From loathing them to loving them, my brows and I have always had a turbulant relationship.
Growing up my brows were straight and sluggish, that is the only way to describe them.
The day before my year nine school portrait I decided to do something about them and proceeded to shave them off.

Since that day my brows have been out of shape, sparse and thin meaning that I simply have to do something about them if I want to look half decent.

To maintain my brows, which simply means to keep them tidy, I use my leopard print Tweezermans.
I use them daily to remove any stray, unruly hairs that may have appeared.
For me, this is a better way of doing the job as I found sitting infront of the mirror for half an hour trying to do a bulk job eye wateringly horrid.
I have had many pairs of tweezers over the years but my Tweezermans remain as sharp and precise as ever.

I have naturally very dark brows so I have to make sure that I only fill them in very lightly to avoid the scousebrow!
To fill them in I use a sturdy, angled brush and my Bare Minerals brow duo which is in the darkest brown colour variant.

To finish, I set my brows using the quite fabulous Maybelline - Brow Drama - Sculpting Mascara not only does this product distribute a tiny amount of colour through the brows (it can be used alone and creates a nice effect) but it also sets them nicely in place for the day ahead.

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