous helping of my Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Foundation . Foundation helps even out the skin tone and generally make us look more awake and fresh faced. Whenever I am in a rush this step cannot be missed. If I apply a fairly high coverage I can skip concealer as my under eye dark circles and redness are eradicated.

Brows: So that my face looks a little more finished, I make sure that I quickly fill in my brows using an angled brush and my Bare Minerals powder duo in Dark Brown.
My full brow routine can be found in [THIS POST.] Brows help to shape the face and when filled in properly can really change the way you look.

Bronzer: To add a little depth to my face I quickly sculpt my cheeks using a contour brush and my favourite bronzer of the moment, the Delice De Poudre  from Bourjois.

Mascara: Finally, I believe that mascara is the key component to looking awake, made up and fresh. I apply lashings and lashings of my mascara of the moment the, Collection - No Clumps mascara. Not only do my eyes look more awake when I apply mascara but it also completes my face of minimal make-up.

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