They say a master's tools are the foundations to a masterpiece and I would agree.
I remember the dark ages whereby I would apply my makeup with a caked up sponge and one of those generic eyeshadow applicators.

Since investing in good quality brushes I truly believe my make-up looks so much fresher and of course is much better applied.

I'd like to introduce you to my favourite three tools of the trade..

Foundation: Hands down, no doubt about it the Real Techiniques by Samantha Chapman brushes really are the brushes to have in your collection whether you are just starting out with make-up or an experienced pro. With plenty of brushes to choose from, there is a brush for everything but one of them stands out inparticular for me. The Expert Face Brush is a multi purpose, domed stippling brush. The synthetic bristles are light to use against creamy foundations and the domed head buffs the stuff into your skin so well that you almost look airbushed.

Powder: Nothing seems to apply powder better than my large domed stippling brush which is available at Superdrug. The bristles pick up a subtle amount of powder which can be then buffed into the skin for a flawless finish. Stippling brushes can be uses for a multitude of face products I know a lot of people are fans of using them for blush as they concentrate to product in just the right place.

Eyeshadow: The No.7 'Blend and Contour
brush is not only a hero in my brush roll but also the oldest of the pack. Yes, this was the first make-up brush I ever bought. I know this brush recieves a lot of love here on Blogger and on Youtube as it picks up just the right amount of shadow and can be used to both apply and blend colours.
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