The thought of applying oil to my face nevermind the feeling is enough to make me whince.
After years of terrible experiences with sun oil, raising an oily palmful to my face nearly sent me over the nails on a chalkboard edge.

I did however overcome my fear when giving the Decleor - Aromessence Serum a try.
I saw that the product won the Instyle best facial oil last year and I have to say that I was interested.

The product is marketed as a super serum for all skin types, including oily.
Its aim, to sooth and relax the skin (great for people with sore, dry skin) 

Having endured the winter with dehydrated skin I was pleased when within one application my skin was softed, less flaky and much more radiant.
The following morning my make-up even applied much easier on my skin.

I was worried that over use of this product would lead to many break outs but so far I haven't had any and my skin has remained clear.

Although I have enjoyed using this oil serum, I certainly wouldn't be re-purchasing it in a hurry, at £44 it is way out of my price bracket.
For those willing to spend the extra pennies I think that this oil serum is a safe bet as the product lasts for a long time, with daily use my 15ml bottle is still three quarters full.

How do you feel about oil on your face?

*PR Sample
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